Saturday, March 31, 2012

Piracy, A new blog, Exchanges and a technical question!

Well, time for an update.  What has been happening in the barn?  Well, not much, except that the weather gods have decided that March is the perfect month to introduce summer, the weather has been gorgeous, cloudless blue skies, blossom, daffodils and people smiling!  Of course, with typical British pessimism we are all saying:

"It won't last, you know, it'll be a dreadful summer, just the same last year"!

Well fingers crossed it continues for a couple of weeks over the Easter school holidays so the little pets can become exhausted in the fresh air and sleep well!

First bit of news is sad - The Gift of Stitching online magazine is to cease publication with the next issue at the beginning of May.  Kirsten has admitted defeat, a lack of subscribers and even worse, PIRACY OF DESIGNS.  Yes, that means all of us (myself included) that have accepted a photocopy, working copy of a design, call it what you will....... just this once, it isn't hurting anybody.  Well, it IS, a lot of designers are struggling. 

So, I decided to start another blog.  What was that?  You can't keep up with the one you've got?  Mmm, true, but this one will have invited authors so if I fall behind no-one will notice!  The idea is that we will post photographs of any and all of our finished pieces from the last six years of the magazine and any that we stitch in the future.  Have a look, it is called The Stitching Gift and if you were a subscriber to the magazine come and join us, my email is in my profile!  Welcome to all those who have joined, here's to some wonderful photographs!

The WT is off travelling, first to NH on a course then to Wyoming to meet wee Duncan.  Very proud of myself, could not get Skype to work and really wanted to chat with them all so took Skype off and loaded it again and glory be, it worked!  The video wasn't brilliant, do you suppose it is a cunning plan to get us all to upgrade to the premium level?

As usual, I have dithered and dawdled over actually publishing the post and the weather has gone chilly again with the sky a gloomy 3072!

So onto some pictures...... new camera as the last one took a turn for the worse and refused to oblige me by focusing.  So be patient, I'll be there in a minute.......

Okay, got it!

Dawn of Spring Band Sampler Part 1
designed by Mouse
Friendly Stitchers SAL
Gloriana Bellagio on 36 ct fabric
one over two
Once I could make up my mind as to the fabric and threads this was a lovely stitch though I drew the line at the cushion stitch on the last line!  Since I am using a higher count fabric than the one suggested I just thought that band looked too heavy.  I was chatting to Mouse on the phone this afternoon and she is fine with it!  I am looking forward, as we all are, to the next installment on 10th April, the second treasure's birthday, as it happens!

Designed by Brightneedle
The above was stitched by me for Christine as part of Needlecraft Haven's Spring Exchange.  I can't lay my hands on the chart right now so not sure of the name of the piece.  Reveal Day was today and Christine was kind enough to say she liked it.  Dreadful photograph, if she takes a better one I will steal it, lol!

Needlecraft Haven Spring Exchange
Designer unknown

The above came from dear Barb, and will be much treasured since it is my first needle roll to receive and I have never stitched one.  Thank you, Barb, I do appreciate it especially since stitching is not the best thing for you to be doing right now. 

Now, onto some technical stuff.....  a question for you!  The first is, you will notice I am making a separate blog list of lovely people I have actually met in person (be patient, I will get to all of you!)  Well, I want to rename each one and put the first name followed by the blog name.  Will Blogger let me do it?  All together now....... no, it won't!  Abso blooming lutely nothing happens when I replace the words and hit save.  Any ideas?  Answers in the comments section or email me ..........please?

I think I have told you that most days of the week I go Nordic walking in the Delamere Forest?  Well, I became a Community Instructor in January and yesterday I led my first walk.  We took the proper amount of time AND I didn't get us lost, pretty good, don't you agree?  Apart from a  couple of flying days I have kept to my resolution of walking every day, all ninety plus of them in 2012.

I have just realised that I haven't properly accepted the Liebster award from dear DJ, that will have to wait until next time, I need to think about to whom I want to send it.  However, if you have a minute hop over to DJ's blog to read her latest entry and leave her a comment, please?

Well, back to the stitching saltmine, a long post, thank you for reading this far and also, a big thankyou to my new followers, I need to be brave and email you to say how much I appreciate you!

Until recently, I have never followed any blogs, I have just relied on the list in my sidebar, but quite often, I realise, with GREAT irritation, that I have missed an important post from someone, so I am beginning to pop up here and there!

Love to you all, keep smiling and please leave a comment!


  1. looks gorgeous love :) love the colours you have chosen :)

    well done on the nordic walking .....
    gorgeous stitching both given and received and saw your needle roll on barbs blog too :)

    isn't it dreadful with the piracy of the charts .....
    love mouse xxxxx

  2. Hmm, I am replying to my own blog, just to test as Liz said she couldn't comment!

  3. Hi Gillie! I'm devastated about the Gift of Stitching magazine too. Perhaps later I'll be able to join your blog but for not I'm too busy. Lovely start on the Dawn of Spring, your colors are fab!! Love your needle very "springish" and your pin pillow is wonderful! Good on you for keeping up with the walking, I wish I had your determination! I'm sure you feel wonderful after a good brisk walk! Thanks for the comment on my blog...take care! *Hugs*

  4. wonderful stitching both given and received :)saw your needle roll on Barbs blog too :)
    love your colours on the DOS sal :)
    and wooo hooo on the walking and becoming a community instructor .

    blooming shame that folks have to give up cos of the piracy issue ....
    love mouse xxxx

  5. Beautiful Dawn of Spring :-) Your exchange items are lovely, I've made needlerolls a couple of times, they're lovely to do and a change from a biscornu!

    Fantastic on your becoming a community instructor, DH and I used to do the walks in Clumber Park with their instructors and it was so good. No babysitters anymore so we can't :-( Have fun xx

  6. Lovely long post I really enjoy keeping in touch with everyone. I liked both the exchange pieces especially the needle roll.

  7. Yes, just found about yesterday about GOS ceasing publication. I just want to say that she is having a sale on back issues (single & bundles) --50% off coupon sale. It seems to me that the pirate web sites posting all of this stuff are doing it 24/7--that they seem to have people who troll the internet cross stitch shops just to buy the new releases and scan them. Obviously, their web sites are bringing in lots of cash for them, so to spend on buying up each new chart upon release by the designer is not hurting them. I don't see any solution to this at present, because the online needlework industry is not a big enough block (like Apple or Microsoft or something huge) to push this copyright issue through. The ripoff companies are overseas (Asia?), and this makes it very hard for the (mostly) US-based companies.

  8. Beautiful stitching :) I had heard about GOS shutting - I had previously been a subscriber and enjoyed the magazine. I have however gone back and purchased the full back issue bundle as there are so many beautiful projects that I want to stitch (sometime)! It really is a pity that piracy is so rampant and leading to businesses closing.

  9. Nice work on the stitching Gillie. Your Dawn is looking good. I started mine but it looks more like The Big Bang than Dawn of Spring. Think Squeaky will mind?


  10. Dawn of Spring is beautiful! I do love the thread you chose. Great idea on the new blog - a really wonderful tribute to a wonderful magazine, I am going to miss it. Congratulations on your techie moment, I always stress when I have to do anything related to the computer - other than turn it on and type. Very nice exchange pieces. And congratulations on your first Nordic walk lead! That's a great accomplishment.

  11. Wow, you've really got a long entry there Gillie. You're getting like me {VBEG} Pics look great. Except for the one, but that's all right. I'm sure you can steal a better pic. Or take another if you really don't like that one. As for changing the blog list, I don't think you can. It's bloggers way of doing it or the highway. You could put a text box before each blog and say this is so and so, and we met at... And then put the blog link after it. More work, but it would give you the effect you want. Also, you could write more than just their name, which is nice. You'll have to go to layout and move the boxes around though. I think each time you add something, it goes on top. Or add them in backwards order. Love the floss you chose for DoS too. It's lovely. And wow, thirty six count. Teeny tiny, lol.

  12. Well done you to overcome the skype techno hitch AND setting up a new camera ... BLOGGER look out! There'll be no stopping you now :) Evidently my stupey computer at home is having it's own personal issues with Blogger... perhaps you can come visit and fix it for me...
    Love your DOS and little spring exchange piece - I happen to know the name the designer of Barb's springtime needleroll and fob it is 'Printemps des Lapins' by Danybrod. Lucky you to have it IRL, I still have it in pattern only format... one day (sigh)
    Big congrats on keeping up your walking (would that I could get enabled by you in THAT..) and successfully leading your Nordic expedition (?)
    See you back in the stitching salt-mine - hahaha
    Liz x

  13. Love all your stitching, Gillie! Your DOS is lovely! What an excellent start! And your exchange pieces are beautiful! I can't wait to finish something from the TGOS magazine so I can post to the new blog! Glad you got all your technical difficulties all worked out! And a big congrats on leading the Nordic Walking! Can't wait to read more! You really are my favourite enabler! ;)

    Melissa J.

  14. I love my exchange gift, and you are quite welcome to take the picture off my blog if you want to. The one that Barb stitched for you is beautiful too.
    PS could I have an invite to your GOS blog please

  15. How lovely all that stitching looks.

  16. your dawn spring sampler looks so delicate!!! I just love the colors and it is so beautifully stitched. same goes for the piece you did for the exchange. if you ever come across the name of the piece, I would love to hear it:-) (although, I don't really need new projects...)

  17. A lovely post Gillie. Dawn of Spring is beautiful.
    I love the exchange you made for Christine, such a pretty design. Barbs is splendid too.
    Please can i have an invite to your GOS blog, thank you.

  18. A great post. You made a good start on the spring piece designed by Mouse. Looking forward to seeinghow it continues.
    I love both spring exchange pieces, lovely designs and finishing ideas. The needleroll one could be by Danybrod, at least it's her style.

  19. Your stitching is, as usual, beautiful! And I love those rabbits....What exactly is a needle roll?

  20. I was here Gillie, and for those that asked yes the needroll design is Danybrod ,just thought it would be different as a needleroll and I am so pleased you liked it.

  21. Hello

    I'm new to your blog.

    Your stitching is beautiful, Dawn Of Spring is so pretty with the thread you chose.
    Such a shame about GOS, if only the piracy could be stamped out(:


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