Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Meeting (sort of) New Friends!

So long since I last posted, big sigh, I have been stitching, honestly, mostly on exchanges but right now not in Michigan!  I flew over to England on the first visit since 2004 a couple of weeks ago!  We were a little on tenterhooks when we booked the flight because of the dreaded ash but all was well and the WT and I both arrived safely a few days apart.  We spent a couple of days in Northamptonshire with my sister and family, they live in a former pub dating back to the sixteenth century, not a straight wall in sight! 

The sign on the house giving a little history and a view from the garden across the fields full of rape - the smell is quite strong when you go outside.

Then on to Runcorn in Cheshire where the WT was working for the week.  Not such good weather here so didn't leave the hotel much (this is when the stitching was done) but did manage a rather drizzly trip to Chester and had a little wander up and down The Rows

I had a little giggle at the restaurant sign above, apparently it's a chain, but one would have have to be absolutely sure the first item would never appear on the menu! Excellent cup of coffee in a little cafe bistro, just about managed not to succumb to the delicious dessert menu.  I don't think I've had a bad meal yet, hotel, pub, or Indian!
The last few days we've been staying in Sale, just outside Manchester, famed for being the last place yours truly and family lived before heading west over the ocean on New Year's Day, 1989!  Lovely visits with old friends and attended church where we used to worship, eldest treasure was confirmed there and my mother's funeral so quite a lot of memories.........

I must say I went a bit weak at the knees when my host consulted a website and informed me of what the house we sold would now be worth - it's quadrupled in price!  The problem is, I left with the value of the pound sterling fixed in my mind at 1989 rates and have had a hard time dragging that mindset into the 21st century!  That being said, things are not as expensive as I remember and meals out especially don't cause heart failure when the bill comes now.

On to the meeting of friends, in a little while Karen, an online friend from one of my Yahoo groups, is coming to pick me up to spend the afternoon together and yet another friend, Mouse, will be there too!  I was so hoping I could meet someone from the group and since Karen lives fairly close to Sale and Mouse was willing to travel it's going to happen!  Maybe I can persuade them to pose for a photograph!

Just to show you that with all this gadding about my fingers have not been entirely idle here's a couple of photos of things stitched by me and others! The first went to a friend in Texas, Joyce, it was a May Day piece and had to have ribbon on it so I stitched a beautiful Dinky Dyes pink silk ribbon around it along with some little pink beads - this is one that I will definitely stitch again!

Blackbird Designs
from Joyeux Noel
I've forgotten the title of the piece!

In the Garden Exchange
from Karen in South Africa
and the first stitched tin that I have owned!

I'll save the biscornu pictures for my return as I think I have at least one waiting for me!

It's been a very exciting week here in Britain as Nick Clegg kept us all on tenterhooks after the election and then Gordon Brown went and preempted everybody by handing in his resignation to the Queen before the Tories and Lib Dems had a chance to lay out the Big Plan!  We shall see if all the election promises are kept!


  1. I don't believe it - I live across the valley from your sister, and go to the church in Wollaston!What a very small world this is! I hope you have a great time in the UK!!

  2. What a fun place you were at. Glad to see you posting.

  3. It sounds like you are having a wonderful visit. I hope thte rest of your stay is as lovely.

    Love you stitched heart. It is just beautiful.

  4. I think your stitched heart is gorgeous!

  5. I hope you have a wonderful time. I love your stitched heart - very pretty!

  6. Hi Gillie! I miss your regular posts, but am so glad you got back "home" for a visit. I'm pea green with envy that you are meeting folks from Friendly Stitchers. Give them all a round of hugs from me too! Your stitched pieces are lovely, especially the heart, and I can't wait to see your biscornus. Safe travels my friend! *Hugs*

  7. Hope Karen and Mouse are taking good care of you. Enjoy the rest of your visit.

  8. Glad you're enjoying yourself. Been over to Manchester and Sale loads of time as our old neighbour here in Sheffield moved to Sale 2yrs ago. It's only an hour from us and a lovely place.

  9. Lovely work, as usual Gillie! Hope you are having a lovely time across the pond! I always love looking at your blog! I was thinking about you the other day and wondering where you have been! Mystery solved!


  10. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time in the U.K. Hope your meet up with Karen and Mouse goes well.


  11. Thanks for posting on your blog Gillie, I have looked now and then in both your blogs to see if youve posted.

    Glad you're having a good time, lovely heart too, love the shape!

    Julie in Australia

  12. sounds like you had a fab time, I've never made it that far north LOL.

  13. Sounds like you're having a Grand time. Love the Heart.
    Happy Stitching!

  14. How nice that you are finally getting to visit England again, Gillie! Sounds like you're having a wonderful time...

  15. Sounds like an awesome trip! Your stitching is lovely and I love your tin!

  16. It sounded like you had a terrific visit. So glad the ash from that unpronounceable volcano didn't spoil any part of it.

    And your stitching and finishing are superb. I stitched the BBD Heart but finished is as a rectangle because I was too scared to finish it as a heart and mess it up.
    Lots of Love
    Patti xxx

  17. wow, my heart skipped a beat when I saw that sigh to the slug and lettuce. I was just there yesterday with our friends Pat and Peter, who were visiting from Kent. It was a drizzly day too. One nice thing about Chester is that rain or drizzle it's still a spectacular place to live and to visit! xxoo

  18. PS. I love your stiching too!


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