Thursday, April 1, 2010

Exchanges and Challenges

.....and now March is gone!  Yikes!  Sad to say, the sewing room is almost back to the *before* pictures!  Thank you, ladies, for the nice comments, but I'm not an organised soul at all (the WT would be nodding furiously if he were here!) although I do realise just how much easier one's life would be if things got put away after use!

Anyway, onto some stitching,  here are a couple of biscornus sent and received, the first one is a French freebie that I stitched using a Stef Francis silk - absolutely beautiful to work with and the second came from Karen in Arizona.  It's a Stacy Nash design with linen coffee dyed by Karen.  It has a lovely *heavy* feel to it as Karen stuffed it with poly pellets.

I sent this little one to Mayté in February, adapting it a little from one in the biscornu edition of The Gift of Stitching, thank you for the photograph, Mayté!

Thanks to two challenges thrown down from both sides of the pond I am slowly making a dent in my pile of UFOs.  Back in January our EGA guild president challenged us to finish as many UFOs as we were able but added a little twist - they had to be finish finished!  We bring them to a meeting to show off and put a pink ticket in The Box for a chance to win a prize. As well, in a British Yahoo group to which I belong, we have UFO Thursday when we all, with varying degrees of success, attempt to add a few more stitches to  something that's been hanging around for too long.  We have the threat of the wet noodle lashing hanging over us, and believe me, we get scared!  Because of both of these challenges I have finished stitching three items that were beginning to gather dust! Yay for me! 

Blogger was playing silly wotsits last night so couldn't post this so doing it right now, enjoy your weekend and leave me a comment!


  1. I think that all the biscornus are beautiful. I've never tried to make one - figured I goof it up somewhere. And Blogger has been a pill lately. I tried to update my blog today and it was giving me all kinds of headaches.

    Have a great Easter.

  2. All the biscornu's are lovely.
    Over your previous post about your stitching room-wow! I do envy you, all the threads and stash and a stitching room.

    A Happy Easter Weekend to all.

  3. Wonderful biscornus, Gillie! I have never attempted putting one together...

    Love the "threat of the wet noodle"! Too funny, but if it must work in helping inspire you to finish your projects, that's great. I need something like that for my giant box of UFOs hiding under the bed :)

  4. Lovely additions to your biscornu collection! Hope you have a beautiful Easter!

  5. You are not alone in being disorganised, I can just squeeze into my craft room again, my big tidy up didn't last long :>)

    Your piece of cake was waiting but then I ate it!

  6. All these biscornus are very lovely.

  7. Happy Easter, Gillie! Your biscornus always look so perfect! Congrats on getting those pink tickets in the box!! I'll have to get organized soon as my Mom is coming to visit...any hints on getting that done? LOL *Hugs*

  8. Greetings and Happy Spring!

    Love the biscornus and good luck with your UFO's I would be afraid of those wet noodle lashings!! ;o))

  9. Hi Gillie, thanks for your lovely message. Distance no object in regards to RAKs so please email me ;) xx

  10. Lovely biscornus. Haven't made one in a couple of months so think I need to do another. Organised sewing room and me don't mix either, if it's too organised I don't like it.


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