Thursday, September 29, 2011

Helsinki Part 2, Gifts and Stash!

Well, the weather pixies finally got it right, the most gorgeous weather this week!  Everyone was smiling as I walked to and from town today and I ended up having a lovely conversation in the lane with a nice lady called B- and an exchange of phone numbers!

Yesterday was the short walk (only six miles, lol) with the Kingsley Walkers, and unlike the 33 stile marathon of last time,there were none at all, just kissing gates along the river and the canal and a lovely lunch at the Leigh Arms afterwards.

Note the salad growing on the roof of the barge!

The pub floor
Now back to Helsinki, the furthest north I have ever travelled but with still a long way to go before you start going down the other side!  One of the attractions of visiting was to meet Niina whom I know from Friendly_Stitchers.  She was so generous with her time and hospitality, we met three times ending up with dinner in her apartment with her and her gorgeous daughters to whom I am known as Chille !

This is a combination of the lovely gifts that Niina presented me with, tea, candles, an LK chart and a tiny biscornu stitched by her and a whole metre of fabric, a book and some scissors that I was forced, able to buy when she made, went with me into a shop that was closing down and a bookshop!  And I am here to tell you that a metre is a LOT of fabric (25 count for inquiring minds!).  What do you mean, I forgot to show the chocolate, what chocolate, lol?

These gorgeous shawls were knitted in a linen yarn
and I wanted to buy them all!

Marimekko, the wonderful clothing and textile
company, where a second mortage would be helpful!
Ha! Foiled those bicycle thieves!

The Lutheran Cathedral in Senate Square
which dominates the Helsinki skyline.  On the
smaller domes the decorations looked
 remarkably liked Smyrna stitch or Algerian Eye!

The Sibelius Monument - when it was unveiled in 1967
 the reception  was somewhat negative.
 The pipes catch the wind and make their own music.

 A little rain should never stop one having coffee with a friend!

One of the many delicious looking stalls
at Hakaniemi Market Hall
Back home again (for a while, lol!), I nearly missed that I had won the giveaway on Melissa's blog but thankfully all was well and this arrived in the post in a very short time, the Earth Sampler from Primitive Needle.  Thank you so much, Melissa, the first giveaway I have ever won and it will be one of my Crazies for 2012!

Mouse kindly edged all the pieces of linen that I bought at the Nimble Needle a couple of weeks ago, I really should not have got started down this road...... it really doesn't feel "right"now to stitch on a piece that hasn't been overlocked/serged.  Thanks, Mouse ! 

There were quite a few pieces of fabric that came home with me as I made the mistake of picking up not one but two baskets of linen that Chris had invitingly placed on chairs and sitting down with them on my lap!  One contained larger pieces and the other offcuts, perfect for smalls and ornaments,in all  thirteen pieces came home with me and two patterns.  I did hold off on threads though, only two 'fell' into my shopping basket!

Linen and patterns, La D Da Polly Wolly Doodle
and the Drawn Thread Cloister Garden
So what have you actually stitched on, I hear you cry?  Well, a bit of this and a bit of that, a needlebook for an exchange which I need to hustle on and oh, flushed with success at keeping up with  Carol's SAL, I decided to join the six part one in TGOSM which began in August.  It called for Valdani threads and the most inexpensive I could find were from Anita's.  To be even more frugal I asked for them to be sent to a friend in Michigan and the WT agreed to bring them over earlier this month.  Anita was very efficient and the threads arrived with the speed of light.  But, as you can see,  by now we had got to the middle of September and I had yet to begin!  This is my progress so far and the third part will be issued the day after tomorrow!

My Lovely Sewing Tools by Maria Suarez
a SAL in 6 parts
Well, dears, I hope that wherever you are you are among friends and enjoying life and remember that there are ALWAYS two sides to every story!

 To all of us revelling in an Indian summer long may it continue and that we remember how good the sunshine felt when we reach the damp and drippy days of winter or the freezing and fridgid ones depending on where you are!

 I will leave you with this last photograph !  See you in October!


  1. oooo glad you loved your walk and your trip to helsinki looks wonderful and lovely gifts you got too ... no probs re the overlocking ;) and can't wait to see you soon :) love mouse xxxx

  2. Lovely stitching. Glad you could get the Valdini threads.

  3. Walk sounds great isn't the weather lovely.Are you already in Istanbul?
    Lots of embroidery goes on there and the museums are to die for.

  4. Some lovely pics there Gillie and some lovely gifts from Niina x

  5. Lovely photos Gillie. I love your start on the piece from GOS. It's really pretty. SO glad you got to meet Niina

  6. Well, Gillie, it will never be said that grass grew under your feet! LOL Loved the pictures of your travels, and your lovely finds in the stores! As for the cryptic picture at the end, safe travels my friend (my guess is you are meeting up with WT for a romantic rendezvous!) ;) Your stitching is amazing as always! *hugs*

  7. Thankyou for sharing your wonderful pictures and stories of your travels through Helsinki.

    Congratulations upon your winning the great design from Primitive Needle! Love all of your recent stitching stash acquisitions.

    Recently, after discovering some interest from some of my blog followers, in stitching "My Lovely Sewing Tools",(August 2011 Gift of Stitching, I too suggested a SAL! We have 4-5 ladies who plan to participate in our SAL. We will be starting very soon! It will be fun to watch your SAL progress too!

    So happy to have discovered your wonderful blog today!

  8. Gillie, I just love reading your blog! You have the best adventures and take such lovely photos! And your stitching isn't half bad either! LOL! Just teasing you! It is beautiful and can't wait to see more! Thanks for sharing!


  9. Fabulous stash Gillie and the, it looks so beautiful there.

  10. A walking group! I would love to find one of those. Helsinki looks like a wonderful place to visit. Love the new stash.

  11. You write such a lovely post Gillie.

    ooo that cake shop, i think i would have had to unbutton the wasitband after being in there LOL

    Great new stash, your new project looks lovely, very delicate colours

    Happy stitching to you my sunny part of the UK where the weatherman tells me it will be cold tomorrow..

  12. Lovely stitching! I love your new stash, too. I had such fun looking at the pictures of Helsinki! Thanks for letting me travel along with you. :)

  13. Sounds like you enjoyed a lovely Indian summer, Gillie--we are FINALLY getting our over the next few days. It has really been a gray and rainy fall so far here in the 'Burgh!!

    Lovely photos of Helsinki--you have traveled so many amazing places...

    Love the "My Lovely Sewing Tools" WIP--the colors are just luscious!! Enjoy the lovely chart form Melissa and all that great stash :)

  14. How much more interesting your life is than mine!

  15. Looks like a lovely visit, and thanks for sharing the photos! Your stitching of Sewing Tools made me go find the charts in TGOS - you're doing a beautiful job!

  16. Wow, you're a real world traveller!! Amazing pics, and grats on the progress with the SAL. I hope you've caught up by now!!


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