Monday, May 9, 2011

Walks, fobs, friends.....

How could I have let most of April go by without posting again?  Kept meaning to, kept thinking of witty and brilliant things to share with you all and kept letting the days go by, quite useless I am!  In the past year with no job and no fixed place to be each day, I've found it's very easy to let the hours slip by...... despite having two moves, one of them international, in fifteen months!

The house is beginning to look fairly respectable and most of the boxes have been recycled or given away to another mover.  The weather up here in the north west has been quite amazing and we feel so blessed to have had such a wonderful re-introduction to English springtime in the Weaver valley.  The small town where we live has a Festival of Walks at the end of April each year so wanting to get to know the area a little better, and maybe make some new friends, I decided to take part in a couple of them.  We began on Easter Day with a bang, and puffed our way up Helsby Hill to a glorious view over the marshes towards Liverpool and the Clywd Hills with a bump in the background that could possibly have been Snowdon.  It was an unusually clear day, often the haze prevents such a long view, and to this Midwestern girl (well, for the past ten years!) it was just glorious.  I did a couple more without the WT and found some new friends and some new footpaths, can't be bad!

Across the marshes from Helsby Hill

An eco-house, most of it below the grass but spoiled,
somewhat, in my view,by the helipad behind
 the building, increasing the eco footprint mightily!

The WT, looking, in his view, "gormless", but not true at all!

HIS drink of choice at the end of the walk

And HERS.... complete with chocolate nest and egg!
As to stitching, well, not a whole lot to report.  I finished but, of course, didn't remember to photograph, the stitching fob I sent to Denise, a friend in Saudi Arabia, who right now is in the Midlands and maybe we will get to meet!

See what I mean?  I began this post on May 1st and it is now May 9th for crying out loud!  Since then I have received a most gorgeous fob and scissor keep (an unexpected treat) from Denise, in the most gorgous dusty purple and Hardanger too, lucky me!  Thank you so much, Denise, looking forward to meeting you tomorrow!

This was an exchange on the Friendly_Stitchers group, the rules were to make a scissor fob for your partner with her initial on it, attach a pair of scissors and send off with a couple of postcards of the area where you live....hmm, guess which bit Dimwit forgot to fulfil, mmhmm, the postcards!  I got gorgeous ones from Saudi AND Hastings as Denise is having a bit of an Away Month, lol!

This was mine to her, my first attempt at a beaded fob........

I chose to stitch the cup on the back because Denise had mentioned a couple of months ago that she wished she had been able to be with Mouse and me drinking tea, one day when I was visiting Yorkshire!  Here's to our cuppa tomorrow, Denise!

What else is going on in the home of the World Traveller?  Well, he's not here, Kzoo and Chicago this week, Taiwan next week!  Not a whole lot of stitching but I did stitch a pincushion for someone, need to get it together and mailed.  I really thought I'd get at least one of the 15 completed but no such luck.  Maybe by the end of the week.....?

THE Wedding was lovely, everyone looked gorgeous and fingers crossed they will enjoy a long and happy life together.  Talking of a long and happy life, Mr and Mrs WT will celebrate forty (I know, I just don't look old enough) years together next month so maybe time for a giveaway then.  Stay tuned!

Crazy weather this month, lots of sudden downpours and storms interspersed with lovely sunshine, you get the feeling that the Weather Workers confused April and May!

Thank you to everyone that left a comment/emailed me, I appreciate each and every one of you.  As always, if you stop by, please leave a comment, don't just creep away!