Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mary and I - Day 1!

Heaven help me, I went and started something new, something HUGE! I've joined the Mary Wigham SAL. Mary stitched this in 1790 in England. Check out the Needleprint blog in the sidebar and find out all about it! I have decided to take a photograph at the end of each stitching session to chart (sorry!) my progress. Look VERY carefully in the top left hand corner, a very few stitches are visible! It's nearly midnight here in Chicago so I'm uploading the photograph and off to bed - work calls in the morning!


  1. Hi Gillie,

    I am a fellow stitcher from the Mary Wingham Stitchalong. Great job on starting your sampler. I am still waiting for my fabric to come in...

    Have a great day, and Happy Stitching!

  2. Wow gillie - she's a big one! Looking forward to seeing your progress on her..

  3. A lovely choice of colour - may I use this image for the Needleprint International Gallery, please? - Jacqueline


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