Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Good bye Pond House!

Done. Tossed. Sorted.  The worldly goods of Mr and Mrs WT are locked away in a container and (this is the bit that I don't want to think about, lol) are about to embark on a ocean voyage from that vast land in the west to a small island..  I was back in Michigan for a couple of weeks, on my own, as the WT got a note from his boss that he was excused packing and could go off to visit Japan, India and China instead.  Hmm, I seem to remember he got excused a year ago too!  Anyway, I digress, and he does work really hard and I'm really glad you are home safely, darling! 

Taking out the garbage!

Alas - not a vast roll of 32 count - it's the packaging
plastic for the furniture!

I strongly suspect that Corrigans won't be using the picture on the left in their marketing brochure but, my goodness, those guys were great!  It took three full days to pack up the house and it wasn't helped by having to ferry everything down the driveway in shifts as the container couldn't make it up the drive in all the snow.  

I wasn't looking forward to this at all, the house is pretty much sold, barring last minute glitches but I needed to dispose of furniture, woodworking tools and a CAR!  On the basis that one should get the worst over with first I approached the Toyota garage and was blown away by the efficiency and professionalism of Chris, the manager of the used car division.  Not only did I get to keep the car for the duration of my stay but I was driven to the airport too!  AND the price was fair!  Selling the woodworking tools was a cold business on account of the whole darn lot were in the pole barn and this was January in Michigan!  Oh, and we had the blizzard of the year thrown into the mix too!  It wasn't as bad around my area as those Weather Channel peeps were predicting, they really pulled the stops out, sending reporters all over the place to report on the conditions! 
One of the Crazy 15 - I've done a lot more since then,
that day there was no chair and it was cold!
 Both of my girl treasures came to help on separate weekends and both went home loudly protesting they'd done nothing to help.....not true, loves, you were THERE which was the main thing.  And yes, you both certainly helped, tossing out stuff that should have gone long ago!

I saved a draft of the above two weeks ago but until now don't seem to have been able to take the final step of publishing it.  February disappeared in a flurry of not very much once I came back to Cheshire and today is St David's Day! 

I was reading  Maggie's blog and had a little wander in her 365 days photo blog and thought - hmm, I like this and today is the beginning of the month so - here goes with my very own DAILY photo blog!
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Edited - since writing this I have read the sad news of the death of Lisa Roswell of the Primitive Needle, Simply Live is one of the designs that I will be stitching in the Fifteen Challenge.  Much love and sympathy to her family.


  1. It is hard enough moving but for such a big move as you have had to do all, I can say is ''well done Gillie' at least we get to meet up with you now :)

  2. well am glad to see you have survived and packed AND done some stitching too in all the chaos :) love mouse xxx

  3. You deserve a big medal for achieving all that on your own! I've had to do that too many times to count, so totally understand what help your daughters were just by being there (they deserve gold stars themselves!!) I'm headed over to your photo blog... Oh, and by the way, take your time with the spring exchange...you have so much on your plate! Such sad news about Lisa, I'll be praying for her family. *Hugs*

  4. Oh well done you Gillie! That sounds like such hard work. Top marks to your Girlies for being there for you. Hardcore stitching too under the circumstances.
    I read the sad news - thoughts and prayers for Lisa's family and friends.

  5. Well done Gillie!! and welcome home lass xxx

  6. You would have liked that huge roll of fabbie to go along with those threads; right? Me, too! I KNOW there would be no photo a day for me, but will be watching yours!


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