Wednesday, January 27, 2010

And the winners are.......!

The names for my birthday giveaway were drawn this morning by the WT before rushing off to work!

Shepherd's Bush - SHARON!

Cedar Hill - JULIE!

M Designs - SUNSHINE!

Moss Creek Designs - MEG!

Send me your addresses and I'll get the charts in the mail this week.

Thank you, ladies, for the nice comments. I think I'll do another giveaway in June - our wedding anniversary!

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Giveaway or Two!

Goodness, two posts in one day! A little different from last year, and the year before that, methinks!

Anyway, the reason for the second post is because I have a few charts from the stash acquisition of yesterday that I probably will never stitch. Just the charts, no threads or embellishments but I'm hoping they will find a good home or two!

Please leave your name and contact info in the comments and the World Traveller (so long as he's not ahem, travelling), will draw names next Wednesday, which just happens to be my &*rd (good grief!) birthday! Let me know which or all of the charts that you are interested in.
The above is a small Shepherd's Bush chart of the Stars and Stripes with a SMALL amount of the thread, the previous owner must have completed the design as she put a beginning and ending date on the thread holder!
The next is Berry Patch Rabbit from Cedar Hill

Can you all tip your heads sideways, please? Why does Blogger do this to some of the pictures? Sunny Summer from M Designs.

The one below is definitely not for the faint of heart, it is Casalguidi Stumpwork by Rae Iverson of Moss Creek Designs and consists of a needlerooll with attached needlebook and a scissor fob. It has very detailed pages of instructions.

Leave a comment and let me know!

Yesterday's Stash Acquisition

Here for the curious is a picture of the haul. It's a gloomy day in Michigan so not the best picture.

A pile of magazines for $2.00, I've found several charts already......!

Two CA Wells kits with what looks like Gloriana threads and some fabric,

charts from Shepherd's Bush (with threads), Cedar Hill and Blackbird Designs,

Part 1 of a Berlin woolwork sampler with a ton of Needlepoint silks and Lugana fabric (I splashed out there - $7!)

Chart, fabric and threads from Moss Creek

Three little charts that will probably be donated.

And let's not forget the T-shirt with Quilting Chick on the front, lol!

I may have to do a giveaway with a couple of the charts, check back!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

He returned and another EGA!

Thank you for all the good wishes for the WT's safe return. They eventually landed (late) at O'Hare and were offered an hotel room by American in recompense for missing the last flight to Kzoo. Does our fearless traveller take advantage of this kind offer? Of course not, he and colleagues had morning meetings, so the intrepid band rent a car and drive the two and a half hour plus journey home. We finally got to bed at 2am and guess what? Today he drove back to Chicago for another meeting!

I had fun again tonight, this time at the Kalamazoo chapter of EGA at their monthly meeting. Everyone was most welcoming and when I introduced myself at the beginning of the meeting a very nice lady leant forward and said "I read your blog today"! Thanks, Julie!

The best part of the evening was the stash acquisition for the grand total of $16.00! Tonight happened to be their silent auction and members had brought stuff to bid on. I'll take a picture tomorrow when I unpack the bag. Thank you, ladies, for a great time and I'm glad I became your latest member!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This and That and an EGA

I have just heard from the world traveller (who was supposed to be home tonight) that he is still in Frankfurt, the plane is missing a part (wing? wheel?) that apparently has to be flown in from Paris. This means that even if he makes it to Chicago tonight he misses his connection to Kzoo.

This is both good and bad -

Good because it gives me longer to remove the three stitching stations that I appear to have set up around the house.

Sewing Room
Sharon Cohen Band Sampler
Scissor Case Exchange (breathing deeply here before attempting the drawn thread bit)
Exchange biscornu

Sofa in family room
Mary Wigham

Kitchen Table
Beau Bands

Kitchen Counter (okay, four!)
Prairie shawl, a knitting pattern from a 2000 Piecemaker

More time to do some h**s*w*rk, pay b*lls, pick up mail from the PO box and think about tomorrow's dinner.

Bad because I miss him dreadfully when he is away and I am the world's biggest procrastinator, which must be obvious since I am blogging instead of the above!

I just wanted to mention my visit to the Elkhart, Indiana branch of the EGA last Monday night. It was quite a long drive and I had been unable to contact anyone that day to see if the meeting was on. It was and though a small gathering that night, maybe a dozen ladies, it was such a warm welcome from everyone, they went around the table introducing themselves and mentioning their stitching loves. Thank you, ladies and yes, Barb, definitely worth the drive!

Stay warm, stay cool!

Friday, January 8, 2010

A frustrating day with some good bits!

Today was the first day that I felt a little bit human, and actually got dressed! I was disgnosed with bronchitis on Tuesday after a week of misery and was prescribed some very efficient antibiotic and cough syrup with codeine.

I decided to sneak to the library while Himself was safely at work since I was desperate for something to read, I got through a lot of books in a week in bed. Got in the car, reversed out, couldn't see the door opener in the car, decided to risk leaving the door open for ten minutes (we live deep in the woods) and swung around to go down the drive and landed - in a snowbank! Completely stuck, couldn't go backwards or forwards, hoarse screaming of some rude words came from inside the car, threw the useless snow shovel on the driveway and stomped back indoors.

Okay, well, let's get some pictures on the blog, couldn't understand why I was unable to see the pictures in my post - did not throw the computer across the room but felt like it, all was revealed tonight when H. gently pointed out that I was working in the Edit HTML tab. Grrr!

Stitching - how can I mess that up - turns out I can't, well, not right then anyway! I found, quite by chance, the PERFECT project for an exchange and am moving right along with it so spirits went up a notch. I have an idea for a second exchange too, so there's no stopping me! I find the most difficult part of any project that I'm stitching for someone else is making up my mind. Would she like this, no, this, well yes, but what about that? To have two sorted on the same day is terrific.

I was totally cheered by my friend DJ (Tickled Pink), who blew me away and nearly caused a relapse, when she announced she'd finally finished a biscornu! Margaret and I have been encouraging (well, nagging, if we're honest!) her to do one and she kept on coming up with ridiculous excuses - you made my day, DJ! What are we going to push her onto next, Margaret?

Thanks for listening, I'm shattered, night night everyone!

Friday, January 1, 2010

First Finish (sort of) for 2010

We are doing an ornament SAL over on Friendly Stitchers so put together one that I stitched a while ago. It's from JCS year unknown and my ornament stuffing skills are in need of improvement, I have baggy corners! The other pillow is a Sampler Girl one, a quote from WH Auden, and I made it for Himself since he literally is my east and west. Tanya's having a sale until tomorrow so get over there, the address is in my sidebar!

The stitching underneath is one of the Blackbird stockings, a March one. This was not AT ALL what I intended to stitch today, I saw a completed Brightneedle design that I also have kitted up but could I find the dratted thing? I was determined to stitch something new, why you may ask? This only took two threads and I found them and a piece of fabric!