Monday, September 19, 2011

Line Dancing, an LNS and Helsinki part 1!

Excuse me while I get my breath back... goodness, that's better!  A friend, Debbie, made  um, persuaded me to go line dancing this afternoon in the next village.  Despite having lived in the States it is something that I've never done and since I have NO coordination whatsoever I had no great expectations for the afternoon.  We learnt three sets of steps, the Electric Slide, the California Freeze and something else that I was hopeless at so am obviously blocking, very Freudian!  Much to my surprise, it was fun and by the end of the session I was sort of, kind of, almost doing it properly.  We'll see how much I retain by next Monday.  There are quite a few videos on the ubiquitous YouTube and they were quite helpful, I had a look when I got home.

I sent off the giveaways and Elaine has already received hers.  Someone remind me NOT to put magazines on ever again, it is not cheap to send to the States!

Well, what's been happening?  Working backwards, a trip to an LNS just in Wales but with a Shropshire address. A lovely day was had by all,  visiting
The Nimble Thimble, The Mill, Llangedwyn, Oswestry.
Tel: 01691 780 088.

Owned by Chris, a most hospitable lady who had coffee, tea and biscuits waiting for us.  Despite not being on the Internet Chris has been in business for thirteen years, stocking cross stitch and needlepoint as well as framing your masterpiece.  If you are going to be at Harrogate this year stop at her stall and see what treats she has brought.

Isn't it lovely?  Such a good day and definitely worth the drive as I was in need of a cheer up as the WT had flown off to the States that morning for a week, sigh.  I was fairly restrained, only three charts, a couple of threads and, okay, I admit, a fair bit of linen which my chum, Mouse, is kindly serging for me.  I'll put up a picture when that arrives.

The week before was the Norley Garden show..... what do you mean, you've never heard of it?  It is famous in this part of the world.  Very sensibly, the organisers hold the event behind the pub, the Tiger's Head, which means that there is plenty of liquid refreshment available.  A beer or cider goes down very nicely when you are admiring the prize onions and dahlias, I can tell you.  They have a needlework section so might think seriously about entering next year. 

Not part of the show, just a rather wild but pretty garden
 that we walked past on the way to the pub

All shapes and sizes of onions!

A lovely old steam engine, beautifully maintained
And finally.......... to Helsinki, where the WT worked and I played, or rather walked and ate delicious food, well,in fact  we both enjoyed some lovely meals.  A very walkable city and only armed with the hotel map I found my way all over the city, and on  three of the days I clocked up 22,000 steps each time which I felt was fairly impressive!

Kauppatori Market is down by the harbour and is so colourful with its heaping amounts of fruit and vegetables, huge mounds of chanterelle mushrooms and peas.

Not sure why the flag was at half mast.  The picture above made me laugh, the knives are a sort of  ungrammatical afterthought!

Salmon soup is good!
Eating in the hotel one night and there was creme brulee on the menu, obvious choice as it is one of my favourite puddings, but wait, no, surely not, LIQUORICE?   All I can say is don't knock it until you've tried it, absolutely wonderful accompanied by lemon ice cream.

To finish, a small piece of stitching, my version of Carol's SAL with which I am keeping up!  So proud of myself, lol!  I'm using SNC Vintage Brown on an unknown piece of 40 count.

Enough of the tour and we haven't even left the harbour!  I'll be back with part 2 of Helsinki and some pictures of ongoing stitching, but, alas, no finishes yet.  Thank you to all my new followers and emails I have received.  I appreciate each and every one of the comments so if you stop by, let me know, don't steal away!

love, gillie x


  1. oooooo i recognise some of those photos ... ooo helsinki looks like a lovely place to visit and well done on the stitching looks lovely :) love mouse xxxx

  2. Beautiful pictures. I'm glad you enjoyed your time in Helsinki so much. Maybe you are coming back for another visit?
    Love the thread you are using for your Carol's SAL

  3. Nice to notice that you enjoyed your stay in Helsinki. I wish you are able to visit countryside too one day =D. Welcome back.

  4. Thank you for the tour of Helsinki and the Garden Show - I only ever travel from home to work and back again, so love seeing other places.

    Really like the colors you've chosen for Carol's SAL

  5. Love your photos, Gillie!! Helsinki looks fascinating--I'm always amazed at how much traveling you do (and a bit envious, as well!!)...

    Beautiful color for the SAL--one of the prettiest I've seen :)

  6. Lovely pics of your trip to Helsinki, it looks wonderful.

    YES, you must enter the show next year! Well done to the winners of this years show.

    Nimble Thimble seems to be popular and i have read such good reports about the owner being so nice, shame she doesnt have internet shop, i bet it would be so popular.

    Good luck with the line dancing are you practising around the house?

  7. In love going to Nimble Thimble too,although my bank balance doesnt.It's in a lovely part of the country and great local pubs for some some nice home cooked food
    Your SAL is looking lovely.x

  8. Hello Gillie....
    First I must thank you for stopping by and leaving sweet words about us loosing dear George.

    What an interesting post Gillie.... loved it! Bit of line dancing news to start off with, I know how you feel, I did a bit once..... then off to Wales.... of course the granite stone buildings looked so familiar and immediately caught my eye. Then the fine display of onions at the horticulture show and if that wasn’t enough, you then whisked us off to Helsinki to enjoy the lovely sights around the market there. Hmmm! not too sure about that reindeer, mink and fox fur stall tho’.

    Would love to keep in touch.... yes, you are only just over the border.

    Marion - Wales UK.

  9. Lovely pics Gillie .... ohhhhh ! liquorice - that sounds delicious :)
    Val x

  10. Thanks for the tour Gillie - especially like the look of that creme brulee, it's one of my favourites too.
    Lovley update on your SAL piece - gorgeous colour.
    Look forward to part 2 of the tour.

  11. What a lovely blog post, beautiful pics... A lovely read!

    Hugs Chris x

  12. Hi Gillie!! Thanks for the grand have the most marvelous eye for camera shots! I ADORE the SAL you are taking part in...and the color of the thread is really different, I like it very much. Sounds like you aren't letting any grass grow underfoot with all your travels. Sending virtual *hugs* so you aren't too lonely while the WT is out and about.

  13. Enjoyed reading your post. Beautiful pics, thanks for sharing them.

  14. Thank you for sharing "Chili". It is a pleasure to see our city via foreign eyes, lol. Lots of things are too ordinary to see without somebody pointing them, hehehe. Hope we see again some day!

  15. Lovely to read of your adventures and see your pictures. Your embroidery looks great too.
    Thank you for your comment on my blog.

  16. Beautiful photos! The shop in Wales looks amazing! Very picturesque.

    Lovely stitching progress!


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