Monday, January 16, 2012

Crazies, all Fifteen and an allotment

Day 12

Seasonal Sampler
Hillside Samplings
I am doing this on 36 count instead of the 32 count it calls for so it will be quite small.  I have wanted to stitch this for ages since I made the winter block for a Fair and Square exchange quite a few years ago.

Traditional Band Sampler update

Nancy's Traditional Band Sampler
from Friendly Stitchers
worked as a SAL with Ally
This is a second showing of a Crazy from last week since I worked a little more on it - Stef Francis silks are such a joy to use and I just wish they could have names to complement the luscious colours, a number such as 12PS - 05 doesn't really flow!  Ally is much further ahead than me, sigh!

Day 13
Fanciful Alphabet
My Mark Designs
from The Gift of Stitching, May 2006
Day 14
Magic Garden
Shakespeare's Peddlar
first begun in 2011

And finally.......Day 15
Live Each Season
Maggie Bonanomi

Yes, I know, it is only 15 and the tab at the top quite clearly mentions 31.  Well, here's the thing, I am bored with starting projects!  Bet you never thought you would hear me say THAT but it's true, I want to keep stitching on some of the ones already in progress. I leave for Wyoming on the 23rd, then to Pittsburgh and DC and will be away for two weeks and cannot see myself schlepping 8 crazies in my luggage! So, will continue with the 15 and as I finish each one (ha, who said that?) will begin another of the 31 - as I mentioned way back, I'm making up the rules as I go along!  So that way, God willing and the creek don't rise, I will eventually complete all thirty one.  Just not saying in which year!

The most gorgeous winter weather here in the north west, lots of frost, blue skies and sunshine.  I snapped this one as we left to walk in the Forest last Saturday morning, just as it was getting light.

Early in the morning
Another bit of news is that we have signed up for an allotment!  I wanted to have one last year but with all the travelling it just wouldn't have worked.  It sounds like a very sociable group, barbecues and wine were mentioned along with growing the occasional vegetable so should be fun!

The above is NOT a photograph of our allotment!

This, on the other hand, is!
Mm, you're right, a LOT of work to do!  The land was only made available last year so not all the plots were taken up.  I see a lot of digging in my future!  The nice-looking plot belongs to my friend, Susan, who is also a member of the Friday Knitters and a Stitcher!

How are your 2012 resolutions going along?  I made very few but one that I have kept so far (a whole 16 days) is to walk every day.  I am Nordic walking four times a week and then making sure I go for a walk or walk into town on the other days.  Some days it's a struggle but you feel so much better for it!  Thanks for reading this far.  You did, didn't you?  Don't just rush by, leave a comment and give me an update on YOUR resolutions!


  1. Great Starts! I understand about the wanting to stop and stitch on your crazies. That's how I felt last year. And while I *wanted* to finish them when I first started them, I don't have as much of a drive to do it now when they have sat for so long. So, good for you!!!! Can't wait to see your garden grow!

  2. Good for you, Gillie, walking every day!! I was going to the gym regularly and then the Christmas rush hit and I haven't slowed down to head back yet, but my one resolution that I have kept so far is to read and study my Bible every day! Love your starts, and like your rules! The most important thing is to enjoy what you are doing!! Will keep checking back. Oh, and your lot sounds like a lot of fun! Good luck! *Hugs*

  3. Love your stitching Gillie! I have so many quilt projects underway.....and still I have to slap myself into not starting any new ones. No matter how lovely it is, when a project has languished for ten years [I wouldn't lie to you!] it loses a bit of its luster! So, as usual, one of my NY resolutions is to finish things! Too early to say how that's going yet....Ask me in July!

  4. Lovely starts. I see your Magic Garden Sampler WiP ^.^ Hmm... I've never heard of Stef Francis silks before. Is it expensive?


  5. well done on getting to day 15 - that is impressive in itself! I would have given up about day 3.. good luck with keeping up the walking every day as well, something i would love to do but days just seem to disappear without me noticing lol!

  6. Welcome to the world of allotments - really must go and visit mine some time soon and if you need a hand with yours ... I am walking twice a week to my voluntary job and back so I am keeping up although I do need to see the doc about my circulation problems. We have another Friday coming up this week so hopefully you will be able to catch up but of course I may just get a wee bit further ahead roflmao! Haven't made any resolutions, but having started all 15 of my Crazies I think when I have finished maybe one or two of my Crazies I will finish off a couple from last year which are very very close to being done (does that count?) will miss you when you're away. Hugs, Ally xxx

  7. Beautiful starts. I really love the color in the sampler. I have never heard of the silks but will be looking for them. We had an allotment once, the resident woodchuck loved everything we planted! As he didn't count as something we would eat, we didn't try again. I tend to not keep my resolutions so I make ones like "gain 10 pounds" so far I haven't kept that one. My son's was "Don't get eaten by a dragon", I think he'll be good with his.

  8. Excellent start on your crazies Gillie ....
    Wish I could walk like that ! But not the same with walking stick lol
    No resolutions - never do 'em !
    Val x

  9. You will have great fun with the allotment. Hard work but very rewarding when you sit down to a meal that you have grown.

  10. Your 15 crazies look all great. And you even brought a long forgotten chart back into my mind - it's Live Each Season which I have completely kitted up in my stash for quite a while (which means years, hmmm). I absolutely have to include this design in my own crazies. I'll just make them 16 instead of 15, lol.

  11. Love all your choices. What color are you stitching "Nancy's Traditional Band Sampler" with. Looks gorgeous.

  12. Fantastic starts Gillie. They all look lovely.

  13. Super projects you are going to be working on Gillie.
    You'll love the allotment, you'll soon dig it into shape and be enjoying nice goodies from it.

  14. Great starts, Gillie. Can't wait to see more of each piece.

    Do take pics of your allotment once the digging and planting starts. :D

  15. congrats on finishing the 15 :D your stitching looks lovely

  16. Great starts. I have to admit the thought of continually starting projects gives me the shivers!

    We got an allotment last year and it has been brilliant. We were really lucky because the guy had only just given it up due to ill health and it only needed a bit of a dig over. We got loads of lovely produce but especially potatoes and runner beans. It was fabulous having our own cabbage and sprouts on Christmas Day last year.

    Hope you have a brilliant time with it. x

  17. Oh Gillie,

    You're here in the West! Too bad you can't sneak away and come to Arizona and stitch with me. I have a brother in the D.C. area. Say "hi" when you're there for me, ok? Feel free to call if you'd like to:
    320-296-9808. I'd love to hear your beautiful accent! :)


    Cat~ (aka La Belle Arthenice) :)

  18. I agree with you, when I was reaching the end of my 15 starts I was ready to work on the same project for more than one day on a row!

  19. Great starts! I didn't do the crazy January starts challenge, last year or this year, but I've been watching with interest! I'm just trying to finish up all the WIPs, UFOs, and BAPs that I have!

    I didn't make any resolutions this year. Should have, but oh well.

    I see in a later post that you're in Colorado - I hope you made it out before the storm hit!


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