Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A biscornu, a pincushion, a cube, challenges and, oh yes, moving house!

Well, fortune smiled again and after a very long roundabout journey from Las Vegas to Michigan, back to Las Vegas and finally to the UK, a gorgeous biscornu arrived from Michelle as part of the Please Pass the Biscornu exchange. Along with it, Michelle had kindly sent some of Nina's delicious looking threads so I was very spoiled!  Thank you so much!

The next two pieces are from a "bran tub" exchange in the Friendly Stitchers' group.  On the Noel piece (a Gift of Stitching chart and the name of the designer escapes me) I used WDW Noel thread, the original being in stitched in bubblegum pink and pale green!

Nancy stitched this lovely cube, the first I've ever received.  I have the pattern for it somewhere, a Dutch blog I seem to remember?

This gorgeous pincushion came from another Friendly Stitchers' exchange.  The theme was Spring and, my goodness, DJ did a beautiful job.  It's on 40 count and came with two scrummy silks.  To my shame, I forgot to enclose threads in my parcel to her and was not entirely satisfied with the finishing of my piece.  Soon as I get this dratted move out of the way, DJ, I'll make it up to you, I promise!

What about my stitching progress?  You may well ask.  Not a lot.  We moved last week into our house and I've been frantically trying to get it sorted ever since.  I have to be semi finished by the end of the week for two reasons:

a) the moving boxes and paper will be picked up on Friday so a lot of unpacking to be done

b) a trio of crazy ladies are descending on us on Saturday for a sleepover, namely Ally, Mouse and Karen.  Val, sadly, can't make it this time.  I expansively offered to host the weekend BEFORE we moved, yikes!

In between unwrapping treasures and arranging them artfully I've been blog hopping as usual and found myself signing up for a challenge and a chart pass around, not quite sure how it happened, can only attribute it to my enfeebled state! 

The first is from Anna's blog and involves a freebie from The Workbasket and one from the Blackbird ladies.  I won't be posting any more about this one as secrecy is paramount! 

Barbara wondered if anyone would be interested in receiving a Sweetheart Tree pincushion chart, stitching it, posting a picture then passing on the chart with a skein of thread.  Sounds different, doesn't it, and I see my chum Mouse has signed up too!

Nearly a month of the photo blog and I've remembered to post each day!  Mark you, there was a bit of creative finagling one night as it was getting close to midnight in the UK so had to hurriedly change the setting to Eastern time!  Hope I don't forget again or I could end up on Hawaii time!  Thank you to the followers I've gathered over there, especially Kate and Mouse who comment frequently!

Well, enough of this, it's late and there are more boxes to unpack and stuff to arrange tomorrow, oh joy!  If you pass by please leave a comment so I know you stopped in!  I love to hear from you.


  1. Beautiful stitching, the 40ct spring one is amazingly beautiful!

    There are such a lot of exchanges around, its hard to resist when friends are all joining in isn't it

    Enjoy your weekend, have fun

  2. yooo hooo :) can't wait to see the piece from DJ in real life and the boxes are going before we arrive Shame !!!! had to laugh when I saw your name on the chart blog too heheheh mouse xxxx

  3. Hi Gillie, you sure been busy..thought you are already settled down when i read about the ladies coming over on Friendly Stitchers, goodluck with everything. I too still a lot of boxes to unpack and i need to soon before hubby's 50th birthday next weekend...

    Gorgeous pieces you had recently received, i love the colour that was used for the Noel ornament.

    Did visit your photo blog almost everyday, sorry...not leaving comment though.
    Have fun with everyone this weekend.

  4. You have received some lovely exchanges there Gillie.

    Where abouts in Cheshire are you? I'm in Staffordshire.

  5. Some lovely things you received there Gillie :)

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Hi Gillie! Sometimes it's good to have incentive to unpack and get sorted...and having friends stop by to see your new digs is quite an incentive! I'm sorry I missed your phone call!! It would have been great to hear your voice. Hopefully you'll catch up on your stitching once the ladies descend...have a great time! *Hugs*

  7. What an exciting time--a big move!

    And beautiful stitching, too.

    Really enjoyed my visit to your blog and your picture blog, too. :)

  8. Beautiful gifts Gillie. All the challenges are tempting - love the idea behind Anna's.
    Hope you're all sorted for the girls and have a fabulous time!

  9. What beautiful gifts you received! Those are the mail days that I like :o)

    Glad to hear you moved into your new home. I don't envy you the unpacking :oS


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