Monday, March 12, 2012

Well, you might not hear from me for ages but when you do......not one finish, but TWO!  I got back from my whistle stop tour of three US states on 8th February and seem to have had my head down stitching ever since!

A Mouse in the Barn -eek!
A definite note of encouragement on the stitching front when we discovered a Mouse in the barn!  Dear Mouse came for a couple of nights and we had a very good time as always with (are you listening, Ally and Maureen?) LOTS of stitching from both of us - in fact, Mouse got a finish in!  I was working on The Sampler Girl's At Home with Jane Austen and finally completed it this week.  The nun's stitch round the edge nearly drove me to drink, as I kept miscounting.  Ginnie Thompson in her very handy "Linen Stitches" (still available second hand on Amazon UK) suggests doing each stitch twice for a stronger edge and also withdrawing the next thread so cutting is not so scary. So, my first Crazy finish, only fourteen more to go, ha!

At Home with Jane Austen
The Sampler Girl
The Gift of Stitching March 2007
I decided not to use the threads Tanya suggested, Crescent Colours, but dived into my stash of DMC instead for the alternatives.  As soon I had taken the photograph I realised that I had forgotten my initials so just visualise gnk to the right of the house!  Also, please don't look at the top and bottom of the sampler - they don't match!  I should have taken the time to find the middle of the chart and realign the border under the house - it is centred in the photograph but not on the chart. So, my first Crazy finish at the end of February, not bad!

The other finish could almost qualify as a UFO - Olga by Plum Street Samplers and I love her, baleful look and all!

Plum Street Samplers
40 count fabric
Crescent Colours threads
Since I began this one (back in Michigan, enabled by Bobbi and Caroline at the much missed by me Wednesday evenings at Stitching Bits and Bobs) Paulette has designed a whole slew more!

Goodness, as usual this post has been sitting in my drafts for days and it is now the middle of March!  Not much more to report except for a small finish for an exchange but can't show you that until the end of the month.  It was another of those "....over a month to stitch, no problem" exchanges and then Muggins goes and crams it all into the last week!  Not only that I forgot the post office shuts up shop here in the UK at noon so I missed the deadline, hanging head in shame!  Well, it is on its way now to a beautiful part of the UK so I hope my partner receives AND likes it!

Time for some more photographs....

February challenge on Needlecraft Haven
I used a heart button from my collection
The link is here
Beautiful ornament received from
Carol at Stitching Dreams

Friendly Stitchers Band Sampler SAL
I am just about to start a SAL from Friendly Stitchers, designed by Mouse, a beautiful band sampler.  We have a goodly number of peeps signed up for it.... let's see how we all keep up, including yours truly!

Random Question
Here's a random question - for those of you that belong to online stitching groups ....... in your opinion what makes a good group, one where the moderators keep a tight hold on everything, ask for (in my opinion) far too many personal details before they will let you into the group and insist that you post a specified number of times a month?  Or one where everyone is friendly, some people post regularly, other peeps only pop up occasionally, yet others only join in the exchanges and post then disappear again but all are welcome regardless.  I know which one I would choose!

Sewing Machine
Oh, did I tell you that absolutely against my wishes, lol, the WT plugged in my beautiful USA wired Bernina with a transformer and.......... it didn't explode, whew!  He managed to blow up, um, render unusable a couple of items that we brought over when we moved so, naturally, I was cautious!  I kept trying to persuade him that I needed a British model and he kept telling me it would be fine.  Huh!  On past performance by him I was not inclined to trust him!

Well, got to get stitching, see you all soon!  Don't steal away without leaving a comment, will you?  I do love them!

Have a wonderful week and stitching and may the frogs stay in that pond far, far away!


  1. You have so many pretty stitching projects finished! The "baleful" cat made me smile. I would like the second online group also, no strict moderator.

  2. It sounds like you had a great time with Mouse. She seems like she would be absolute fun to be around.

    I love your Jane Austen finish - the colors are really pretty and I love a piece that's done in DMC's. I love the other threads, but I always have the DMC's around. And Olga is just as wonderful! Your February challenge piece is so cute and I love the button you used instead of stitching an O. And wonderful ornament from Carol!

    And as hard as I try, I don't really geting into online stitching groups. My mind seems to go all over the place and I don't stick with a project for very long!

  3. Lovely work, Olga is fabulous! Glad you had fun with Mouse.
    I'd vote for the 2nd kind of group too

  4. How silly I just tried to publish before I had written the comment. Beautiful stitching love the Jane Austen Sampler. Please post more often.

  5. Beautiful pieces. :)

  6. A beautiful Jane Austin finish and i just love Olga!

  7. Love your finishes Gillie! I think you know I would prefer the second type, because despite my good intentions, time always seems to fly away from I tend to read more and post less on my groups. I just downloaded the first part of Mouse's sampler this morning and can't wait to get started. I still have the last band to do on Nancy's though! Maybe I should finish that one first...but probably not! Always great to read your updates!

  8. Congrats of the finishes. They are both beautiful.


  9. WooHoo!!! A Crazy finish, and it looks wonderful! I need to look up the Nun's stitch, cause your edging looks so pretty!

    And I definitely vote for the second group! : )

  10. wooo hooo on the finishes :) well done that girl ... thanks for having me too.... we had a fab time didn't we :)
    and phew glad wt didn't blow up the machine .... and you know my answer
    love mouse xxxxx

  11. All of your stitching is beautiful! I prefer the second group myself. I don't like to be restricted of having to reply. There are periods I don't stitch, so I don't have an update.

  12. I was just thinking about you yesterday, Gillie and wondering how you were so it's great to see your post :)

    Both finishes are darling--I do love that look on Olga's face! Sounds like you and Mouse had a grand time together--hope you can manage to meet more frequently...

    So glad my little robin ornament is feeling at home "across the pond!"

  13. Lovely stitching update. As this stitching lark is what we do as a hobby and a way to relax that's the approach I like with online groups - relaxed.

  14. Lovely stitching - my fave would have to be Jane :) And a lovely ornie received too. Glad you and Mouse had a good time together - and that you managed to get stitching done! Look forward to seeing your exchange piece.
    And I'd have to vote for the 2nd type as I post rarely but read other's posts all the time (I think I'm genetically predisposed to be a stalker :-D)

  15. Congrats on the lovely finishes - Olga is so cute and sweet :-)

  16. Glad you had a great time with Mouse :)

    Your finishes are gorgeous. I love Jane and Olga is cute! I never really took much notice of these until Paulette released Sergei! The Love ornament is so sweet.

    Love the ornament you received from Carol.

    I think I prefer the second group. I hate having to post regularly especially as the groups I belong to I've hardly posted on since before Christmas if at all.

  17. Beautiful ornament from Carol. Wel done on the finishes, I am sitting here looking at my 'at home' and yes my bottom border is wonky too! Group number 2 gets my vote, I like to think I'm a friendly person.
    My exch is posted and I received too, roll on opening day.

  18. Waving madly to Gillie, love your finishes, love the Jane Austen especially, and clever you doing the nun's stitch. Where are you going to display it??

    Keep on stitching
    Julie in Australia

  19. Lovely finishes! So glad your machine is up and running for you. Isn't Carol so sweet ~ her finishes always amaze me!

  20. Well one must be in great admiration of your At Home finish, oh cannot keep that way of speaking Gillie,it is fabulous!!
    Love all the stitching and it must be great to meet up with friendly other stitchers and I agree with the others the number 2 option is much nicer.
    My exchange has gone piece has gone to and I have received,now I have to wait for ages before we can open them.
    See you in the parlour later then .

  21. Beautiful finishes!! I didn't do the stitch around "At Home w/Jane" because I will probably frame it. I think I am glad now I chose not to do it!lol Not sure about the online stitching groups- I only belong to a couple and they didn't ask too many questions to get in, that I recall.. so glad you had a good time with Mouse! Would love to see some pics of the two of you if you have any! :)

  22. Glad you enjoyed your visit from the wee stitching mouse!

    I belong to a few online groups but find I can't keep up with everything as well as blogs. I actually prefer blogs at the moment. They feel more personal somehow.

    I think moderators have a hard job, they have to keep people interested enough to keep coming back and when there are too many lurkers it makes the group seem quiet.
    Some mods remind me of the "Head Girl/Prefect" type character that you get in old-fashioned school stories, they let a little power go to their heads!
    If anyone tried to impose a "minimum post per month" on me I'd just do random silly things to meet my quota just to p. them off LOL.

  23. Grats on all the great finishes, Gillie. You're amazing. Can't wait to watch your progress on the sampler. Keep up the good work!!

  24. Would you just LOOK at those finishes? I'm jealous, I haven't had one finish all month. You are putting me to shame, Gillie. I really love the Plum Street Sampler piece, I've debated buying that for a while now...very cute!! So glad to hear your sewing machine is still intact!! And I know what kind of stitching group I would become a member of too... Sending hugs!

  25. glad to hear you got so much stitching done when Mouse was about - quite an achievement.

    Loving your finishes, especially the Jane Austen sampler - gorgeous

  26. Congratulations on your finishes, they are all lovely. Thank goodness there were no disasters with the sewing machine! I prefer a more relaxed atmosphere to my online stitching groups. My days are regeminted enough without making my hobby that way.

  27. Lovely finishes Gillie ... x
    Like most folks posts here, I would not want to be a member of such a restricted group ... especially when they want to know so many details , as some groups do ... just wondered if the owners and mods of these groups also give out their details ?? Someone said reminds them of the head prefects at school - oh yes ! too much time on their hands, not enough work to do and always want to be in charge !

  28. Beautiful finishes, Gillie. Every time I see a finish of Olga, I just have to smile. She's certainly a cat with an attitude. She looks so smug.

    Love that ornament you received from Carol. She always does such perfect finishings.

    As to answer your question, I like easy going groups with friendly people. I myself am a rather quiet person at times when it comes to online chatter which I guess can be clasify sort of as a lurker. However, when a subject peaks my interest, then I'll definitely chime in with tons to say :)

    Ow! Plugging US products into plugs with different voltage is not a good idea. I should know. LOL! I blew up the power supply attached to the xbox my bf sent me from US. Ended up having to buy a local one. Whoops!


  29. Well, well. You *have* been busy! I'm loving all your progress. And I have to congratulate you on your successful Bernina plug-in! You know this means we'll expect to see even more fantastic finishes. lol

    Groups? I like friendly, but controlled. I just don't have the kind of life where I can reliably dedicate even 10 minutes a day to checking posts and replying. I like to check in when I can, participate in exchanges when I have the time and expertise needed, and, in general, wave neighbor-like to fellow stitchers. But I like someone(s) around to keep the peace and poke us/me when I/we have gotten lost in the boring, daily grind.

  30. What lovely stitching you have been up to! Glad to see you back stitching!

    I know which kind of group I prefer! I am becoming very disillusioned with the strict kind! Don't know why I didn't join your group sooner! I have so much fun, and no pressure! Thanks for moderating such an awesome group!

    Melissa J.

  31. Hi Gillie! I just wanted to let you know I'm giving you the Liebster Blog award and you can find out what that's all about on my blog! *Hugs*


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