Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane.....

....sitting on an Amtrak train, motionless! I was in DC last week, leaving on Saturday, or so I thought, but the weather had other ideas, we got 20 inches of snow dumped on the city which came to a complete standstill, schools and government closed, planes, trains and automobiles buried.

I got as far as Chicago today, got on the 4.10 to Kalamazoo thinking I'd be home with a glass of wine and the world traveller by 8 pm. Ha! We came to an abrupt halt with some sort of malfunction about three miles down the track. We've been on the train for two hours and they just announced we're going back to Union station to get a new engine then we'll try again. Who was it that said it was better to travel hopefully than arrive? They've obviously never taken the Amtrak!

Okay, I'll stop moaning! I got quite a lot stitched on Alla Turca while I was in DC, a picture will be posted tomorrow or when I get home, whichever comes first, lol!

Before the snow flew I got up to Maryland to visit with DJ, a virtual (now real life) friend. We got on on famously (same odd sense of humour or, in her case, humor!). Visited her local LNS, had lunch, and I got to have a little drool over some of her stitching, which is beautiful. And, DJ, if you're reading this, STOP LAUGHING!

The other bit of excitement going on is that I've let my driver's licence expire...... I was waiting until nearer my birthday to apply for a Michigan one but didn't realise that it was overdue until February 1st. Had to take my passport for ID while I was travelling! I have a sinking suspicion I'm back to square one, written test and driving test........rats!

Oh well, we're still going backwards.........I'll post again tomorrow!

PS Did I mention it's snowing?

Update - we got as far as Michigan City on end of Lake Michigan and stopped - apparently if the crew goes further they are in violation of FRA regulations for working more than twelve hours at a stretch. It slightly begs the question that if they'd done a little maths addition when they got the new engine back in Chicago they could have had a new crew on standby. We now have to wait an extra hour until a crew comes from Battle Creek (which is east of where I want to get off!).


  1. Sounds like a fun time..even in the snow.

  2. oh oh, I feel for you - let us know when you have arrived safely! No I don't mean to rub it in... only a few flurries of snow in Kent. ;-)


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