Monday, April 1, 2013

March Madness DONE and a tiny finish!

Phew, April finally arrived and March Madness is OVER!  But have a feeling it is a regular on this 'ere Themalicious.....oh well, I have eleven months to recover!  I know you are dying to know if I rose the challenge, well, let's see........  I should first admit that in this part of the month it's not all stitching, there's some quilting, knitting and even some bobbin winding - what, that's not allowed?  Nonsense, Heather said to work on something different every day this month!

My Bag
designed by Tanya of the Girl Garage
but stitched by me, lots of lovely pockets on
both the inside and the outside!

Wound Bobbins waiting!

Sarah Jane Lathrop Marking Sampler
The Gift of Stitching
Issue 55 August 2010

Pink Quilt
no pattern, made several years ago
bound and quilted last week!

Birdneck Sampler

Berlingot (or humbug)
Nancy Pederson
The Gift of Stitching
Issue 59 December 2010


Fanciful Alphabet
My Mark Designs
The Gift of Stitching
Issue 4 May 2006

Owl Panel
Bought who knows when, I am
hand quilting it and it
will be a table topper

Bought as a small kit in Plymouth?
More than 20 years ago so have
no idea.  Obviously NOT the the maiden
voyage of the Mayflower as houses and a small
boat have been built by someone!

ABC a l'arbre de vie
a free design
Patati et Peties Blog
Unable to find a link

Yellow Quilt (don't you just love
the imaginative names?), yet
another panel and trust me, there are more!
Hand quilted and bound this month
Sweet World (though I may change the
lettering for a gift)
Midsummer Night Designs
Second attempt as I was one thread out in
several places on the original and just couldn't
live with it!
Song of Solomon
Bought originally as gift for WT
for anniversary two years ago!

Hillside Samplings
Seasonal Samplings

from The Hitchhiker Trilogy
by Martina Behm
Our Hearts pincushion
Shepherd's Bush
given to me by DJ

I did it, though the more observant of you might have noticed that the berlingot appeared twice in the month - well, shucks, but do admit, it's a finish and it covers all the bases with the 3D ornament on Heather's list, so thanks, Liz (no blog (yet!)) for pointing me towards it!  Whoops, just had a look at the ornament list and apparently I am a month behind....... February was snowlady/gent but I got permission to stitch snow instead, lol, and MARCH was the 3D ornament......oh dear, do you think she'll notice?

So, what treats do April hold? 
for the ornament I have to search out.......  Santas or elves

and for the theme.....think big!

Amazon April

Dip your needle into the vast swath of fabric dedicated to your BIGGEST projects!

so methinks I will have to go and blow the dust off, dig out of a packing case, instantly retrieve (ha!)  Mary Wigham, Anniversaries, Around the World - sadly, you were right, Kate :( Castles in the Air and begin my Scottish Sampler before I get thrown off the Scarlet Letter SAL.

So, if you will excuse me, now for a large cup of tea and a nice lay down as we say from where I'm from!

Please comment or I shall throw myself in desperation into the lake......which would definitely upset the swans! 



  1. Hi wow tons of work! Great job and very pretty. I sure do love that quilt (something I am new to!) and I can tell the hand stitching is gorgeous. You rock!

  2. hopefully this will save the swans heheheh ... and well done with getting all done in the month .... looking forward to seeing the biggies again :) love mouse xxxxx

  3. I am suitably overwhelmed by just how much you have achieved. All I can say is did you eat and sleep as well.

  4. Gosh you've been busy, I'm shattered just reading about it!

  5. You have been so busy--wow! Isn't it fun to plan all this great stuff?

  6. Well, knock me over with a feather (you may go ahead and use the new one in your cap Ms Gillie).... You not only made it through the entire month's Theme-a-licious challenge - you now have documented proof to quell the murmuring of those who might occasionally scoff at your commitment to over-commit... Congratulations!! ... and I just have to say that it hasn't gone unnoticed that you have made one finish [FARTA] that has completed THREE challenges for two months so far this year. You really are a star ;)
    Liz x

  7. Oh please don't go upsetting the swans LOL
    You've achieved absolutely tons of stuff this month, well done!

  8. Oh wow! I am impressed! Don't you feel good?!

  9. Excellent work, I really need to catch up with Around the World.

  10. Wow that's a lot of stuff! Well done!!!

    - Lisa

  11. Gillie, far be it from me to upset the swans! Well, I had thought I would TRY and keep up with you, but fell off the wagon by March 3rd. I humbly bow to your stitching prowess. When I grow up...I wanna be just like you!!! *said in my most sweetest, sincerest and awe inspired voice* (Don't worry, I don't plan on growing up so you have nothing to fear!! LOL)

  12. ROTFLOL!!! What a fantastic month you had! And quilting, knitting, beading, decoupage, or WHATEVER are definitely allowed! I adore the bag you made; it's awesome!

    So happy the swans are safe! *whew!* =)

  13. Fantastic! 31 different things in 31 days! Congratulations, you're a stitching/sewing maniac!

  14. What a great variety of projects you worked on this month, Gillie!! I'm so impressed--can't imagine keeping all of them straight, but you seem to have no trouble!

    Happy April to you...

  15. You've achieved a tremendous amount in Msrch Gillie, very well done.

  16. so much stitching, love the berlingot :-)

  17. That's a lot! I wimped out on March madness, so it's good to see those who are braver than I. Looking forward to seeing you work on those pieces you have planned for this month.

  18. Amazing! You really got bit by the March Madness bug! I love that you pulled some old WIP's and got them finished!! I also love that you use a lot of GOS designs. I have all the online mags, I need to start looking at them again!!

  19. Gosh, I feel weakened by your amazingness.

  20. I am tired just reading about all the stitching you did!

  21. Ahh, you do crack me up! You've dne more stitching here than I have done all year! Love it all! Now don't upset the swans! LOL

  22. If British swans belong to the Queen and are protected, who do American swans belong to? Either way I'd hate to see them alarmed!

    You did some terrific stitching in March, lots of varied projects. I do like the GoS alphabet. I have the CDs with the back issues on but haven't got round to studying them in depth yet.

  23. Oh Gillie you deserve numerous large cups of tea for all your work here... Well done! And LOL please do not throw yourself into the lake!

  24. Holy Cow Woman! No wonder you had to have a lie down -- that's a LOT of stitching! They all look like such beautiful projects too. I hope you didn't lie down all month though -- are you there??? ;-D

  25. Wow loads of projects!Best way to stitch,lol! guilty myself of multi projects. looking forward to see them finished.

    Glad to help save the swans! :)

  26. I didn't realize you were such a cross stitcher, too! When I couldn't remember whose bag that was at our last meeting, I should have come here for a reminder! :-)


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