Sunday, March 10, 2013

Baltimore, the No-Storm, Friends and Family!

The WT had to go to Baltimore for the USCAP meeting - mm, I don't know what it stands for either except the P is for Pathologists!  Baltimore...... near to DC where Second Treasure and Big Cousin live and in Maryland where DJ lives so obviously I needed to go as well!  Thank you, Amex air miles!

The DC kids kindly came up to visit on both Saturday and Sunday which was lovely.  Big Cousin has grown more each time we see him and this time had overtaken the WT - he passed me in height when he was about ten!

Monday dawned gorgeously bright and sunny, just the day for visiting with friends old and new!  So after a good luck text to the Second Treasure who was beginning a new job that morning, I set off on the MARC to meet DJ and have coffee with her before meeting up with Astrid at The Stitching Post.  It was lovely to put a face to the name, DJ and Astrid met via Friendly Stitchers the yahoo group we all belong to and discovered they lived not far from each other!

The Stitching Post is a delightful shop and has certainly increased its inventory since the last time I was there (about two + years ago).  Lots more specialty threads, but annoyingly I had left my small list of two or three AVAS threads behind in the hotel :(  Didn't succumb to any more charts but Inspirations magazine caught my eye as soon as I walked in....... along with the latest Just Cross Stitch.  Those together with some needles and three threads was IT, very restrained, wasn't I?
Can you blame me for picking
this up - doesn't it look wonderful?
Lunch was delicious, about a block away from The Stitching Post is Peace A Pizza and oh my, a return to the colours of the 60s and 70s as soon as you enter!  A very varied pizza menu (not every one is available every day) and exceedingly tasty salads to accompany your pizza, making you feel very virtuous!
Our Lunches!
So sad, I think the franchise is only in Maryland and Delaware!  Please come to the Midwest!

After lunch we said goodbye to Astrid and made our way to DJ's former place of employment to pick up some stitched pieces that were on display there.  DJ - remember Matthew 10:14!  After a cuppa at DJ's house the day ended with DJ driving me back to Baltimore - apparently with my trusty (!) phone GPS I took her to parts of Baltimore that she had never visited...... hmm, is that so?  We had dinner with the WT then put my dear friend back on the homeward path.  And yes, she did dump us by the side of the road, sob, and yes, we had to find our way back to the hotel!  Just joking, thanks for a LOVELY day!

Wednesday, oh yes, that was the day that Storm Saturn was supposed to bring the East Coast to a halt, ha, well, not where I was!  All the schools and government offices were closed and trains ran on a limited schedule and not a flake to be seen, at least in Baltimore.  Took me an age to get into and back from DC with a very short visit sandwiched in the middle with the DC Treasure at *her* new restaurant, James Hobans.  And who might he be, I hear you ask?  Well, an Irish architect who designed the White House, that's who!

We're back home now and were cheered to see these in the garden......

despite all the snow we've had, these little daffs are nearly in bud!  The ugly grey pole is the D**r**T TV dish that we want to remove as we don't have cable or satellite TV!  Now we will have to wait until the flowers are finished.

Hope all is well with everyone, spring IS on its way, honestly and I'll be back soon with a mid month update on March Madness from Themalicious - with which, fingers crossed, I am keeping up!


  1. Lovely update Gillie, so pleased that the storm came to nothing. We've woken to a modest covering, and as you know that will mean that the UK will probably come to a standstill!!

  2. glad you had a wonderful time meeting up with every one and cooooo that was a small haul for you
    we have woken up to snow today too but the sun is brightly shining .... typical when got the week off hahahahh :) love mouse xxxxx

  3. Sounds like you are having lots of fun times and keeping very busy Gillie. I've woken up to a sprinking of snow again today, but the suns now come out so by lunchtime it will just be a memory.

  4. How wonderful to meet up with DJ and Astrid, what fn.

    Inspirations lives up to its name. I look forward to each issue.

  5. What a wonderful time filled with great visits. Good for you.

  6. Also, have the newest Inspirations magazine - it is wonderful. Looking for my copy of Cape Cod Girls - hope I didn't pass it on already!!

  7. Gillie, nice to get an update from you! Please send any snow thats left, we are having a 10 day heat wave, when it should be autumn, 36 C for 10 days, did I say 10 days??!!

    Glad you like Inspirations, a nice Aussie mag, is it sold in cellophane over there? Ours are always sealed in cellophane, so you can't see inside which is a shame..but then I have SO many magazines

    Julie in Australia

  8. So good to see you!! I think your warm personality chased the storm away...(I usually blame it on the hot air in Washington...LOL) I'm praying that WT has another business trip to Baltimore again soon...and we'll take a road trip to VA or PA if you are game for a different needlework store. Otherwise I will just have to make the sacrifice to visit your state! *Hugs*

  9. I hope you come back soon, maybe we can actually stitch together! Although shopping isn't a bad thing either.

  10. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip! The rain/snow line for that storm was flipped, none in Baltimore, which usually gets clobbered, and 5" at my house south of Fredericksburg VA which usually gets nothing.

  11. As Spring is heading your way Gillie Autumn is making her way here....Lovely to see daffodils there!


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