Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Decision, Exchanges, Little Owl and an RR!

Hmm, so what happened, you ask?  You DID wonder where I was, didn't you?  I wish I could show lots of beautiful stitching, things finished, UFOs that are no more but really, no, I can't!

I did make a couple of decisions, well three actually, the other day.  A long evening stretched before me with no dinner to get as the WT was living the high life and had gone out to dinner with colleagues.  So, reluctantly, I hauled out the two Papillon SALs and got.......nowhere!  Kept making stupid mistakes, hating the chosen threads, altogether no fun at all.  So back in the Cupboard of Lost Causes they go. 

The other decision was to NEVER take part in a Crazy January challenge again.  While I can't see myself as a one project at a time stitcher, having that number is just....... well, crazy!  And looking on the group and seeing how the number of emails have dropped dramatically from January, I am not alone.  Except of course, maybe everyone is stitching and will put me to shame!  I keep looking at the two tubs of projects and my indecisiveness goes into overdrive and I drive away, lol!

I exaggerate slightly saying I have nothing to show you, I do have this, though sadly I have run out of Kudzu which was substituted for the stems.  The lettering is stitched in Weeks Indian Summer which is my new favourite thread.  We could wish for a summer in the UK, Indian or otherwise......

Live Each Season
Maggie Bonanomi
I was delighted and not a little relieved to come to the end of my part of Frances' (no blog) RR.  This is my first time taking part in this particular adventure. Like everyone, I had heard horror stories of whole projects disappearing into the black hole of stitching, never to be heard of again and had pretty much decided never to take part in one.  Well never say never, because we started an off shoot group in Friendly Stitchers and I was "supposed" to be just  a moderator but someone had to drop out so was persuaded to make up the group of six.  We are pretty scattered in Oregon, Washington state, Minnesota, Cheshire and Yorkshire in the UK and Finland!

Frances' Round Robin
Frances chose a simple Christmas pillow, not too big, so why was I relieved?  Well, I stitch with the upper diagonal going from top right to bottom left and most people stitch the other way.  I would start off correctly then get into a sort of Zen like state and DRAT IT, gone back to the old way!  I decided red was possibly NOT the best choice when frogging was frequent so settled on the cursive lettering in white!  It's finished and has winged its way to Oregon.

Logic not being my strong suit, Niina kindly pointed out that if you do a quarter turn and stitch *sideways* as it were, all will be well, and do you know, I think she is right, hope so, Niina, as it is your RR I am stitching on now!

Since the end of June has come and gone I can show you what I sent to Jane for the NH Summer exchange.  This is the second time I have stitched this piece and given it away and one day I will stitch it again and keep it!  I might , just possibly, have got the top bird on the left a bit turned around but who is to say?  It is a sweet pattern but sadly Caroline hasn't posted on her blog for some time.

Sweet Strawberry
Cosmic Handmade
As you know we live in a barn and as everybody knows, barns have owls in them, yes?  Um, well, yes, definitely THIS morning........!

Little Owl in the Barn!
I knew the WT would be furious if I released it without taking some photographs but Little Owl had somewhat of a an aggrieved expression as I did so.  The windows in our sitting room, four of them, only have very small top opening in two of them, so some anxious moments were spent watching LO crash against the windows with NO opening before he suddenly seemed to realise that just maybe he could escape and did so, fortunately leaving no trace of his presence on two pieces of needlework on frames!  We are still trying to work out how he got in since it has not been the weather for open windows much!

My World Traveller!
I will leave you with a picture of the WT "hermitting" in his own inimitable style......!  I have a lot more to share but time is passing so will be back soon.  Huh, I hear you say, when pigs fly and the moon turns blue!
Be good, don't forget to smile at a stranger and most importantly leave a comment, you know I love them!


  1. So glad to see you blog again...I so agree with you about the crazy challenge. I was going to do it again this year, but since last year was so dismal as far as finishing anything went, I dropped the idea early on. It's not that I don't start lots of projects all year long, but I just can't stand to have that "challenge thing" hanging over my head...way too much guilt when I don't deliver!

  2. Geeze Louise you have a little furry visitor and I am nowhere in sight for a cuddle! He's gorgeous and like WT I am most glad you managed to get a photo before he flew off into the wide blue yonder. Love the strawberry design and if you ever feel like doing it again and NOT keeping it ... (hint ... hint !) I'll make you a deal and lets both try and have a finish or as near as possible a finish for our next blog updates? Love you xxxxx

  3. Good to have you back blogging! I've missed reading about you and the WT.

  4. Glad to see you back in blog-dom, Ms Gillie! Love your stitching! You really should make Sweet Strawberry for yourself! It's really sweet! (Pardon the pun, lol). I LOVE that owl! Must say I'm a little jealous that you got to see one, let alone that you had one in the house! ;). Thanks for aharing uour adventures!

    Melissa J.

  5. Welcome back and I'm looking forward to see some serious stitching progress here!

  6. I'm sorry, who are you again? LOL!
    We had an owl in our garden on Sunday evening but not the house!
    I love your pillow finish and your part of the RR.
    I'm doing my third now and had one piece seized by customs! Not as dramatic as it sounds, the sender had insured it but somehow the form-filler-in had put such a high value on it that it triggered a customs charge!
    All sorted now though and it was a delight to stitch on so made up for the panic!

  7. Welcome back Gillie.
    I love the strawberry pillow you made for the summer exchange.
    I've had sparrows and other small birds get into the house but never an owl. Poor little thing, I'm glad he got out OK

  8. Love the piccie when I opened up your blog for a read of your latest post. Poor little owl, we've had sparrows and blue tits inside but never such a magnificent looking chap.
    Your pillow finish was superb, very pretty.
    The RR looks really nice, I stayed away from them for years due to the horror stories of lost work, so far the one I am in is going well.

  9. Oh I love your owl! He is so cute - Pity you couldn't really keep him forever :) Gorgeous stitching - lovely pillow and RR stitching. I am so with you when it comes to the crazy challenge....I'm plodding along slowly...there is really no way that I'll get everything done this side of 2012 :D

  10. I like the strawberry pillow and the little owl is adorable, wish I could have one visit my house. I am so glad to find other people stitch the way I do (the upper diagonal going from top right to bottom left) I thought I was just weird and have given up ever trying to change.

  11. awwww a wol .. how cute was he even with that expression ..lol
    love that wee pillow too :)
    hi WT * waves small paw at you :) love mouse xxxx

  12. I too like the strawberry piece and have downloaded it and a few others. That owl although cute did not seem too friendly.
    WT looks tired but then men always do and how can they sleep like that .
    Will try to find a stranger to smile at.

  13. Quite the expression on that owl! Very nice stitching. I was wondering about you. :) http://astitchersstory.blogspot.com/

  14. Glad to see you back Gillie.
    Love the piece you stitched for Jane - I have done a couple of Caroline's designs, it is sad that she's not posting.
    I doubt I would have been calm enough to take pictures of the LO - but I'm glad you did.
    Great work on the RR - know what you mean about stitching a different way, it can be tricky.
    Nice to see the WT static for a change.

  15. Love your update Gillie. I think you did the right thing in putting away the SAL's until you are in the right frame of mind to work on them. It is no fun if they are "WORK". LOL.
    Good job on Frances' RR.
    Hope the weather improves for you soon.

  16. Very cute finish - love the pattern. I would probably try to turn the bird to face inwards also (and make a total hash of it). I hear you on putting things away, lately I"ve put almost everything away as it all feels like work. I'm not sure I would have been very calm if I found an owl in my home. Of course I would have been holding off three cats that are 100% sure they are great hunters (despite having never seen a live anything except through the window!!)

  17. Hi Gillie, I enjoyed reading your blog and your stitching is gorgous. Back at the end of May I also had an owl in my house at 5:00am, we still are not sure how it got in. You can find a picture of my owl here.
    Happy Stitching

  18. Great stitching Gillie as always...I stitch the same way as you so it's nice to know I'm not the only one who has trouble when everyone else seems to stitch the other way! WOW an owl coming to visit you personally, glad he managed to escape safely though xxx

  19. Boy, are you ever busy with your stitching -- and it looks so beautiful. And OhMyGosh -- a Baby Owl??? I would have had to hug it. On my bucket list is to see an owl in the wild -- I'd be beside myself if it were in my house! Love that picture.

  20. Oh, that owl is too sweet for words!! What a lovely photo, Gillie :)

    I just finished stitching Sweet Strawberries myself--fun piece wasn't it? I'm sure Jane was thrilled with it...

    Have never done a RR--probably won't. I seem to have less stitching time this summer than ever!!

    Hope you get some sunshine this month :)

  21. Hi Gillie
    Thank you for visiting and your kind words. I can't believe the owl in the barn - what a beautiful creature! And the strawberry embroidery is indeed beautiful, you definitely deserve to have one of your own :-)
    Happy weekend to you,

  22. So nice to see you posting again, Gillie! I can understand the frustration with the January challenge, I think I'll pass next year too as I seem to be getting nowhere...just too busy these days. I like the way WT hermits...I may have to try that next time though sadly it doesn't lead to much progress on stitching. Your stitching is amazing what you have been able to accomplish! The frogs have been visiting me lately so not much progress from me either. Love the owl, poor little guy, thankfully you were able to rescue him! *Hugs

  23. Great to see a post from you! Love your sweet pillow. I have never participated in a RR, I could never guarantee getting it done on time with my schedule lately!
    What a sweet owl! Glad he got out okay. Perhaps he'll visit again ~ but rather from the outside looking in!

  24. Gillie, I did wonder, as we say here...I thought you ran off with a sailor... Sometime I just stop stitching no reason at all. Then start again and realize I missed it. Great Owl photo. Your little pillow is so sweet. Mary

  25. Oh, I see you are stitching Live Each Season. I have it in my stash too but haven't started it yet - well, that's a shame. I'll have to include it in next year's Crazy Challenge.
    I love my Crazy Challenge although it's crazy, lol. And although I haven't finsihed each piece from last year yet I'm doing it again but at my own pace. No pressure with starting the pieces - no pressure with finishing them. And when there will be too many left unfinished by the end of this year I'll start the next challenge with just ten pieces, lol.

  26. Sorry to hear your projects were giving you fits, Gillie. I'm with you on the CJC.. too many projects (and I don't have *that* much time to stitch and finish them all).

    Very cool owl. :)

  27. an owl? how lovely!
    I adore owls, glad he didnt leave you a pellet though!!

  28. Love the cushion. And the WT looks very reminiscent of my husband at rest, except that he tends to be draped in slumbering cats.

  29. Pretty RR and Nina is right turning the project 90 degrees so that your stitches matches. Hope you're having an easier time with her RR this time round. Lovely pillow you've made too.

    Cute owl. Glad he got out fine.



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