Monday, November 8, 2010

My favourite things, lol!

I really think it's time to put some stitching on this 'ere stitching blog - enough of world travellers and his comings and goings (Dallas this week, St Louis last week, lol!).  But just have to mention Charlene's new name for me - Mrs WT, I love it, thanks, Charlene!  When you have a minute pop over to her blog to give her a hug, she's not been too perky.  Glad you like the new font, too!

Anyway, where were we?  Oh right, two over two, 32 count!  I've temporarily deserted biscornus for humbugs which are smaller , therefore quicker and easier to put together.  So far don't have one that I stitched to show you, alas, as it's apparently going round the Horn to reach Canada but I live in hopes that it will arrive soon!  Here is the one Crystal sent me from beautiful British Columbia, a perfect choice for this time of year.  It's from Just Nan and I love it, thanks, Crystal!

Friendly Stitchers' Humbug Exchange
stitched by Crystal
Just Nan
This was the first exchange organised by yours truly on the Friendly Stitchers group.  Some say I am disorganised, some say I keep forgetting things but all I know is, I did it and it was a success!  With apologies for that little bit of plagiarism to the Stig and Jeremy, lol!  In fact, I was allowed to take charge of the next exchange so look for pictures of Christmas ornaments soon, mine is coming all the way from Australia, from my cobber, Julie!
Goodness, my photography and placement definitely doesn't do the little guy justice, as the photograph insists on going sideways between my computer and the blog.  Well, you get the idea!

What's next?  Well, had to slide in some biscornus......

Faby Reilly Lavender Biscornu
stitched by Val (who organised the exchange)
for the Friendly Stitchers' Secret Biscornu Exchange
 The beautiful one above smells gorgeous too!  We had fun with that exchange, mine went to Dallas to my friend, Rebecca, who I hope is having a great time on the high seas! I forgot to take a picture of mine before I sent it, sillly me, so will have to nudge Rebecca.

These next three (I forgot to photograph the fourth one, of course) were all part of the Please Pass the Biscornu 2010 exchange.  I am unable to give you a link to the blog as the blog owner, as I've mentioned before, deleted the blog a couple of months ago!  Such a shame as there was some gorgeous work on there.

 This one is from Florences's blog, an entry on 23rd December 2008.  I have made it twice now and really want to make one to keep!

This one is called Japanese Biscornu and is designed by Antonina Taskaev, regrettably I did not save the specific link so can't take you directly to this freebie.  I must get better at saving links to patterns.  Maybe you will have better luck finding it than I did just now.

This last biscornu is an adaptation of a Theresa Wentzler whitework ornament in her freebie section.  Don't delay though, as I'm not sure how long this site will be up and running!  I used Carrie's Silks in Thanksgiving.

Another easily identifiable picture of the WT preparing to go out on leaf patrol, he worked so hard on Sunday clearing all the garden around the house and on the roof - I am blessed to have this man as my husband.

Finally, I'm leaving you with a little "teaser", a change is coming to the life of Mr and Mrs WT (again! so soon!) and I'll tell you more next time.  Leave me a comment, they make my day and I read every one!


  1. hi your blog it's very beautiful
    marylin France

  2. Just love those biscornus I have never thought of putting lavender in them.. a definite for the next one I make.
    Happy stitching and travelling by the looks of your suitcase ready to go!!
    Chris x

  3. Lovely exchange and great biscornus, the thread colours are all very pretty!

  4. Love the JN owlie humbug and the biscornus are great. Congrats on organising a successful exchange.

    Happy travelling!

  5. Love the finishes! I'll bet it smells lovely...I love lavender. Also enjoyed scrolling down and looking at your beautiful pics!


    Here is your link to the Japanese Biscornu. :-)

  7. All the stitchy projects look lovely.

    Since you appear to have "borrowed" one of my daughter's suitcases can we come to England with you too :)

  8. I too love the font on your blog, makes it very easy to read.

    I have never made a biscornu yet, but hope to one day.

    Gill in Canada

  9. Gorgeous pieces both sent and received Gillie. Those humbugs are lovely aren't they?

  10. You've been a busy Mrs. WT!! Love your biscornus, I really need to get busy and make another one, just because I can! LOL (wish I could have a sniff of the lavender one...I love the smell of lavender!!) Next on my to do list is a humbug though. I'll bet I know what the red suitcase is all about!?!?!?! It was good to read news from you, thanks for posting! *Hugs*


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