Monday, February 18, 2013

Themalicious Check In For Figural February

Well, I never did, just like magic Mr Tennant appears!

So....Figural February, have to say my heart sank somewhat when I realised that meant people, people!  But nothing daunted I had a little search and much to my surprise I came up with four!  And one is a stitched finish and fingers crossed, a complete finish before Thursday so I can show off at our monthly EGA meeting!

And here it is from Plum Street Samplers and is the Favourite Fonts sampler, I was missing a couple of the DMCs (honestly, how on EARTH can that be, I have gazillions of them) I changed the threads to SNC Acorn Woods, now to think of the finish.

Favourite Fonts Sampler
Plum Street Samplers
SNC Acorn Woods silk thread

On Any Shore with You
The Sampler Girl
 On Any Shore is a tiny one that I am doing on 40 count and came from one of Tanya's lovely booklets - Spring?  Can't remember.

Blessed are the Needleworkers
Lody Stewart
The Gift of Stitching
This one has been kitted up for ages and was in the much lamented Gift of Stitching magazine.  I will check which issue and get back to you, lol, but really want to start this one as it has a very interesting biscornu incorporated into the sampler - interesting in its make up, not at all as usual!  Apologies for the dreadful photograph, it is still in its plastic envelope!

There IS a little figure of a lady halfway down, honest!  I think I would quite like to propose this one for the next Friendly Stitchers Round Robin, wel,, that's if they let me join again, lol, I was a bit,  slightly VERY okay, exceedingly late with all the robins!  I will endeavour to begin it this month though to keep up with the theme.

Well, that's all I have for you for the February theme, fingers crossed I will be back at the end of month with some progress!

Stay warm/cool, keep stitching or whatever makes you happy and please......leave me a comment, don't steal away!


Oh...and PS, no idea what I shall do for the ornament part - snowman or lady, hate stitching in white, lol!