Thursday, January 21, 2010

He returned and another EGA!

Thank you for all the good wishes for the WT's safe return. They eventually landed (late) at O'Hare and were offered an hotel room by American in recompense for missing the last flight to Kzoo. Does our fearless traveller take advantage of this kind offer? Of course not, he and colleagues had morning meetings, so the intrepid band rent a car and drive the two and a half hour plus journey home. We finally got to bed at 2am and guess what? Today he drove back to Chicago for another meeting!

I had fun again tonight, this time at the Kalamazoo chapter of EGA at their monthly meeting. Everyone was most welcoming and when I introduced myself at the beginning of the meeting a very nice lady leant forward and said "I read your blog today"! Thanks, Julie!

The best part of the evening was the stash acquisition for the grand total of $16.00! Tonight happened to be their silent auction and members had brought stuff to bid on. I'll take a picture tomorrow when I unpack the bag. Thank you, ladies, for a great time and I'm glad I became your latest member!


  1. Should have read this one before commenting below lol, glad he's home :), sounds like you had fun and look forward to seeing pics of your stash you acquired :) xxx

  2. The EGA meeting seems to have been a real fun event. And when it's connected with stash bying it's even more fun, right? Lol. Looking forward to seeing your new stash.


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