Friday, January 8, 2010

A frustrating day with some good bits!

Today was the first day that I felt a little bit human, and actually got dressed! I was disgnosed with bronchitis on Tuesday after a week of misery and was prescribed some very efficient antibiotic and cough syrup with codeine.

I decided to sneak to the library while Himself was safely at work since I was desperate for something to read, I got through a lot of books in a week in bed. Got in the car, reversed out, couldn't see the door opener in the car, decided to risk leaving the door open for ten minutes (we live deep in the woods) and swung around to go down the drive and landed - in a snowbank! Completely stuck, couldn't go backwards or forwards, hoarse screaming of some rude words came from inside the car, threw the useless snow shovel on the driveway and stomped back indoors.

Okay, well, let's get some pictures on the blog, couldn't understand why I was unable to see the pictures in my post - did not throw the computer across the room but felt like it, all was revealed tonight when H. gently pointed out that I was working in the Edit HTML tab. Grrr!

Stitching - how can I mess that up - turns out I can't, well, not right then anyway! I found, quite by chance, the PERFECT project for an exchange and am moving right along with it so spirits went up a notch. I have an idea for a second exchange too, so there's no stopping me! I find the most difficult part of any project that I'm stitching for someone else is making up my mind. Would she like this, no, this, well yes, but what about that? To have two sorted on the same day is terrific.

I was totally cheered by my friend DJ (Tickled Pink), who blew me away and nearly caused a relapse, when she announced she'd finally finished a biscornu! Margaret and I have been encouraging (well, nagging, if we're honest!) her to do one and she kept on coming up with ridiculous excuses - you made my day, DJ! What are we going to push her onto next, Margaret?

Thanks for listening, I'm shattered, night night everyone!


  1. Mental note, do not ask Gillie to valet my car with snow on the ground...unless I WANT to be stuck until warmer weather! LOL And that's what happens when you try to sneak out in cold weather when you are sick! Glad your day got better for you Gillie! *Hugs*

  2. Ah, see what sneaking about will do? I guess I can understand - the only way I'd attempt to drive in that kind of snow would be if there was not a morsel to eat, nor a thread to stitch. There are plenty of books about, and enough threads... well you know! Glad you were able to decide on a swap, and that you're feeling better.

  3. Wow - sorry you've had such a frustrating time. Hope you're on the mend and your car gets unstuck!

  4. Gillie
    I can see myself stealing out for some books. Did you get them later on? nothing like nursing a cold with umpteen books. I loved DJ's biscornu. Good you were able to tease her into doing it.

  5. I'm sitting here sypathizing with you about getting stuck in the snow. That happened to me a few weeks ago. At 6:30 in the morning!! A work day and I needed to get to the train! Lots of bad words and rocking back and forth with the car until 25 minutes later the car gave up and moved. Sigh.

    At least the stitching went well. I hope you feel better soon. And thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.

  6. Hi Gillie ! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. :)
    I got the biscornu pattern from a friend of mine.
    greetings from Hungary:Manka

  7. Hi British Lady by the lake, this is British Daughter in the Steel City. I Love your blog, clever you for putting this all together. Maybe I will write one about how I potter about crafting, or my thrift store finds! xxx

  8. Thanks for your comments Gillie, I do enjoy making those bags! Yes, I think a scissor fob and scissor pouch would be nice too, they are for keeping embroidery/cross stitch projects in, at least that is what I think of them for.

    It's very foggy here today and it could snow again tomorrow.


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