Friday, July 30, 2010

Back finally!

I hope some of you missed me, well, DJ did, bless her heart!  Get over there (after you've read MY post, thank you very much!) and read about her texting monster!

The reason for the long absence was a trapped nerve from a cervical problem I have, horrible pain all down my arm and guess what the worst position was?  Yup, sitting at the desk using the mouse and typing and since I LOVE to check up on you all and let you know what's happening here in the woods it was not good.  Of course, silly me, I wouldn't learn and kept trying to email, click on blogs etc and then came away with worse pain than ever.  Duh!  Anyway, spinal epidural yesterday (nasty but usually works) and I am almost pain free today, hooray!  Enough of that, on to the important stuff....

This gorgeous beauty came from Shay, it is quite lovely and not really done justice by my photography.  It's a pale coral, with the most elegant Hardanger you ever did see!  Thank you again, Shay, who also sent some Carrie's threads and a silk Dinky Dyes

Shay's Most Elegant Biscornu
Isn't it lovely?  There's a much prettier picture on Shay's blog, lol!

Finished some stuff last week that I can't talk about until recipients receive it, you all know how that is!  Have to say I would have been in the home for the criminally insane if I couldn't have stitched over the last month.  Luckily stitching didn't seem to affect the pain too much or you might have been reading about me in the New York Times - Kalamazoo woman goes completely round the bend, thousands of $$$ in damage done!

Really don't have much else to show you right now so will stop wittering.  The WT has been in Kuala Lumpur all week (actually his birthplace) on business but will be back tomorrow night.  Lots of lovely air miles, hee hee!

Comments on my blog much appreciated as always, I love to know that someone has actually read what I write!  Tara for now!