Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Month so a Spring Clean Long Overdue!

You have to love Blogger (or not)!  I came to the conclusion that the only way to hurry along spring in this corner of the great stitching globe was to change the photograph at the top of my blog.  Putting away the Christmas tree and the snowmen in the sitting room probably wouldn't hurt either!  Anyway, I digress.  I found a photograph, put it in the right place, played around with fonts and colours of the text (still not happy but I'm working on it), saved it, viewed the blog, same picture as before, the snowy berries!  Tried about four times, said a couple of not so nice words and went to bed.  This morning, power up, check the blog, and there's the picture I was trying to save last night!  What did Blogger need, to sleep on it, lol?

I had (for me) a big UFO finish (some stitchy pictures coming) on the 28th so I was looking for the next one and therein lies the rub as one of Shakespeare's characters once said!  The sewing room  IS  A  MESS! 
Big sigh, just get on with it and thought I'd share some views before I started so you can all gasp in horror!

Not a pretty sight, is it?

All those open boxes from frantically looking for threads and not taking the seconds to close the box and return to the shelf! Anyway, this is what it looks like today, not perfect but a whole lot better, all the threads are back in their homes, at least most of them and even better, I put some UFOs that are just too old in the box for our next EGA silent auction or for Goodwill.  Sometimes, I realise, I just have to admit my tastes have changed and GET RID of stuff!  Stitching feng shui, I love it!

Quite an improvement, don't you think? I have many faults (yes, really, lol!) but two big stitching ones are not closing thread boxes when I've found the right threads AND putting them away and the other is not returning the little cardboard label to the thread before I begin to stitch so I have a sporting chance of remembering the name! 

Now I have to decide on tomorrow's UFO for my Thursday stitching of same - let's see, what do we have.......five (yes five!) Elizabeth's designs, LHN The Thread Gatherer, Jane Greenoff's The Embroideress, the list could go on!

The picture at the top is of the May sampler from JCS in the 90s.  I adapted it to send to a friend in Minnesota for an exchange last year as her birthday is in May.  I thought after putting up the photograph that the stones are appropriate too in my quest for spring! 

To end on a positive note with Blogger - they've updated the technology for getting photographs on a blog and I love it!  They go exactly where you want them with no dragging!  You have to update your settings and away you go.

Have a great day (or evening) and I'll be back with some stitching updates soon.  Enjoy life!