Monday, February 6, 2012

I love meeting......

... *old* friends too! Today DJ came into DC from her home in Maryland to visit! Such a treat to see her again, we met on Friendly Stitchers and I threatened to stop by one day when I was in the area - she didn't know then that I had family in the DC area! Today we sat and chatted over coffee then went to the burger restaurant that my daughter co-owns for lunch then up the street (around Dupont) for a little, ahem, enabling on my part at Beadazzled! I might just have found another hobby for DJ! I was also gifted with the threads that I had asked her to buy for me from the Stitching Post's Superbowl sale! Thank you, DJ, for them and for a lovely day!

Friday, February 3, 2012

I love.......

....meeting online stitching friends in real life! Today, Carol from Stitching Dreams invited me to meet Lee, the Lake Stitcher and Linda from Taxing Stitches for a delightful afternoon of admiring each other's stitching, chatting about stitching and eating coffee cake and drinking peppermint tea! Perfect! Oh, and a ladylike drool over Carol's stitched smalls, a huge box of them as well as various ones prettily arranged on shelves! And she had stitched one just for me! Thank you, ladies, for driving over to meet me and to Carol for her hospitality. And thanks too for First Treasure driving me there and then vanishing for a couple of hours so her mum could chat away!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Whole Foods Market

Places I love.......or one place, Whole Foods Market, both as a place to work and to shop.  It was a sad day when we moved away from Chicago and there was no store near enough to our new home.  Got to go today, to the Pittsburgh store, where First Treasure works!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

People, Places and Things I Love!

Well, this is a first for me, I think.....posting from my iPad and in an airport, Denver to be precise! Had a lovely time in Casper with two small boys now onto Pittsburgh and DC to see the rest of my scattered family. I nicked this idea from Lee and Libby, sorry, can't work out links right now will have to edit later. Where was I? Oh right, posting throughout February on people, places and things that I love, well the first has to be the lovely WT, the World Traveller or My Husband. He still makes me laugh after a ruby worth of years together and also makes me want to scream, lol, but mostly laugh. He falls in with all (well, most) of my ideas and in return I am a terrible housekeeper, a pretty good cook and have followed mostly uncomplainingly to various places in the world! This is where I should post a photograph of the lovely man but can't work it out with the iPad. Well, dears, it is a short post but comes with love and a hope that you are all doing well. Please don't go without leaving a comment, you know I love them!