Monday, October 25, 2010

Almost home....

......after a lovely ten days in the UK staying with good friends and catching up with other friends in Cheshire for ten days.  I've (for right now) decided not to moan about the WT's travelling - I'm sitting writing this in the Admiral's Lounge at O'Hare waiting for the little puddle jumper to Kalamazoo - all courtesy of his "diamond encrusted" status on American airlines!  Even better, the area where I'm sitting is cell phone and loud conversation frowned upon, lovely!  In desperation I moved in here after being regaled with the entire wedding service and menu from the reception of a couple who appeared to have more money than sense! Oh, and I thought you might like to see a picture of the WT.  Nice, isn't he?

The WT Catching Up with World News at Manchester Airport
 The connection is a bit slow here so I'm having trouble putting up more photographs.  It's quite amazing, too, a couple of people seem to be having trouble grasping the concept of cell phone free too, just had to ask an Arabic gentleman to please finish his conversation somewhere else!  After quite a few years of working for Whole Foods Market I have no problem getting in people's faces (in a very ladylike way, of course!).

Our flight will be called soon so had better go, leave me a comment if you feel so inclined, I do enjoy reading them!
Oh, and by the way, bringing granary flour in your cabin baggage is NOT a good idea, I got searched twice!


  1. Gotta love those puddle jumpers to Kazoo. I hope it wasn't too windy.

    We missed you on Saturday and hope to see you on Thursday!


  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment on my CITA. If you ever get to the DC area let me know and I will bring CITA to you. It is turning in to a show piece that is for sure.
    Glad your home and very glad you had a great time.

  3. Hope you had a wonderful time here in the UK

    What a great pic, thats about all you would see of my DH he always has his nose inside a newspaper or book of some kind

  4. Sorry you missed the tea Gillie, you would've been welcome!

    I think DHs mum was probably quite glad for someone else to take over dealing with the accidents too!!!

  5. Just wanted to pop in and say hi from another Brit living in Southwest Michigan. You've visited the place where I currently live (Kalamazoo) and you've been very near where I'm from in England (Ipswich).

    :) Sharon

  6. Hope your trip to England was a pleasant one and that you accomplished everything you set out to do. Glad you got to see Mouse and (Karen?)! Someday I'm going to get over there and hug them myself! Hope your arm is behaving itself! Got your postcard, what fun!! I know you're going to hit the ground running when you get home so I'll wait patiently to hear from you. *hugs*

  7. Nice to hear from/about you, Mrs.WT. Like the new font on your blog. Hope you're well and stitching up a storm!


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