Wednesday, October 31, 2012

An exchange, a move, a hotel and a hurricane!

Well, I am writing this on All Hallows' Eve and a damp and dreary one it is too in Michigan!  However, we are fortunate here since most of the east coast is recovering from the great devastation of Hurricane Sandy combined with a wintry nor'easter, a lethal combination.  Although the coast received most of the damage the effects of Sandy were felt into Pennsylvania and even Lake Michigan where record wave heights of 20 feet or more were reached, a good few hundred miles from the coast!

Although we were fortunate not to be in the path of the storm, all the wordly goods (well, apart from a few stitching supplies and my Lowery) of the WT and the long suffering Mrs WT were!  The container had been offloaded in New York about 24 hours before Mayor Bloomberg declared a state of emergency!  Lives are far more important, and all will be well.

We've been in the US for three weeks now and hotel life is beginning to pall ever so slightly.  I could get used to having my bed made every day and clean towels as if by magic but really, two electric burners and no oven?  We managed to set the smoke alarm off on the second night cooking pork chops so fish and soup are now mostly on the menu, having bought a frying pan and a slow cooker!  My big soup pot came over in the air shipment so tonight it is lentil and sweet potato!

I had such grand ideas for stitching every day but somehow the day vanishes and not much is accomplished.  Of course, signing up for an Autumn exchange was not the smartest idea I have ever had and many thanks to my good friend, Liz, over in Oz who was VERY patient!  Her parcel arrived about a week after we did and oh my goodness, just look at this! 

Friendly Stitchers' Autumn Exchange
A Needlebook from Liz in Oz
"A Fallen Leaf is Summer's Wave Goodbye"
and dedicated to the Enabling Queen of Friendly Stitchers
whoever CAN she mean?

You can see how small and perfect it is - that is a quarter on one side and two-pence piece on the other!  Thank you, dear Liz!  Apologies though for the "studio" where this was shot - dreadful and even worse, can't remember where it was!  My parcel to Liz finally went off, what a relief!

Another relief was finally settling down to stitch on this gorgeous piece, no, not mine, sadly but the Round Robin piece chosen by Judy in Minnesota.  I debated whether to say the dog had eaten it...... it got left behind in Cheshire...... removed as dangerous by the TSA, as I really, really wanted to keep it but reluctantly decided that it had to go.....onto Oregon and Lynda! I stitched the two urns above and to the right of P and K - which happen to be the WT's initials so had to stitch them too!

The Language of Flowers
Rosewood Manor
Friendly Stitchers' Round Robin Exchange
The move went well and at the speed of light in the end.  We had known since the spring that moving back was going to happen but in usual corporate style no date was given which made for a rather unsettled summer!  Long story short, since the WT had a business trip over to Michigan in August I accompanied him and we went house hunting, found one and made an offer, all without knowing for sure that the move was happening!  All was slightly tense until a week before the WT was scheduled to leave for a symposium in Vancouver - the offer arrived!  An estimate was made for the packing up and shipping of the aforementioned wordly goods, I cheerily waved goodbye to the breadwinner and then had a lovely weekend with Mouse who came to kit up lots of stitching for me!  The movers moved in for four days, lol, on the Monday, the container was sealed on the Thursday and went off up the lane and I flew out on the Saturday......quite a fortnight!

Ian finishing up in my stitching room!
We're back in the same area of Michigan but in a different small town, which boasts a coffee shop and a yarn shop, next door to each other!  Not only that but I've joined the ladies there on a Friday to knit and knatter so the withdrawal symptoms from the Friday group in Cheshire aren't too violent!
I've also slipped back into Wednesday nights at Stitching Bits and Bobs and also rejoined EGA, so although one of us didn't want to come back, lol, life isn't so bad!

Looking towards the lake from the garden

The view from the kitchen
The house is smaller than the barn but the view is gorgeous, overlooking the lake!  Upstairs is a loft/gallery which also looks out to the lake and will be a perfect place for the Lowery, some stitching and me!  Now I really am a British lady by the lake!

Well dears, I hope I find you cheerful, smiling and stitching?  Thank you for reading and thank you even more for leaving me a comment!  You know how I love them!

Love from,

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Thank you to everyone who left their names for the giveaway.  The winners are and sorry, the drums are packed so no roll.....

Christine Alchemy Stitchery wins the JCS Ornament Preview
Sandra (no blog) wins the Halloween issue

Congratulations, ladies, I have emailed you both!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Back across the pond (in opposite direction), an exchange and yarn stash!

Can you guess what is happening?

Things in a box and an
appropriate saying from the Sampler Girl..... 

The amount of yarn that came with me from the US......

The amount of yarn that is going back with me to the US.....

Yes, you guessed it, the WT and the VERY long suffering Mrs WT are en route for Michigan again!  Well, let me rephrase that.  The WT, yet again, got a note from his boss saying that he was excused from all the packing and wait for it.......could go to Vancouver instead for the week.  Vancouver, just possibly one of my favourite cities.  To be fair, he IS working and it's hard work at that, on his feet all day, chatting to visitors at the company booth for the NSH convention and symposium.  We have known for quite sometime that moving back this autumn was on the cards and the final details were not worked out until just before he left but fortunately the moving company were happy with a quick moving date.  The packers are here, right now, on a four day marathon of wrapping everything to be put in the container on Thursday.  I fly out on Saturday and then we spend just over a month in a hotel waiting for the shipment to arrive.
With that in mind, Mouse very kindly nipped over to spend the night on Saturday and took quite a long time making sure that I had plenty of kitted up projects to take, some in my luggage and some in the air freight which will arrive in a week or so.  Thanks, Mouse!

I entirely blame the members of the lovely Knit and Knatter group here in Frodsham for the increase in my yarn stash but also for teaching me some nifty stuff in both knitting and crochet.  Thank you, ladies, I am going to miss you all!
Not a lot of stitching to show except for this little exchange piece below, stitched with Threadworx, not sure of the number.  I received the lovely flat fold from Lynn B on Sunday afternoon, in person.  Life had somewhat overtaken Lynn and so it was a little late arriving but nevertheless it was a treat to meet my "secret" partner!  Thank you, Lynn, for following through like that!

 Autumn Pincushion
The Gift of Stitching
October 2011 edition
Needlecraft Haven Exchange
sent to Jaclyn

Autumn Flatfold (my first) received from Lynn B
in the same exchange

A tiny giggle - seen in our local yarn store -
sorry, Harry!
Don't forget, if you are in the UK, to have a look at the giveaway on the previous post.  I am sorry it is just for those of you in the UK but I will be having another giveaway on the other side of the pond for US readers. 

A very quick moan at, you guessed it, Blogger, who seems to think that the Ariel font is my font of choice and will NOT move it back to the one I had before!  Anyone else having the same problem and did you solve it?  Inquiring minds need to know!

Well, I am hoping to pop in for another quick post before I leave, we will see how it goes!  Meanwhile, stitch well and laugh often!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Giveaway! JCS Halloween and JCS Ornament Preview!

This is a fly by post to say that I have an exceedingly quick giveaway of both the 2012 Halloween ornament issue and the Christmas Preview issue to two names drawn on...... and here's the thing.....Thursday (4th) of this week.  Long story, but has to be done then.  The other proviso is that you MUST live in the UK, sorry to any readers of my blog not living in this small island but just too expensive otherwise!

So, if you would like a chance to win one of them, please leave your name and email and where you live in the UK in the comment section (there are no nasty captchas to catch you!). If your name is drawn, obviously I will need your mailing address very quickly!

Good luck!