Monday, January 16, 2012

Crazies, all Fifteen and an allotment

Day 12

Seasonal Sampler
Hillside Samplings
I am doing this on 36 count instead of the 32 count it calls for so it will be quite small.  I have wanted to stitch this for ages since I made the winter block for a Fair and Square exchange quite a few years ago.

Traditional Band Sampler update

Nancy's Traditional Band Sampler
from Friendly Stitchers
worked as a SAL with Ally
This is a second showing of a Crazy from last week since I worked a little more on it - Stef Francis silks are such a joy to use and I just wish they could have names to complement the luscious colours, a number such as 12PS - 05 doesn't really flow!  Ally is much further ahead than me, sigh!

Day 13
Fanciful Alphabet
My Mark Designs
from The Gift of Stitching, May 2006
Day 14
Magic Garden
Shakespeare's Peddlar
first begun in 2011

And finally.......Day 15
Live Each Season
Maggie Bonanomi

Yes, I know, it is only 15 and the tab at the top quite clearly mentions 31.  Well, here's the thing, I am bored with starting projects!  Bet you never thought you would hear me say THAT but it's true, I want to keep stitching on some of the ones already in progress. I leave for Wyoming on the 23rd, then to Pittsburgh and DC and will be away for two weeks and cannot see myself schlepping 8 crazies in my luggage! So, will continue with the 15 and as I finish each one (ha, who said that?) will begin another of the 31 - as I mentioned way back, I'm making up the rules as I go along!  So that way, God willing and the creek don't rise, I will eventually complete all thirty one.  Just not saying in which year!

The most gorgeous winter weather here in the north west, lots of frost, blue skies and sunshine.  I snapped this one as we left to walk in the Forest last Saturday morning, just as it was getting light.

Early in the morning
Another bit of news is that we have signed up for an allotment!  I wanted to have one last year but with all the travelling it just wouldn't have worked.  It sounds like a very sociable group, barbecues and wine were mentioned along with growing the occasional vegetable so should be fun!

The above is NOT a photograph of our allotment!

This, on the other hand, is!
Mm, you're right, a LOT of work to do!  The land was only made available last year so not all the plots were taken up.  I see a lot of digging in my future!  The nice-looking plot belongs to my friend, Susan, who is also a member of the Friday Knitters and a Stitcher!

How are your 2012 resolutions going along?  I made very few but one that I have kept so far (a whole 16 days) is to walk every day.  I am Nordic walking four times a week and then making sure I go for a walk or walk into town on the other days.  Some days it's a struggle but you feel so much better for it!  Thanks for reading this far.  You did, didn't you?  Don't just rush by, leave a comment and give me an update on YOUR resolutions!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day Ten already?

Continuing with the challenge........ where were we?  Of course, desperately trying to keep track of some stitching!  Part of me wants to scream "Enough, you daft woman, slow down, you don't HAVE to do this"  and the other half just keeps going, finding the appropriate envelope each day (are you impressed by the organisation?) threading the needle and away we go!  So, without more ado....

Day 6
Stolen Moments
Jane Greenoff

Day 7
Plum Street Samplers
Favorite Fonts Sampler

Day 8

Nancy's Band Sampler
Designed for members of Friendly Stitchers
Ally and I are stitching this on Fridays

Day 9

Eileen Bennett
The Shirt Front Sampler

Day 10
The Primitive Needle
Earth Sampler

Day 11
Jeanette Douglas
A Stitcher's Petit Companion

The Shirt Front sampler has mysteriously turned sideways but you get the idea.  I became a little flaky over the week end so some of the starts are not technically on the correct day but it is January 10th and there are ten starts so just be satisfied, okay?  Please see the Challenge 2012 page for MY rules and any complaints, may I refer you to the management.....oh wait, that's me!

Well, dear hearts, as usual it is late and I am tired so I will love you and leave you.  As always, I adore comments!

Monday, January 9, 2012

WIPocalypse for January

Just to refresh your memories........ this is where we left this one, in a cold and snowy Michigan, in January 2011, and yes, we were moving....... back to the UK!

And this is where we are now.  Really, if I just applied myself and GOT A MOVE ON, it would be done.  Dratted Blogger turned the second one around and I am too tired to fiddle with it!

Blackbird Designs
from My Heart is True
Friends with You

Tomorrow, I will update my starts from the Challenge but right now it is time for bed.  Sleep well, my lovelies, and come back tomorrow to see what I have been up to!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Well, who knew?  It pays to be organised, a novel thought but there you are!  Having spent most of December planning what I would stitch in the Crazy Month or January if you aren't a Crazy stitcher, it was with a slight smirk that I picked up the first of the crazies and settled down to some stitching late in the afternoon of New Year's Day.  Why late in the afternoon, you ask?  A hangover, perhaps?  No, a lovely visit from family and a dog that prevented me picking up a needle. Having waved goodbye to them I made an unseemly dash for the sewing room and held my hand delicately over THE box..... this one, that one?  Decisions, decisions....... Sweet World, small but charming, seemed the appropriate one.   Only a little of the border was stitched but it is early days.......

Day 1
Midsummer Night Designs
Sweet World
Published in Gift of Stitching
August 2006
On Day 2, the sun was shining for a change, so that meant a Walk - in the Peak District as the WT wanted to take photographs and being the dutiful wife that I am, off we went, lots of wind, sun and MUD but a good time was had. This was what I picked up when we got back -

Day 2

La D Da
123 Tree
Well into my stride now, a Plum Street Samplers' one was chosen next.  I am trying to be frugal and use my stash so soon realised the thread just didn't show up , no good, tried another one, nope, so temporarily abandoned the whole thing until I could look at in in sunlight - ha! maybe in July?

Day 3

Plum Street Samplers
Favorite Font Sampler

So Day 3's offering was BOAF's Pray for Peace, another small but very pretty one.

Day 4
Birds of a Feather
Pray for Peace
And that brings us to Day 4, are you still with me?  Another chart from TGOSM.  All was going well, did a bit of the top border then moved down to the words, finished the first word and DRAT!  I had begun the T in the wrong place!  Was not about to frog the lettering since it is in a plummy red so the border has to go........
Day 5
At Home with Jane Austen
The Sampler Girl
published in TGOSM in March 2007

I have decided that each post in 2012 needs to have at least one absolute finished piece in it so here you are, an ornament from Midsummer Night Designs sent to Karan for an exchange.  Don't click on it as you will see the left hand angel is minus a halo!  Sorry, Karan, I owe you, lol!  I loved stitching this one, the colours were completely unChristmassy but so vibrant, I will definitely be stitching more of these!

Midsummer Night Designs
JCS Ornament Issue - year unknown
Angel Magic
(not what Deborah called it, hope she doesn't mind)

Four down, and only 27 to go, wish me luck!  Hope all my fellow crazies are enjoying themselves with the Challenge.  See you in a few days with another update, can you bear to wait that long?