Sunday, September 7, 2008

Gillie, her work!

Oh my goodness! The first photograph! I did it!

I've been meaning to get to grips with this and as usual told myself it was much harder than it in fact is. A failing of mine, I tell myself I can't do something, don't try and then whine about everything. No more, I am a blogger and an uploader (not sure about that word) of photographs!

The sampler is a design by Eileen Bennett of The Sampler House and was featured over several months in 1992 in the magazine Just Cross Stitch.

I began to stitch it in 1995 and was very nervous that I would run out of fabric before the end of the chart. Unfounded fears. There were some challenges, it was the first time I stitched over one (the deer motif), and the first time for drawn and pulled thread. I didn't change very much except that I put some initials near the top (PKG) which is a combination of our initials. It was very much a stop and go project, actually more stop than go until we moved to Virginia, where I was fortunate enough to fall in with a delightful group of ladies at the Loudon Sampler Guild in Leesburg. Ladies, I miss you all and wish I had kept in touch with you! They were all a tremendous encouragement, did beautiful work and were very happy to share their knowledge.

I can't see how to place more photographs where I want them, the close ups keep going in the wrong place so I'm going to finish and try to work this out!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Well, I managed to get a photograph on the blog - not the one I wanted but actually quite appropriate as it's a view of Lake Michigan! I'd really like to know how one gets three photographs side by side in the navigation bar - I've seen some wonderful ones of stitching finishes. That's probably blogging 201!On one of my Yahoo groups we are finishing UFOs during September for our monthly SAL. I got quite excited about this and dug out from the chaos of my sewing room (more of that in a later post) a small UFO from around 2000. I opened the bag and....


Luckily it only takes 6 different threads so I found them, except for DMC 926 which appeared to have gone AWOL, so a quick trip to JoAnn's and I was all set. It's a small CA Wells piece that I bought for $5 when I took a class from her, never finished the class project but this looks possible.I also hauled out one of the five, yes five, Elizabeth Designs that were ongoing projects at my LNS two or three years ago. Lots of different stitches and beautiful colours, I decided that Songbird Cottage would be the first of those UFOs. I've done quite a lot in the last 24 hours as well as a bit of frogging but I'm a stitch out and I don't know why. Grrr....

It's time to think of something to give the old boy for dinner, very hot today so will be very simple. We are supposed to get rain tomorrow, the remnants of Gustav, that we badly need.

Hugs and encouragements for everyone stitching on UFOs!