Monday, January 17, 2011

The Final Fifteen - Finally!

Well, only two days late and I've arrived, along with a slightly different list to the original one, I think!  Last week was not a good one, the weather had a lot to do with it, very grey and cold, grey and did I mention it was GREY?  I don't do well, like so many people, in that sort of weather, but today the sun shone and lo and behold, the miserable woman was cheerful!  Along with the doom and gloom last week, I just could not be bothered to put word or picture to paper, in the electronic sense, unlike my overachieving chums (you know who you are lol!)!  Add to that soupy mix the fact that the WT informed me that I'd be the one going back to the States to pack up the house ("you've done it before and you're very good at it!") and that HE was going to Japan, India and China!  Despite his protestions that he wouldn't SEE anything as he'd be working, you understand, I was still incredibly jealous!

Anyway, without more ado, here are my choices for the Crazy Challenge 2011 ~

Rosewood Manor
Quaker Diamonds
The first time using Valdani threads

Blackbird Designs
Bird in Hand

Sharon Cohen
Band Sampler
A tiny cheat as I HAD started this a bit ago!

Hands to Work
Blooms of Spring

Little by Little
Alphabet Piddlings
I hope the designer completes the charts for the rest of the Alphabet!
Only A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H so far!

Blackbird Designs
Anniversaries of the Heart

Blackbird Designs and Nicoletta Farraruto
My Heart is True
Friends with You
A Needlebook

JBW Designs
Judy lives and designs in Kalamazoo so thought the choice was appropriate
I may have to restart this as I'm very close to the edge!

Shakespeare's Peddlar
The Magic Garden
A new to me designer

Blackbird Designs
Summer Iris


The Primitive Needle
Simply Live
I have the stitching sideways!

The Birdneck Sampler

Sunken Treasure
Pincushion and Needlebook Kits
Purchased from designer at Harrogate Show

 I decided after a lot of thought that the three pieces from the Cross Stitch Guild were a little complex for such quick starts and put them aside to be started when life is a little quieter.  Who knows, if the stitching stars are aligned and all is well in my little world, my choices may yet again be shuffled.  Watch this space....!

Okay, the time is just about to creep into a new day so I must stop and get this posted.  I am missing threads on some of the pieces so I need to make a list before I'm back in Michigan so I can increase my stash (again!) at Stitching Bits and Bobs.  I also need to decide which one I should be stitching too, so many decisions, so little time!

A question before you go.... do any of you belong to The Sampler Guild?  I took the plunge and joined last week.  I'm hoping that there will be lots of meet ups and opportunities here in the North West to get together to stitch, let me know if you belong.

Do leave a comment, I love to read them all, and would especially like to hear from fellow Crazies, lol!


  1. Hi Gillie

    Well done on all your starts, i was a bit late with mine, and tonight when posting them found out i've done 16 lol. And we're supposed to be able to count lol, no wonder i seem to do a lot of frogging lol

    looking forward to following your progress

    take care


  2. Well done Gillie!
    Let me know about the Guild, I will join too if it active in the North West.

  3. Well done Gillie - love them all! Can't wait to see some progress on them and we can gee each other along. I'm just glad the starts are done and we can get down to the real work now. See you soon. Hugs, Ally xx

  4. Hey Gille

    Love all your starts, it is great to see all the different patterns and designers we have all used. It is great seeing designers I have never seen, which actually can be a bad thing :) I do love the Blackbird Anniversaries of the Heart series... Maybe next year.

    LiBBiE in Oz

  5. ooooooo and oooooo love them all:) I wants them all to stitch heheheheh .. oooo AM I the over achiever then ??? heheheheheh see you sooooooonnnn xxxx love mouse xxxxx

  6. Great choices, wonderful starts. Is it possible that you are a BBD fan?? LOL.
    I still have to start the last two projects then I'll post my second batch. It's so much fun all over!

  7. Oh, Gillie!! What lovely starts you have there!! Your enabling gene is still working I see, I am making mental notes as I type!! How do you like stitching with Valdani threads? I have the same pattern and almost added it to my list, but had too many others I wanted to start, it was a chore just picking 15!! I'm so sorry to hear you'll be packing up on your own, I can sympathize as DH has left me with that chore too many times to count! *grumble, grumble* If I lived closer I would lend a hand as I consider myself an expert after all my experience LOL! Good Luck! *Hugs*

  8. Great choices for your starts. I had a little bit of trouble starting new projects toward the end but managed to make it through. I've even finished 3 of my 15 already!

  9. Wow Gillie - some lovely stuff there to stitch - well done and good luck on finishing them all this year .... x

  10. You've made some lovely starts Gillie. I love all those BBD pieces

  11. Those are some wonderful starts. Look forward to your progresses.
    Thank you for you wonderful comment on my blog.

  12. Congratulations on making it through all 15 starts, Gillie! You'll have some beautiful finishes by the end of 2011 :)

  13. Great choices for the challenge!

  14. Now you can tell people you are not packing up the house alone, that your loving daughter is helping you. xxx

  15. Fantastic new starts Gillie. I'm looking forward to watching them all grow.

  16. I couldn't become one of the Crazies, but do admire those who did! Love your selection, and will be watching as they progress!

    Take care!


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