Thursday, January 6, 2011

You're forgiven, American Airlines.....

.....even though you cancelled the flight (with no explanation) last Thursday to Chicago from Kalamazoo!  This caused a 24 hour delay in our trip out to Idaho as well as a fairly expensive ride to Grand Rapids airport the next morning as that was the only flight available, apparently!  The cost of the ride, according to the Customer Service Division of AA is "our responsibility" too!

So why am I in such a generous frame of mind? Well, with all the travelling that the WT does there are some perks, UPGRADES being one!  We were upgraded three times, twice on fairly short flights in the States and then, the very best bit, coming back across the Atlantic the night before last.  No migraine, no neck pain, lots of delicious food and amazing attention from Laurie and her delightful crew.  See you all again, I hope!

So, to stitching.....  I am so behind in blogging about THE challenge that about 200 of so of us crazy peeps have accepted from Mina in Finland to begin fifteen starts on the first fifteen days of January and then finish them in 2011 (that will be the difficult bit, lol!).  I managed to begin the first few, except, it has be admitted, the night we arrived back in Salt Lake City after a beautiful drive through the Cache National Forest and after far too good a meal at Biaggi's.  Did I really need that creme brulee?

The other challenge I accepted, to take care of the many languishing pieces that I already have, is the one from Jayne here, Mary Wigham will be the first one I pull out for this one.

I'm hoping that the sun comes out so I can take some pictures of my starts and give you the list, or the table gets tidied and I can display them there!  Talk to you all soon!


  1. I don't know. That's a really long flight and I'm glad they upgraded you, but I think you are still entitled to be peeved at them.

    Welcome home, happy New Year, and peaceful stitching.

  2. Oh I know how you feel. We spent 2 days getting home for Christmas. Delayed overnight in Chicago. Our responsibility. Frustrating!


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