Friday, March 1, 2013

Late Again, Themalicious, Fell Off the No Stash Wagon, Oh dear!

Well, that was February, that was!  Please ignore the date at the top because this is my "end of month" post for February for a whole host of SALs, as usual!  I really meant to get busy last night but spent the evening creating a blog for our EGA chapter, instead!

First up is a little freebie from Primitive Betty called Crow and as usual, stitched a long time ago and only needed a small seam finish!

Last Saturday I found myself at a meeting of the Great Lakes Modern Quilt Guild.  I had read about the guild on a blog and googled it and to my pleasure found there was a meeting that coming weekend in Plainwell, the second one ever for this chapter.  Lots of discussion as to when to meet, what to do and of course, Show and Tell!  Oh my word, some beautiful pieces!  I will show you them next time, too tired to puzzle out how to move them from my phone!

I couldn't leave Plainwell without a quick trip to Stitching Bits and Bobs now could I?  Would have been rude not to go!  The high minded intention was to get some AVAS silks for the Scottish Sampler and I did.  See?

But, sadly I fell off  the no stash acquisition wagon travelling into 2013! It really was strange, these charts appeared on the counter too..... entirely Bobbie's fault, lol, I asked her what was still available in The Primitive Needle charts as I really, really, REALLY want Cape Cod Girls to be a companion piece to the Boys.  So a small plea.....if anyone has the chart and would like to sell, trade or exchange I would LOVE to hear from you! 

Still, I love Lisa's designs, small motifs, perfect!
So...... onto   

Figural February Wrap Up in March!
Who are the people in your neighborhood...your WIP neighborhood, that is? Give your people-populated projects some face time this month.

Well, no more stitched on Any Shore so no picture but Blessed Are the Needleworkers actually got a figure put in it, look......

a lovely stitch, bright colours, clear chart symbols...I think I found a cure or at least a boost for Seasonal Affective Disorder!

For the ornament I got permission from Miss (Heather, that is, her very self) to stitch a snowflake instead of a snowman, all that white, yikes!  Liz, who enables me nicely all the way from Canberra, no blog but I live in hopes, found this, a berlingot or a humbug to you and me!  Stitched on white with blue floss!  Lovely!

 Naturally, being the work of a long time procrastinator, you sort of have to imagine it finished and made up into Nancy's beautiful ornament.  This was from Issue 59 of The Gift of Stitching, thanks, Liz!

Next month is. . . . . .

March MadnessWork on something different every's madness...of the funnest possible kind.
I'll let you know how THAT goes!
Think I'd better stop, it's late and I am off to visit the Second Treasure and Big Cousin tomorrow and a couple of stitching chums, what a treat!  I might be rolling off the no stash train again, so sad!
Thank you to my new followers, it's ,lovely to see you here!  Comments  make me smile!


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA .... hope you didn't hurt yourself to much when you fell off the wagon ..... gorgeous stash enhancement you got and sorry not got the chart you want :(..... love your renditions of the themealisious too and can't wait to see the humbug made up looks cute :) love mouse xxxx
    ps rather jealous you meeting up with said friends too

  2. You made it two whole months without stashing, you should be proud ;D
    Most of the time I struggle to make a week without weakening, and those charts are gorgeous.
    Great stitching too

  3. Yes, I just bought some lovely cross stitch books. It was at Good Will, so I am feeling rather proud than ashamed. ;)

  4. At least you got on the wagon and tried to stay there...sadly....I have no wagon.....

  5. Lovely stitching, lovely stashing! I planned to put myself on a stash diet, then got gift certificates to my LNS for Christmas. At least it wasn't my own money I was cheating with! LOL Your stitching is just lovely, Gillie! Gee, I should be involved with your theme-a-licious project. So far this month I've stitched on a different project each day (but then it is only the 2nd!! LOL) and last month I did stitch on some figures. You GO Girlfriend!! And if I happen to see you I'll try to keep you on the straight and narrow. NO LNS shopping for you! *uncontrollable laughter* I will leave the enabling to my partner in crime. Safe travels my friend!!

  6. Stash diets are very hard when there are so many temptations. You did very well to last as long as you did.

  7. I can echo the above poster. Right now I'm staying off the stash wagon because I do big projects, and I have two on the go, and at least three waiting in the wings. Of course, I may change my mind about those...

    Wish there was a shop nearby, but then again...
    Enjoy your travels.

  8. I thought we get on the wagon so that we can fall off LOL! Looks like you're working on some gorgeous projects there -- at least you're making good progress. The March theme looks like great fun!

  9. You've done very well with your stash diet. Reading blogs and such makes it near impossible!

    March Madness is hard for me but so far this month, I've managed to stitch on 2 different projects. So far so good. I'll be surprised if I touch more than 4. Though I could complete the finishing on two ornaments....

  10. Very cute cushion finish. The secret to staying on a stash diet is to have your car need expensive repairs! As snowmen are made of individual snowflakes I think that was a perfectly acceptable substitution.

  11. Lovely stitching. Looking forward to seeing more of the snowflake.
    Saw in your next post you went to SBBs. So lucky! That was my favourite online stitching shop a few years back when I was pretty much just cross stitching.

  12. How exciting to actually be able to go to Stitching Bits and Bobs, no wonder you fell off the wagon!

    Blessed are the Needleworkers is a lovely project, so bright and cheery.

    Have a lovely time with your family.

  13. My first thought when reading this post was "Gillie, we should always ignore the date of your posts" but then I read down to where my name was mentioned and thought "I really should be kinder with my comments" but then I thought "I have no blog where one might seek retribution for defamatory 'comments', so what the heck" hahahaha ;)
    That being said, I love your new charts, and your silks for the Scottish Sampler. Well done on another little finish too. The 'Needleworkers' piece is really looking lovely, I see some brighter colours in my future stitching as well
    hugs Liz x

  14. I was "tickled pink" to have met you on Monday, thanks DJ! What a great day to shop, have lunch, talk, laugh, and have a wonderful time.

    I'm still looking for your pattern, I'll let you know what I come up with!

  15. Hey Gillie, will look for my copy of Cape Cod Girls.

  16. Well, obviously you were *pushed* off the wagon. I'm sure you didn't go willingly ;-)

    Congrats on the stitching and stashing accomplishments.


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