Thursday, September 4, 2014

And #41 is.....

.......Thoeria from My Little Corner of Cyberspace

Thoeria, send me your address and I will get the pattern off to you!

Thank you, everyone, for the nice comments!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Who wants to be #41?

This is a fly by speedy post, hanging my head in shame ........I was supposed to post about the travelling pattern first sent out by Daffycat over three years ago - Count Your Blessings by Shakespeare's Peddler - I received it from Karoline far too long ago and life got in the way mixed in with a horrible dose of the "I can't be bothereds".  I am so sorry, I do hope someone is still reading my blog, lol, despite the long absence.  I will draw a name next Tuesday, September 2nd.  The only requirements are to stitch it quickly (which I did, lol), and then post a picture so that the next person can be chosen. Oh, and have an active yes, I can see you are wondering how I came to be chosen.......!

So far the chart has gone from Oklahoma to lots of other states, Canada, England, Greece, South Africa, Ireland, France and Spain.  Where to next, I wonder.....somewhere on the Pacific Rim, maybe?

This is my version on a lovely piece of Cobblestone linen bought at Acorn and Threads several years ago.  I changed a couple of the colours to use what was in my stash.....

The fence doesn't show up that well, does it, much better in real life.

Well, enough rabbiting on.....leave a comment, saying you would like to be the next person to stitch and send on this sweet little chart.

I am writing another blog post (yes, really!) to explain away the long absence and what the WT and his Missus have been up to this summer of 2014.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Selections ...

... has moved to HERE permanently.

With many thanks to the World Traveller for providing some of the photographs and all of the captions.

I'll be back tomorrow with a stitchy post.