Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 - New Country, New House, New Passport and New Baby!

Well, I know I left you all wondering if the country air had completely turned my brain but I must say I had no idea Blogger would put that post on the original date, silly me for not noticing!

It is six hours and 43 minutes to the New Year and so this will be the last post for what was a fairly tumultuous year.  We moved back to our homeland, rented a flat and then a barn, sold a house in Michigan, became citizens of the country we had just left (yes, I know, crazy, but there you are), hosted two sets of American visitors to the barn, visited Helsinki and Istanbul as well as the US five times and the very best news of all........... welcomed the arrival of Duncan James on December 29th, our third grandchild, brother to William and cousin to Liam!  His father called to tell us the news and we heard him cry at only about ten minutes old!  He is named after a (many) great grandfather Duncan McDougall on my father's side of the family who we know was married in 1802!

Another tiny bit of news is that I finished the second of my 2011 Crazies!  Put on your magnifiers for this, it is very small!
Bird In Hand
Blackbird Design
GAST Uniform Blue
I really hope that next year will be a huge improvement on this year (well, it could hardly be worse, could it?) and I actually finish a few of the 31 crazies I have kitted up and waiting with baited breath!
I will be back tomorrow with my choice for Day 1 - what will it be?  I know, you are on tenterhooks and can hardly wait, can you?

The festive little basket above hold some of the smalls that I have been given and others I have stitched over the years.  Well, actually only one was given to me, the lovely little initial one in the middle made by my friend, Mouse, for Christmas this year. Thanks, Mouse! The Noel and the Merry Christmas ones in the front are from designs by  Sandy in Montana,, scroll back to her post of December 10, 2010 to find the free charts.  Thanks, Sandy!  I stitched these when I thought it was possible I would have to send an angel stitch to someone for the ornament exchange on Friendly Stitchers but the exchange was completed so I was able to keep them!  I enjoyed making these, especially as I could relive my trip though Sandy's beautiful home state that I took this summer.

And finally, especially for DJ and Disappointed in the North East or Kate as she is usually known, here are some pictures of Wales and the Lake last!

near Llanberis (I think!)

Conwy Castle
built for Edward I and Eleanor of Aquitaine
 between 1283 and 1289

Lake Windermere

Well, dears, a very happy New Year to you all, be safe whatever you are doing and wake up tomorrow with an added zest for this crazy thing called Life and for all my fellow Crazies see you at the Challenge!  Thank you to all my followers and here's hoping I can manage to post more than intermittently in 2012!