Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wales, the Lake District, a finish or two and some progress

Please read the disclaimer at end of the post........!

I'm not even going to attempt the National Blogging Month challenge, that would be pretty daft, don't you think?  Posting once a month just doesn't hack it.  However, today is the 3rd November and my last post was only four days ago!  In order to jumpstart the whole process, basically what I'm going to do is publish a post and immediately get on with writing the next one, nifty idea, don't you agree?  Of course, where housecleaning, shopping, walking, meals, church, taking care of the WT and stitching comes in all this I have no idea.

Anyway, since the last witterings were about travel far away, let's come a bit closer to home this time, Wales and the Lake District,along with some finishes, some decisions and some progress.  Gosh, it's all go and you just can't wait, can you?

Are you sitting comfortably, children?

A good stitching buddy, Kath, posted on her blog that she had some charts for sale.  Very sensibly, she put a time limit of availability on them so I wandered over for a quick look.  Ooh, Plum Street and CCN, hmmm, a few days later I was the new owner of Favourite Font Sampler and Ladybugs and Butterflies.  Both have gone on my Crazy January Challenge 2012 and this bring me to the decisions.  I have put up a separate page for CCJC 2012 because, dears, I am bound and determined to do better this year.  Well, honestly, I could hardly do worse, could I? Though I might have a tiny finish for this year soon, stayed tuned!

Finishes?  Well, a bit of a cheat here as I can only show one in full as nearly all of them are leaving the barn for an exchange, a couple of RAKs, and an angel stitch.

This was what I sent to Maureen as part of the Friendly Stitchers needlebook exchange, I had to confess to Maureen that the thistle and initials should have been on the back inside the frame.....
Maureen sent me this one, the count was quite small and it is lovely.  Thanks, Maureen!

Ha, see, today is the 21st so I can show the angel stitch at least as Jo finally got her biscornu as part of the Summer Sensations biscornu exchange.  Sadly, her partner defaulted on not just one but TWO exchanges on Friendly Stitchers having received two lovely pieces from her partners. Luckily this is a rare occurrence on the group, we have  wonderfully dedicated stitchers who LOVE to surprise and delight their partners!

 I used a pattern designed by my friend, Mouse, which is now on general release in the group.  The colours were MUCH brighter than I usually use and apparently Jo's daughter, Miss D,  rather fell in love with it!
from Gillie to Jo

Last weekend, Remembrance Sunday here in the UK, and Muggins decided (on Saturday) to stitch a poppy, make it into a little ornament and wear it around her neck for church.  It turned out really well and I got some compliments but the last stitches were being put in at 8:30 am and the service was at 10!  I found the pattern here on Kell's blog.  Thanks, Kell!

My Remembrance Day necklace

Okay, I know, today is 3rd DECEMBER, what is the fool talking about, well, all I can say is, time goes with the speed of light here at the barn and somebody moved onto another month without letting me know.  I thought, darn, I am NOT wasting these words and so  here you are, enjoy, lol!  As the sharper amongst you will observe, there are NO pictures of Wales, the Lake District or indeed of any progress but fear not, dear hearts, I will be back, God willing and the creek don't rise, sometime  before 2012!

Thanks for reading this far and please, somebody comment before I sink into a deep depression!


  1. hahahah ... thought you had gone a wee bit do lally there babes ... thought has she noticed we are now into December ???? love the stitchy updates :) love mouse xxxx

  2. I just to comment as I don't want to be held responsible for a deep depression!
    I love those needlebooks and the biscornu.

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  4. Thanks for beating me to that Plum Street sampler pattern - I already have the CCN Ladybugs and BUMBLEBEES (friends to the butterflies - LOL).
    Love your little poppy - at least you were finished before getting in the car to go to church. Driving whilst stitching - not sure that's illegal - but you may have ended up with another shade of red on your poppy
    Liz x

  5. Can it be possible that I am not at the tail end of the Crazy finishes this year? We'll have to see for next year won't we lol?? Love your finishes and of course I got to see your lovely poppy in person last weekend. And whatm no Harrogate? Come on Gillie get with the programme!! Hugs, Ally xxx

  6. LOL!! We love you anyway, Gillie, even if you don't know what month it is!! : ) Adorable needlebook by the way!!

  7. Lovely post! You had me there for a minute! x

  8. Love the colours of the biscornu - just gorgeous.

    K xoxox

  9. I love the Oak Tree from Acorns needlebook! Theresa

  10. Great needle books and biscornu. I'm not surprised that the biscornu was well received - I have had an angel from FS stitch for me and it makes the gift extra special.
    I only came to see the pics of Lake District etc so I shall sign off - disappointed of NE England! LOL

  11. well don't get depressed, I joined up for one of those challenges, listed my 10 or 15 things to finish (it was a finishing challenge) and then later when I thought I'd better get on with it, found I couldn't find my list of things on that blog. searched and searched....but they just vanished. I'll have to start agin, won't I!!
    Julie in Oz

  12. Nice to see ya posting again.
    I love the stitching!

  13. Lovely stitching, as always, Gillie! How thoughtful that you stitched another needlebook for the person who didn't receive one from her partner. I was a wee bit disappointed there were no pictures of Wales or the Lake District, but forgive you...but will keep checking back! I do love your pictures! *Hugs*

  14. I love your posts Gillie even if they are late.I do understand as I have started a blog but have not posted yet .Saw that you have posted on your other blog too. Well done and if you can find a way to get more done in a shorter time let me know.

  15. Lol i know I said I had lost this weekend on the NH forum, but when i just read this I thought I had lost a whole month!

    Love the poppy, what a clever idea, you'll be getting orders for those next year.

    Fabulous needle book, a gorgeous chart


  16. Well a month goes by so quickly and a weekend goes in the blink of an eye!

  17. Thanks for stitching the Remembrance Poppy - I'm popping your pic in the gallery witha link to your blog. :)
    Kincavel Krosses

  18. You had me questioning my sanity when I read it was the 3rd of November, Gillie!! Glad I don't have to go back and relive that month again--way too busy!!

    Your needlebook for Maureen is darling and hers for you is so tiny and lovely.

    Are you still going to be in the 'Burgh in January?? I'd love to get together, Gillie--let me know and I can arrange things with Lee...

  19. well what's a month between friends.. i'm always so far behind in reading blogs that all the days just blend into one.

    Of course we are now all waiting with baited breath for the promise of piccies..

  20. Gillie, I always love to read your blog posts, even if I am the one who was late! I love all your stitching and exchanges, and travels! I wonder how you ever get any stitching done! Thanks for sharing al your adventures!

    Melissa J.

  21. Lovely finishes Gillie. I love the poppy necklace.

    For a minute when I first looked at your post I thought I'd travelled back in time!

  22. Oh my, are you doing the time warp here? LOL.
    Lovely finishes and exchange pieces.

  23. The poppy is lovely, and so are the needlebooks. I love the floss colors you used for your biscornu. They are so bright and cheerful!!

  24. You sound like me Gillie! Always running in circles, chasing your tail, trying to catch up! Or maybe that's just me....Your stitching is beautiful! I get caught up in quilting projects but when I see things like this I hanker to do some little stitching.....


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