Friday, January 22, 2010

Yesterday's Stash Acquisition

Here for the curious is a picture of the haul. It's a gloomy day in Michigan so not the best picture.

A pile of magazines for $2.00, I've found several charts already......!

Two CA Wells kits with what looks like Gloriana threads and some fabric,

charts from Shepherd's Bush (with threads), Cedar Hill and Blackbird Designs,

Part 1 of a Berlin woolwork sampler with a ton of Needlepoint silks and Lugana fabric (I splashed out there - $7!)

Chart, fabric and threads from Moss Creek

Three little charts that will probably be donated.

And let's not forget the T-shirt with Quilting Chick on the front, lol!

I may have to do a giveaway with a couple of the charts, check back!


  1. Wow...where did all that come from?

  2. I love stash pictures. This is a great haul you could get hold of. Enjoy your new goodies.


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