Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Stitching Life

First off, I had a little fiddle with the layout of the blog using Blogger's new design thingy, not entirely blown away by it but will keep tinkering.  I realised that I didn't actually have the title of the blog up there after the last tweak - bit silly, that!

Anyway, what's happening in this neck of the woods?  Mostly stuff that I can't talk about, for exchanges and such!  I had a terrible attack of startitis while I was away and finished another Blackbird stocking, almost finished another BBD small, my secret exchange stuff, the list goes on....!

I had a lovely time at Acorns and Threads in Portland.  I got the bus there and was then directed to it by a lovely man.  Everyone in Portland that we met was so nice, several people struck up conversations with us on the tram or bus, very proud (and rightly so) of their city, these Portlanders!  I digress, into the shop, full of wonderful stuff with a nice wooden table in the middle where some ladies were stitching busily.  A large wooden table is something that no self respecting LNS owner should ever begin trading without, if at all possible!

I was greeted warmly by all three ladies working there, right to left, Jeannine (the owner), Janet and Laurie.  Laurie recognised my name it transpired, when I gave her my credit card (!), from a Yahoo group to which we both belong.  I had asked on the group if there was somewhere for the World Traveller to sit while I shopped, more on that later.

I wandered around the shop for ages, having a little ladylike drool, and began to start a little pile of stash on one of the glass fronted display cases!  This was added to and subtracted from several times until the final tally......

I bought some Belfast Linen in Cobblestone and Platinum, some Gloriana (of course), a Big Toe Pattern and another BBD stocking book.  Just before I left I was having a little look around the store with Jeannine, and have NO idea how it happened but ended up with some beautiful Lakeside Linen 40ct in Navy Bean and couple of new to me Gloriana threads, a Luminescence and a Florimell!  A great haul! The ladies mentioned that Gloriana being in Seattle, a hop and two threads away, they often have her come down to the shop with all her goodies!
Having (I thought) spent all my money I realised I'd probably have a long wait as #3 treasure, wife and son were picking up the WT in Portland then coming to pick me up on the way to Cannon Beach for our family weekend.  No problem, the ladies were about to order lunch from the pub, very conveniently situated just across from the shop and invited me to do the same and sit down with them.  A delicious lunch and good conversation!  Thank goodness the family arrived before I'd gone over my Visa limit and after introductions and exclaiming over the gorgeous William, we left, reluctantly in my case!  Thank you, ladies, you really did make my day and I'll be back!

We went over to the pub as the others were starving and the bossy needlewoman made them all choose the same as I'd had - chicken and peanut soup, wonderful!

Time for some stitching photographs, I think, what do we have...... oh, yes -

This pincushion beauty came from Najma in Spain.  It is quite gorgeous and only 3" high.  This was from an exchange group to which I belong and this is what I sent my partner in the same exchange.......

 Ann who, as well as stitching, sews and makes delicious cakes!  I wanted to make something that reflected Ann's other love, gardening so this little freebie from Cosmic Handmade seemed perfect.

The last one is of the biscornu that I sent to Shay as part of our monthly exchange.  I used my favourite Gloriana threads, Highland Garden, and I thought it was a freebie from Stitch Creations but I can't seem to find it on there!  It's a great blog, anyway so enjoy having a look, lots of freebies!

Both Ann's and Shay's pieces were photographed on a very convenient little piece of ground cover outside our post office since I had forgotten to take a picture at home!  The ladies there are very kind and exclaim over all the pieces that I send from there.

Well, dears, are you still with me? If you made it this far, well done! I love comments, as you know!

PS - I nearly forgot, many thanks to Tasha, Tara and Rachel who kindly commented when I asked about coffee shops and directions for my Acorns and Threads trip.  You were right about the pub, it was excellent!  I was sorry to have just missed either Tasha or Tara, can't remember which, in the shop that morning!


  1. Looks like you had a great haul of stash and wonderful time at the shop.

    Those are lovely pieces, both sent and received.

    Have a great time with the family gathering.

  2. Gillie I love the biscornu on your heading - it's beautiful! And what's a title really??!! We all know who you are! Sounds like your recent shopping trip was successful! Happy stitching!! fiona x

  3. You've received and sent some real beauties lately, Gillie! I love that Sweet Strawberries pattern--thanks for the link.

    Was in Sewickley yesterday and thought of you :)

  4. Sounds like so much fun! All the stitched pieces are lovely!

  5. Looks if you have a wonderful time there. Your works are very pretty. Hugs Nici from Germany

  6. Hello I discover your blog of France! I like very much the quirky and your purchases are magnificent! Bye for now! marylin

  7. Great visit at Acorns and Threads. And a very nice new stash haul. You can never have too much fabric, can you? Lol.
    And a great exchnage as well. IU particularly love the strawberry freebie that you used for your little pillow.

  8. Hi Gillie! You've been a busy lady! I love all the stitchy things you've posted on your blog...and I did find the website for the biscornu you made. It appears here. Hope that helps you! Looks like you had a great time in Portland!! Hope you come back this way soon. *hugs*

  9. Hi Gillie, thanks for your comment on my blog! I remember when my children were little we did the same thing at their pre school. It was fun and good to look back at now! Loving your finished pieces!

  10. Great update! Thanks for sharing your world travels :-) It's a fun journey!

  11. Great stash buying there Gillie..and new friends to boot in an LNS, what more could a girl need? LOL! Lovely exchange presents and I love the new look on the blog.

  12. I enjoyed reading this posting, your trip to Portland sounded lovely, a nice addition to your stash. I love Belfast linen, beautiful to stitch on.


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