Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Miles to go before I sleep.........

It's me, mmm Gillie, you remember, ......yes, that's me, the one that keeps apologising for not keeping up her blog.  Well, what excuses shall I use this time?  Travelling.  By road.  A long way.  Only from one state to the next but trust me, it was an exceedingly long drive but worth it  because of this one who was waiting to greet his Sunny and his Grandma.......

The WT and his wife were back in the US again, first in  Detroit where we had a look around the day before our appointment.  The General Motors headquarters fairly dominates the skyline but I wonder how many jobs have been lost inside over the last few years?

and this sign is a reminder that Detroit has a huge Arabic community, all the signs on the rail link are in Arabic and well as English.

After our appointment on the Monday which I'll tell you about next time, I waved goodbye to the World Traveller and set off to do some travelling of my own.  It was First Class to Seattle which wasn't as nice as Business Class across the Atlantic and the crew were grumpy but definitely beat sitting at the back.  I know, I sound like a spoiled brat but we have earned every one of those vouchers - him by flying everywhere and working all the way and me staying home without him...... oh, and moving house.....several times, one an international move......on my own!

First stop was Moscow, ID where we have owned a house since last year and where it was time for a change of tenants - long past time in the case of the front apartment! We have some great ones now.

Then on with the road trip........ north to Coeur d'Alene ( forget the French accent, think cor daleen) , then on into Montana and down into Wyoming via Butte, Bozeman and Billings, mile after mile along Interstate 90 with very little traffic but lots of snow capped mountains  and past the place where sadly, Custer stood last,  what WAS he thinking?

We rolled into Casper WY, where my youngest treasures live, after two days driving.  They'd just moved into their own house after living in a rental for a few months, quite put me to shame, everything sorted and put away in TWO days!  Nothing like the mothers in law coming to visit, concentrates the mind wonderfully! I attended my first rodeo - the goat roping was a little puzzling..... no good pictures as the riders were too quick for me.

It was our 40th wedding anniversary while I was there and yes, the happy couple were on different continents and seven hours apart in time.  A beautiful bunch of roses arrived just as we got back from church causing some ladylike tears to fall. Can I digress here to say that he really is the loveliest of men, makes me laugh, looks after me, cheers me up, makes me want to scream (occasionally) and works far too hard.  I read a quote from Sybil Thorndike who was asked if she had ever thought of leaving during her sixty year marriage to the actor and director Lewis Casson.  Her reply was "Divorce, never!  Murder, often!"

Back to Idaho along Route 26 through the Teton National Forest and Jackson, WY.  Jackson is now a playground for the very rich and famous (at least they think so) but was originally homesteaded by two families and unusually for the pre-suffragette days had an all woman town council in 1920 and 1921.  Then onto I 84 which follows the Snake River for many miles.

A night in Boise then back in the car for what look like a short hop back to Moscow but was apparently more than six hours!  By now I was grateful not to be doing the journey in a covered wagon......!

Enough already of the National Geo travelogue and onto a few stitching pictures.  It's interesting how when faced with a long trip by plane, car or wagon, one immediately thinks that it would be the perfect time to get LOTS of stitching done, maybe even finished.  Ha! 

I've been struggling with Anniversaries of the Heart, and Snow Garden in particular.  All those shades of cream, kept on throwing it down in disgust then picking it up again.  It's not quite finished but in desperation I moved onto Valentine Rose, which is going well albeit slowly.  The thread colours are nothing like the picture, which is a comment I hear frequently with BBD designs.

I read on Maude and Mozart that Laura is going to declare 2012  a Year of Smalls which rather appealed to me. Mainly because 2011 seems to be the Year of Large Unfinished Projects here at the barn.  Why did I sign up for the Crazy January Challenge, and having done so, why did I choose such large projects?

So, what do I have to show you? Two pincushions and a scissor fob and that is it for finishes! The scissor fob was an angel stitch for Kathy which was kindly received (whew) and she was gracious enough to let me borrow the photograph too!

The next one was a freebie from a French blog Sablaise, well worth a look around with some gorgeous charts.  I used a Stef Francis silk that I had in my stash and just happened to have the perfect bit of ribbon that I'd bought in Toronto a few years ago.  This one is staying at the barn!
Finally, here's a pincushion for my dear friend, DJ.  I do like stitching alphabets and this was no exception, I stitched her initials in a different shade of Waterlilies but can't remember what I used.  The threads should have been sent long since in another exchange, hanging head in shame, but I forgot!  The chart is a freebie from Appleseedprim and she has quite a few others too.  Thank you for letting me borrow the photograph, DJ, and for the very polite nudge to update my blog!

So that is it from me for now.  I've only been back a fortnight and guess  what, we go back to the States tomorrow, I'll let you know why in my next post next week........yes, really, I will, I promise!
To celebrate our anniversary, three years of fairly intermittent blogging and this mysterious reason I'll be doing a giveaway of some fairly random things when I get back, around the 22nd so stay tuned!
As always, please leave a comment when you stop by, I appreciate every one of them and will try to email you back, I've been bad at that, I confess.  Enjoy whatever you are doing, do it cheerfully and keep stitching!
Tell me what you think, too, about the blog tweak?


  1. lovely blog tweek :) catching up with everything as I went .. looking at the enabling links :)and glad to have you back and go and back and .... lol love mouse xxxx

  2. Welcome home and safe travels lol! Lovely finishes - I am the same with the Crazy challenge; I picked half large and half small projects and more than halfway through the year I've only managed two finishes so far :( Maybe we can gee each other along. Give WT a hug from his favourite miniature redhead and hurry back! Hugs, Ally xx

  3. Your trip sounds wonderful, but tiring (and yes, you have earned the first class! Keeping hearth and home together by yourself is not a feat for the faint hearted!

    Congratulations on your anniversary!

    Love the stitching finishes and WIP.

  4. Thanks for the those freebies.
    We have traveled thru WY & MT several times. Love the sites! Thanks for a quick relief from our oppressive heat and humidity in Kansas tho just in pictures--makes me long for a vacation in that direction!

  5. Busy lady1 I am so jealous as I haven't done any travelling this summer! Beautiful scenery and beautiful stitchery- and a precious little one!

  6. Wow you are a mod on the move Gillie ! Nice to see pics of places you visit x

  7. I like the tweaks to the blog, Gillie! Thanks for sharing your adventure. It reminds me of a trip out west a few years ago. You never appreciate just how vast it is! Love the links...thanks for the enabliing!

  8. What a great post! The scenery is beautiful, amd so is the stitching! What a sweet little guy! Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see more of your travels!

  9. Oh my goodness Gillie. All that traveling is just exhausting. But you really have seen more of the USA than I have. LOL
    Happy Anniversary to you and DH. Even if it is belated I do hope you two got to celebrate a little.
    Lovely stitching all of it. I especially like your liitle pillow with the fancy ribbon. Beautiful colors. Take care and I hope you find some time to rest upbefore the next set of travels. :)

  10.'s nice to catch up on your news! Ok, so I shouldn't complain about burn out, seems you are much busier than I will wish you God speed in your travels and will sit staring at your blog for the next installment of "life in the fast lane" staring our dear Gillie! The blog tweak is very nice...and very fitting! Stay well, my friend! *Hugs*

  11. Lovely update Gillie - you must be exhausted with all that travelling and yet back you go! Hope the next visit is enjoyable.
    I like the idea of a year of smalls - right up my street!
    Fab stitching - thanks for the links.
    I love the new look on the blog - that background is perfect.

  12. Thanks for dropping by Cupcake Towers. Blimey, you do get about. I'm exhausted just reading! Congratulations on your wedding anniversary. We're a few years behind you but I know exactly what Dame Sybil meant!!

  13. Love stitching!! Love the scissor fob. Enjoyed reading about your travels.

  14. Wish I had known you were coming! I have a nephew in Boise....and I now live in Southern NJ...a short train to NYC and know you are always welcome!

  15. Always love to see your updates Gillie. Congrats on making it to your 40th Wedding Anniversary - appreciate the quote very much :)
    Maybe you could think of those words when working on your BBD 'Anniversaries'. I love how it looks so far btw. The year of smalls sounds great, only problem with smalls (if your anything like me) is all the finishing ... Liz x

  16. Wow, I know it's a lot of travelling, but I envy you! I'd love to see all of those places. What an adorable grandchild! :)

    Beautiful stitching!


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