Sunday, January 9, 2011

Thanks, Mouse!

Don't you love it when your friends do all the hard work of trawling the internet for you and come up with lovely links?  I refer, of course, to my most excellent chum,  Mouse, who shared with us on one of our chatty evenings on Facebook these two links, Stitcher's Book, a finishing tutorial from Violarium in Finland and this one from a blog that has sadly not been updated since the middle of 2009 but take a look here anyway at the lovely Blackbird finish - so clever, the finishes around the spine particularly.  I think I have very happily got stitched books/needlebooks on the brain since I received a lovely treat from another friend,  Val.  Take a look ~

My Needlebook from Val
 This was the first beaded fob that I'd ever received too.  You can see the clever thin spine which allows the book to close, very similar to ones on the links I just mentioned.  Thanks, Val!

Hmm, well, what can I talk about next to disguise the fact that you aren't seeing any 15 pictures, lol!  Today was a fall asleep on the sofa day and oh, my goodness it's five o'clock sort of thing!  I am keeping up though and you'll just have to trust me!

I never usually post photographs of family except heavily disguised ones of the WT but could not resist this one.  We spent a few days in south east Idaho with boy treasure and his beautiful family.  They had just moved, two days before, to a small town very close to Lava Hot Springs so while we were waiting for the furniture to arrive we decided to go swimming - outside in an air temperature of 3 degrees F!

William and Sunny in hot water!
It was a delightful feeling soaking in the mineral springs, I had not been feeling particularly spiffy before I went in and my goodness, a distinct lifting of spirits and general well-being when I came out!

Please, if you pass by, leave a comment, I do like to receive any and all!  See you soon!


  1. Where were you at in Idaho, Gillie?
    It looks like my old stomping ground. I love Lava Hot Springs. I am from Burley.

  2. Lovely needlebook and fob (I've never had a beaded one yet, but I love it!)
    What a nice picture with that adorable baby :))))!!

  3. Hello Sister :D Yes we do know how to 'bend' the rules, and that DJ is evil in the most beautiful way. Thanks for the lovely comment.
    LiBBiE in Oz

  4. Oh Gillie I forgot, hope you are settling in back home. Also if you want to see some lovely finishes, but no tutorials go and visit. Stitches by Carin, she is in the Netherlands, and does the most beautiful stitching and finishes you have ever seen.
    LiBBiE in Oz

  5. Aww...what a lovely picture, and I'm so glad you were able to visit your family over Christmas....but selfishly I'm glad you're back! We missed you around here...and speaking of missing, I'm sure missing pictures of your work! (Sorry just HAD to throw that in) Must be the dreaded jet lag (it took me a month to recover when I moved to Germany so I can relate!!), and I hope you're "cured" soon!! *Hugs*

  6. Thanks for the links Gillie - goodness me - just shows how any of these needlebooks are out there - and most certainly NOT designed by one certain person !

  7. You're welcome takes "small bow" and gets stuck heheheh .... have found some more lovely sites to have a lady like drool over too :)will send them to you later ;) Ain't those stitcher's books gorgeous though and dating back to 2006 some of them :)
    happy drooling love mouse xxxxx

  8. Love em love em love em - one of these days I may just manage to make one of my own - we may need to put Mouse into a padded room afterwards though lol!!! Aren't our friends talented? See ya soon, Love Toots xxx

  9. Val made me a gorgeous one too! I will pop it on my blog when I get a photo done.
    Nice to see that there are links to show how long this style has been around for, and that they are not credited to one single person who claims to be the original designer when she quite clearly is not!
    Vindication for Val!
    Love the Hot Springs...can feel relaxed just looking at the picture of you and sweet baby!

  10. Oooh hot springs sounds great.
    Nice to find your blog :-)

  11. Is that the WT in the background?

    Sniff - you deleted the Edward II blog links. They were really interesting. :-)


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