Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day 2009

Our 21st July 4th in the USA and a very quiet albeit pleasant one. We were supposed to go to a neighbourhood party yesterday but I was laid low with yet another migraine so spent most of the day in bed - what a dreadful waste of a day off! The weather is very cool and a little rainy which has put paid to some parties, I'm sure.

Today, having had the very best of intentions to clean the house, I've enjoyed a happy time with my passion - cross stitching! I've nearly finished a Just Nan piece that is late for an exchange but I'm *excused* by the moderator! I'm enjoying the piece much more than I thought I would, having never been particularly drawn to one of Nan's designs before. It has a lot of beads, some of which I will save for another project, I think.

My Mary Wigham from Needleprint came out of the basket too! I'm not sure how old she was when she stitched this wonderful piece in 1790 but I would imagine somewhere in her teens so she was probably born just around the time of the birth of the new country of what was to become the United States of America! For some reason, the picture won't rotate, it's the right way up in My Pictures but something happened to it on the way to the blog! I think the pale pink (on what should be the left side) has to go but perhaps I'll leave it for a while and see if it grows on me.

Drum roll, please....I give you the floss tag! Yes, I know, what was the fuss about, such a small piece of stitching! I still can't say I finished it, Himself did the deed and put in the eyelet while I cowered in the corner. Well, as usual I was late, no time to stitch another one, blah blah, but Lynda was gracious enought to say she loved it!

I've had these lavender plants for about four years now and I am always amazed and delighted when they survive a Chicago winter once again. I'm sure it is because they were grown in a greenhouse with excellent light and air. I took a horticultural class on green house production and had to grown ten different flats of seeds. these being among the most successful.

A couple more pictures of the garden, the monarda is out and the bees love it!

Goodnight everyone, sweet dreams!


  1. Your Mary Wigham looks lovely so far and I love the floss tag! It's so pretty:)

  2. Gorgeous garden and stitched piece! I would love to grow some lavender, do you think they would survive well indoors?

  3. The floss tag is great Gillie - well done on your first attempt.. loving the garden, gorgeous colours - i am hopeless at gardening, have planted some gladioli this year so maybe one day some flowers will appear!

  4. There's a little something for you on my blog - come on over

  5. The floss tag turned out great!! I don't blame you for being a wimp, I would be too lol. Any time I take scissors to stitching it has me terrified as well

  6. Please check here for important information about Tiny Treasures Exchange.

  7. I love the Mary Wigham and have decided to give it a go this winter.

    Winters in France can be long and dreary so I'm sure I'll have the time to make a start.



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