Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Back across the pond (in opposite direction), an exchange and yarn stash!

Can you guess what is happening?

Things in a box and an
appropriate saying from the Sampler Girl..... 

The amount of yarn that came with me from the US......

The amount of yarn that is going back with me to the US.....

Yes, you guessed it, the WT and the VERY long suffering Mrs WT are en route for Michigan again!  Well, let me rephrase that.  The WT, yet again, got a note from his boss saying that he was excused from all the packing and wait for it.......could go to Vancouver instead for the week.  Vancouver, just possibly one of my favourite cities.  To be fair, he IS working and it's hard work at that, on his feet all day, chatting to visitors at the company booth for the NSH convention and symposium.  We have known for quite sometime that moving back this autumn was on the cards and the final details were not worked out until just before he left but fortunately the moving company were happy with a quick moving date.  The packers are here, right now, on a four day marathon of wrapping everything to be put in the container on Thursday.  I fly out on Saturday and then we spend just over a month in a hotel waiting for the shipment to arrive.
With that in mind, Mouse very kindly nipped over to spend the night on Saturday and took quite a long time making sure that I had plenty of kitted up projects to take, some in my luggage and some in the air freight which will arrive in a week or so.  Thanks, Mouse!

I entirely blame the members of the lovely Knit and Knatter group here in Frodsham for the increase in my yarn stash but also for teaching me some nifty stuff in both knitting and crochet.  Thank you, ladies, I am going to miss you all!
Not a lot of stitching to show except for this little exchange piece below, stitched with Threadworx, not sure of the number.  I received the lovely flat fold from Lynn B on Sunday afternoon, in person.  Life had somewhat overtaken Lynn and so it was a little late arriving but nevertheless it was a treat to meet my "secret" partner!  Thank you, Lynn, for following through like that!

 Autumn Pincushion
The Gift of Stitching
October 2011 edition
Needlecraft Haven Exchange
sent to Jaclyn

Autumn Flatfold (my first) received from Lynn B
in the same exchange

A tiny giggle - seen in our local yarn store -
sorry, Harry!
Don't forget, if you are in the UK, to have a look at the giveaway on the previous post.  I am sorry it is just for those of you in the UK but I will be having another giveaway on the other side of the pond for US readers. 

A very quick moan at, you guessed it, Blogger, who seems to think that the Ariel font is my font of choice and will NOT move it back to the one I had before!  Anyone else having the same problem and did you solve it?  Inquiring minds need to know!

Well, I am hoping to pop in for another quick post before I leave, we will see how it goes!  Meanwhile, stitch well and laugh often!


  1. All the best for your move back to the U.S. Gillie. Say hello to Peter for Keith and myself please.

    Love your little Autumn pincushion - gorgeous colour!

  2. Wow, that is indeed big news. All the best to you, Gillie. Hope it all goes smoothly for you. Lovely autumn pincushion you've made for the exchange.


  3. Yay!! You are on your way! We will definitely have to have another coffee shop meeting or two or three. : ) Your blog is showing up with the "Coming Home" font for me. Mine was doing that for awhile, too... it just depended on what browser I used to open it as to which font showed up. Who knows??? : )
    How nice that Mouse came and got you all kitted up. Happy hotel stitching!!

    Safe Journey!


  4. What can I say but I hope the move goes smoothly. Love your finish and the flat fold you received. Wish I could help you pack!

  5. Hope your move goes well. I still need to get a book to you - let me know where you'd like it sent.

  6. Best of luck with your move.

    I'm glad we got to meet up, it's a shame we never managed to repeat it

  7. I sort of guessed that would be your big news Gillie, but glad we got to meet a couple of times. Have a safe journey back home x
    Val x

  8. I hope you have a smooth move and don't lose any of your stitching stash!

  9. Beautiful pieces both received and stitched, it's been such a lovely thing doing these seasonal exchanges. I hope all goes well with the moving and everything.

  10. Wonderful stitching Gillie, hope the move goes well for you and I'm glad Mouse got to visit again before you went.

  11. Best wishes for a safe journey! So glad you got to visit with Mouse before you have to leave!

  12. Sounds like fun! Getting to sit and stitch in a hotel for a month..hoping the move does go smoothly and your stuff arrives in good time.

    Michigan is relatively close to me. Only 4 hours from here to its border.

  13. Best of luck with your move. Make sure you have plenty of stitching on hand!

  14. Just like that? Up and gone? We used to do that all the time in the AF. Now it seems like SO much work. But you sound cheerful----Happy Trails! And, as usual, beautiful yarn, stitching and other pretties on here. Is that A Sarah Susanka book I spy? I love her ideas on houses and useful use of space!

  15. Good luck with the move - thanks for taking part in the NH Autumn Exchange, great gifts :)

  16. Safe journey, hope you get settled in quickly

  17. All the very best with the move and have a safe journey, hope everything works out well for you. xx

  18. Gillie, I hadn't expected this move!! Your packing sounds like when I was overseas, I tried not to collect things, gave a lot away when I returned home, but left with heap!!
    Julie in Oz

  19. Both pieces are just lovely. The L*K is the pattern that I'm stitching right now.
    Good luck with your move back to the US, and may your stitching stuff be with you again soon, lol.

  20. Good luck on your move back to US Gillie. Hope everything goes well :D

  21. Goodness! I can't imagine moving countries with so little fuss! In fact, I've never moved more than seven miles. Hope it goes well, anyway.

  22. Goodluck with the move, Gillie.

  23. Good luck with your move Gillie :)

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  24. Good Luck with the move!
    I moved alot as an army brat but now I like to stay put. 2 homes in 25 years!

  25. Gosh, I go on vacation for a week and return to find you're moving back here, Gillie!! So sorry it's not to the 'Burgh, though :(

    I wish you the best of luck with your move--can't imagine how you've coped so well all these years, but I truly admire your ability to adapt to new locales so easily!! Give me a call if you find yourself back this way, okay?

  26. Wish you luck with the move. That's a lotta yarn!!


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