Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mary Wigham, my garden, a beautiful tag and panic!

Well, so much for daily updates from Mary! I decided you'd all be speechless with boredom and falling off your chairs if I blogged daily. I really have done quite a bit and will post a photograph tomorrow evening after stitching in another state!

I haven't made a terribly good job on catching up with posting pictures of exchanges and other stuff over the past few months so tonight you can see a floss tag I received on Friday from my friend Mouse in the UK along with two threads, one a Stef Francis and the other from Gloriana, quite yummy! My floss tag is supposed to be winging its way to Oregon. So what's the problem you may ask? The problem is that I am a WIMP and scared to make the hole! The stitching is finished, I've chosen some threads to accompany it and there you have it. Nerves, complete panic, I've looked at all the tutorials and still can't bring myself to do it! I'll get thrown out of Friendly Stitchers at this rate! Mouse made the card with the elegant lady on the front too!

Lest we forget (Winter 2009, north of Chicago).......~

Shooting Star (Dodecatheon meadia) given to me by a friend from the Garden Club. The first year I anxiously awaited the arrival of the single flower, checking on it every time I got out of the car. Imagine how upset I was when one day, convinced it was just the right time, I saw the flower head lying on the ground, untouched, neatly dismembered by the #$%*! rabbits! The next year I put netting around and since then our little furry friends seem to have forgotten about it.

Every year when these iris bloom I want to plant more, of different shades and colours, and every year I forget!

Kiwi vine which has really taken off this year. In order to get fruit you need a male and a female plant so I'll just enjoy the foliage. When the leaves begin to unfurl they have a white, almost powdery aspect to them that sends you rushing to the nearest gardening book for advice on the dread disease! Wait a few days and half of the leaves begin to turn pink, it doesn't show very well in the photograph.

This is a shrub that I never see unless I walk out of the back gate and onto the common land behind our house since it's hidden by the conifers. It's the most wonderful bright green with small, slightly scented flowers in the spring. I think it's a currant but should look it up.

Sweet William and I can't decide if the picture need rotating - I don't think it does, I think I took it from a funny angle!
Enough already, I'm ready for bed. Off to Milwaukee in the morning!


  1. Lovely flowers. Thanks for sharing them.
    As for the floss tag. I totally understand. I did make one but not after a lots of bad words and frustration. I am bound and determined to get it right. One of these days. :)

  2. Gillie,

    Thanks for your encouraging words on my Mary!

    Your garden pictures are just so lovely!!!

    Happy Stitching!

  3. I loved seeing photos of your garden, very pretty :-)

    i bought threads today to start MW, are you righting the symetry on the motifs or stitching as it is?

    Cute floss tag exchange...go on Gillie be brave and make that hole, lol

    BTW if you are still interested in taking part in the Simply Live traveling pattern drop me a line....

  4. Hi Gillie,

    So great to hear from you, and yesterday, from Peter. What a wonderful, small world it is! Love your garden pics and news of your stitching. Back in the day, I was a cross-stitcher and really loved it. Stitching has now given way to writing, and confess I love that too.

    Please promise to keep in touch, and I will do the same. (Are you on Facebook? I'll try to look you up.)

    Warmly, Renee


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