Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A biscornu, a pincushion, a cube, challenges and, oh yes, moving house!

Well, fortune smiled again and after a very long roundabout journey from Las Vegas to Michigan, back to Las Vegas and finally to the UK, a gorgeous biscornu arrived from Michelle as part of the Please Pass the Biscornu exchange. Along with it, Michelle had kindly sent some of Nina's delicious looking threads so I was very spoiled!  Thank you so much!

The next two pieces are from a "bran tub" exchange in the Friendly Stitchers' group.  On the Noel piece (a Gift of Stitching chart and the name of the designer escapes me) I used WDW Noel thread, the original being in stitched in bubblegum pink and pale green!

Nancy stitched this lovely cube, the first I've ever received.  I have the pattern for it somewhere, a Dutch blog I seem to remember?

This gorgeous pincushion came from another Friendly Stitchers' exchange.  The theme was Spring and, my goodness, DJ did a beautiful job.  It's on 40 count and came with two scrummy silks.  To my shame, I forgot to enclose threads in my parcel to her and was not entirely satisfied with the finishing of my piece.  Soon as I get this dratted move out of the way, DJ, I'll make it up to you, I promise!

What about my stitching progress?  You may well ask.  Not a lot.  We moved last week into our house and I've been frantically trying to get it sorted ever since.  I have to be semi finished by the end of the week for two reasons:

a) the moving boxes and paper will be picked up on Friday so a lot of unpacking to be done

b) a trio of crazy ladies are descending on us on Saturday for a sleepover, namely Ally, Mouse and Karen.  Val, sadly, can't make it this time.  I expansively offered to host the weekend BEFORE we moved, yikes!

In between unwrapping treasures and arranging them artfully I've been blog hopping as usual and found myself signing up for a challenge and a chart pass around, not quite sure how it happened, can only attribute it to my enfeebled state! 

The first is from Anna's blog and involves a freebie from The Workbasket and one from the Blackbird ladies.  I won't be posting any more about this one as secrecy is paramount! 

Barbara wondered if anyone would be interested in receiving a Sweetheart Tree pincushion chart, stitching it, posting a picture then passing on the chart with a skein of thread.  Sounds different, doesn't it, and I see my chum Mouse has signed up too!

Nearly a month of the photo blog and I've remembered to post each day!  Mark you, there was a bit of creative finagling one night as it was getting close to midnight in the UK so had to hurriedly change the setting to Eastern time!  Hope I don't forget again or I could end up on Hawaii time!  Thank you to the followers I've gathered over there, especially Kate and Mouse who comment frequently!

Well, enough of this, it's late and there are more boxes to unpack and stuff to arrange tomorrow, oh joy!  If you pass by please leave a comment so I know you stopped in!  I love to hear from you.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

One should never give up hope........

..... regarding the postal services of the US and the UK!  This is the beautiful biscornu sent by Mayté as part of the ill-fated
Please Pass the Biscornu 2010 that occasioned the odd grumble from me last year, if you remember.  Mayté sent it not knowing that we had moved out of the country!  It took six weeks but on Tuesday there it was.  Thank you so much!

28 ct Willow Green fabric
Threadworx 10051
Biscornu from Mayté
Please Pass the Biscornu 2010
I have done quite a lot of stitching but don't have a whole lot to show for it and sadly, no second finish yet for the Crazy Challenge.  I've stitched quite a lot of BBD Friends with You but, drat it, I ran out of the wonderful CC Rod and Reel.  I knew when I was buying the single skein that I would need more but did I take heed, nope, ignored the still small voice!
BBD Friends with You

I stopped stitching on the BBD piece when I heard the sad news about Lisa Roswell of The Primitive Needle and picked up another in my Crazy 15, Simply Live designed by Lisa.  I had been hesitating about the recommended colours and decided that the design called for a single colour and I chose Waterlilies Cafe au Lait.  I hope Lisa would have forgiven this decision.

Simply Live by The Primitive Needle
40 ct Cream
Waterlilies Cafe au Lait

I'd like it to go on record that we had THREE days of sunshine on the trot! I know I moan a bit a lot about grey weather but my goodness this week was gorgeous and I got in a LOT of walking, including a couple of hills!  One walk we did was to New Pale in the Delamere Forest - it's only 175 m high but from there you can see across to seven counties, five in England and two in Wales.  Let's see if I can remember them ........Lancashire, Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Denbighshire and Flintshire not forgetting Cheshire!  I waved madly at Karen, Mouse and Hazel in the first three counties, did you see me?  Will have to work on finding some blogging friends in Wales, lol!

Well, just got back from the first meeting of a new book club in our local library.  Great fun, we all clicked immediately with no empty spaces of conversation, we will be reading, hang on, I've forgotten, oh yes, the The WhiteTiger by Aravind Adiga.  It was the winner of the Man Booker Prize 2008.  I'll let you all know how it is.

I'm quite proud of myself that I've kept up a week of  The View From Here , my photoblog.  Many thanks for the comments, only 350 flumpence more pictures to go!  Leave a comment there after you've left one here.  Don't go without saying something, I love to hear from you!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Good bye Pond House!

Done. Tossed. Sorted.  The worldly goods of Mr and Mrs WT are locked away in a container and (this is the bit that I don't want to think about, lol) are about to embark on a ocean voyage from that vast land in the west to a small island..  I was back in Michigan for a couple of weeks, on my own, as the WT got a note from his boss that he was excused packing and could go off to visit Japan, India and China instead.  Hmm, I seem to remember he got excused a year ago too!  Anyway, I digress, and he does work really hard and I'm really glad you are home safely, darling! 

Taking out the garbage!

Alas - not a vast roll of 32 count - it's the packaging
plastic for the furniture!

I strongly suspect that Corrigans won't be using the picture on the left in their marketing brochure but, my goodness, those guys were great!  It took three full days to pack up the house and it wasn't helped by having to ferry everything down the driveway in shifts as the container couldn't make it up the drive in all the snow.  

I wasn't looking forward to this at all, the house is pretty much sold, barring last minute glitches but I needed to dispose of furniture, woodworking tools and a CAR!  On the basis that one should get the worst over with first I approached the Toyota garage and was blown away by the efficiency and professionalism of Chris, the manager of the used car division.  Not only did I get to keep the car for the duration of my stay but I was driven to the airport too!  AND the price was fair!  Selling the woodworking tools was a cold business on account of the whole darn lot were in the pole barn and this was January in Michigan!  Oh, and we had the blizzard of the year thrown into the mix too!  It wasn't as bad around my area as those Weather Channel peeps were predicting, they really pulled the stops out, sending reporters all over the place to report on the conditions! 
One of the Crazy 15 - I've done a lot more since then,
that day there was no chair and it was cold!
 Both of my girl treasures came to help on separate weekends and both went home loudly protesting they'd done nothing to help.....not true, loves, you were THERE which was the main thing.  And yes, you both certainly helped, tossing out stuff that should have gone long ago!

I saved a draft of the above two weeks ago but until now don't seem to have been able to take the final step of publishing it.  February disappeared in a flurry of not very much once I came back to Cheshire and today is St David's Day! 

I was reading  Maggie's blog and had a little wander in her 365 days photo blog and thought - hmm, I like this and today is the beginning of the month so - here goes with my very own DAILY photo blog!
I love comments and read every one so please visit me if you have time and also hop over to check out the new blog too!
Edited - since writing this I have read the sad news of the death of Lisa Roswell of the Primitive Needle, Simply Live is one of the designs that I will be stitching in the Fifteen Challenge.  Much love and sympathy to her family.