Sunday, April 10, 2011

Reward equals Progress (well, some!)

Plum Street Samplers

Being thoroughly sick of the moving in process and muttering dark thoughts I decided on Friday that I had to stitch (and continue getting the house straight, sigh). The plan was to work through a room, putting away and generally organising and then sit down to stitch for 15 (timed) minutes ~ I have to say the plan went well and upstairs, apart from the WT's office, is looking pretty good. AND Olga received quite a bit of attention and now the dear thing has a backside, if that isn't too indelicate a statement. A couple of threads have gone AWOL so won't get as much done until they come to light again.

The WT and I had a wonderful time last weekend amidst the chaos in the shape of visitors!  Three pals from Friendly_Stitchers, Ally, Karen and Mouse came to visit.  Stitching, cups of tea, wine, stitching, cups of tea, wine, stitching and lots of chat.  You get the idea!  Probably the first time that Karen has visited anywhere that her bed hadn't yet been delivered from the shop!  It made it, fortunately, during the afternoon.  At dinner in the evening we were joined by the WT and Bill, a work colleague, who held up pretty well in the fast and varied conversations, even though he's from Pittsburgh. lol!  The house was very quiet when the girls left on Sunday ~ come again soon, won't you?

Pilar in Spain is having a giveaway here for the second anniversary of her blog. To enter you need to leave a comment on her post; announce the draw on your own blog and leave an email address. International participants are accepted and you have until April 30 to enter. This is the beautiful piece that she has stitched, it is designed by Isabel Vautier.

Pilar's beautiful giveaway for her 2nd anniversary!
The WT, bless him, is in seventh heaven right now.  I finally allowed him to buy a flat screen TV!  According to him he's been wanting one for the last five years, which I think is a slight exaggeration but as I told him yesterday it was a good thing we didn't buy one in the US.  Must say it is an amazing picture, Songs of Praise is on right now, with the very endearing choirs competing in the Choir of the Year finals.

Tomorrow the bookcases from the flat will be delivered to the house so then you'll be able to see the sewing room in all its wonderfully organised glory, I know, you can't wait!  We've bought a couple of transformers so we can use some of our American appliances but I must say I am a bit nervous about switching on my sewing machine!

Today is the Second Treasure's birthday and we had a nice conversation between Cheshire and Washington, DC.  Nip over to the photoblog and you can see her for yourself!  We were living in Darlington when that photograph was taken., seems so long ago and so much has happened and so many miles have been covered since then!

Well, enough chatting, it's already Sunday evening and the weekend has disappeared into memory and it's going to rain tomorrow according to the weather peeps.  Looking forward to seeing my sister and brother in law though, which will be fun.

If you are reading this, don't go without leaving a comment, please, I love to hear from you!  Thank you to all who have done just that, you are much appreciated!  As the airlines say......we know you have choices!