Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Heaven on earth and exchanges!

Goodness, a gap of more than two months! Time to get organized here! A lot has happened since I last wrote, a trip to Oregon and then Idaho to see family which was lovely and then returning to the Wall Street meltdown which was definitely not so lovely! I’ll leave it at that except to say we are in limbo for the moment. All prayers appreciated!

I really got myself in a bit of a twist regarding exchanges. Next time I feel the urge to sign up for more than two at one time, I will have the calendar in front of me! Since the end of September, the only stitching I have completed has been for exchanges and the fault is entirely mine, nobody held a q-snap to my head! I am completing my Christmas exchange for Fair and Square, then I have two ornaments to stitch for two other exchanges and a Secret Santa and I am done for 2008!

The finish above was from the The Gift of Stitching October 2006 and was a pleasure to stitch from beginning to end! It was part of the Friendly Stitchers autumn exchange and went to Wales.

This Fair and Square exchange went all the way to Finland! Also from The Gift of Stitching, this year's November issue, it is a Tracy Horner Ink Circle Christmas ornament, with very muted gray and purple threads. In return, my partner stitched for me a Tante Zolder design which I love!

This is a long entry, I'm signing off now and will continue tomorrow, catching up with all my exchange photographs! Don't go too far! Hugs x