Sunday, December 21, 2008

Brass Monkey Weather!

Those of you on the other side of the pond will know that this is a very rude way of saying that it's COLD here in Chicago, and no, I'm not going to explain! We have a wind chill of -20F tonight. The store was freezing, the poor cashiers, I felt so sorry for them!

The sharp eyed amongst you will notice that I haven't blogged much recently but that the lists in my sidebar are increasing! 2009 is the year of organisation, efficiency, enthusiasm and fill in your own blank! I really stressed myself to bits in the last four months of 2008 by signing up for exchanges, ornaments and a secret santa, all without consulting a calendar! If you could see my Outlook calendar right now you would be so impressed, everything colour coded!

Next time I'll get some pictures up of things received and given. Goodnight, stay warm! gillie

Monday, December 15, 2008

Last exchange on its way!

I put the last stitches in an exchange ornament today, horribly late, I hope my partner will forgive me. Entirely my own fault but I signed up for far too many exchanges in the last part of the year without looking at the calendar and making sure the finishing dates were well spaced out. Next year will be better, my first resolution of 2009!

I am relaxing this evening stitching on "And they Sinned", this piece is so huge that I will be finishing it in the nursing home! It feels wonderful not to have the self imposed pressure to stitch on exchanges and get them in the mail. Despite my whining, I loved receiving stitched pieces back, one of the first challenges for next year is to finish and display them!

Here in Chicago it's turning into a cold winter (this morning there was a wind chill factor of -10F)! Canadians and Minnesotans will be cracking up but it feels very chilly to this Brit! We had a power cut early this morning too but the power came back on before I got too ratty without my coffee.

Talk to you soon! gillie