Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Selections #141 or Kuappatori (Market Square) in Helsinki

The Sunday Selections meme is hosted by River at Drifting through life. The rules are so simple as to be almost non-existent. Post some photos under the title Sunday Selections and link back to River. A chance to show off some of the photographs you have gathering dust in murky corners.

Well, today we are back in Helsinki, where I was fortunate enough to accompany the WT on one of his many business trips and having an online stitching friend there was an additional incentive! On the first day I walked down to the harbour to the colourful and bustling Kuappatori or Market Square.
It was a gorgeous day, bright blue sky and the colours in the market were dazzling.

Finland was the first country I had visited (excluding Arabic ones) where I couldn't make even a wild guess as to what the signs meant - and I quote from my Thomas Cook pocket guide - no one knows how long the Finns have been living in the Baltic or exactly where their ancestors came from but the Finnish language belongs to a group that includes Estonian and Hungarian and in entirely unrelated to the Indo-European languages that nearly all of the rest of Europe speaks. 

This gentlemen was selling potatoes from his boat

Being a grammar Nazi this sign slightly
irritated me, I must admit!


  1. I LOVE markets and that looks like a beauty. Thank you. And yes, the sign would have irritated me a little too.

  2. That market makes me want to go out and buy fruit, but it's too late today, I have to start dinner within half an hour.
    I don't speak other languages but I can usually recognise French, German and Italian when I hear them. Years ago, I worked in a factory and one of the men on the line was Finnish. When he spoke in his native tongue I didn't recognise it at all, so asked him where he was from and got history and geography lessons as I fitted insoles and laces into shoes.

  3. A super market, nothing nicer that a wander round to experience the sights and sounds. We have quite a big one in my city, but I don't think the health and safety would let them sell knives!

  4. Got to love a good market. Know what you mean about the grammer!

  5. Lovely photos. I've never been to that part of the world. I like the "Finnish Fish" sign. It sounds like the beginning of a tongue twister!

  6. oooh Gillie all that fresh food, just love food markets instead of buying them in supermarkets. I'm with you on the sign, just screams at me to change it LOL!

  7. Awesome photos - make me want to go fising and stitching at the same time!

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  8. I know what you mean about that sign but I couldn't do any better in Finnish...


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