Wednesday, September 5, 2012

More charts for sale!

Short and sweet today, I have had a pile of charts sitting around waiting to be listed in the sale page but have been delaying because I didn't want to fight Blogger with photographs!  So, if you think you are interested in any of them, drop me an email and I will send you a picture!  Some of them are pretty old but might just be the "one" for which you were searching!  I accept PayPal and will add the cost of postage to the price of the chart.  Link to the sale page is in the right hand column.  Hope to hear from you and I will continue to add more just as soon as I have a cup of tea made!  My contact email is in my profile.
On reflection, I may get around to adding photographs, but, please, DHYB!  Don't hold your breath, lol!

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  1. have you still got the heart in hand wee ones - christmas bird and little house in the woods charts? i cant seem to email you so please email me at

    thanks kath


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