Friday, December 20, 2013

An Advent Blog Hop from Wyoming!

...and I am late but blame United Airlines, well maybe not them but Mother Nature!  I was all set to arrive in Casper yesterday in time for coffee and to get this post in the works and we landed in Denver with a scant twenty minutes until the connecting flight left luckily from two gates away but bad news waited - freezing fog and a snowstorm in Casper!  Undaunted we set off hoping that all would have cleared by the time we got there but no luck, and we were soon back in Denver with all flights cancelled for the rest of the day and a flight out at 8am this morning.  A night in a nice hotel, an unseemly early start to the day and I made it!

And look who were waiting to greet me...... two very proud boys wanting to introduce their very new and very small sister, Fiona Daphne!

Duncan, William and Fiona

A Christmas tradition? Well, hopefully NOT arriving 24 hours late to begin the Christmas holidays! For us Christmas begins officially when we attend the midnight Candlelight Service on Christmas Eve and we always enjoy a bottle of something alcoholic and fizzy while we open the presents on Christmas morning!

The first Christmas that the World Traveller and I were married we had Christmas Day on our own having had an early Christmas meal the weekend before with my mother in law and were looking forward to two more festive meals after Christmas with my parents and with with my father and stepmother in law so I decided we would have duck - small enough not to have leftovers. The meal was cooked and we sat down and I got up again immediately and left the table not to return.......I was newly pregnant though it hadn't been confirmed and the duck was just too much. The World Traveller ate his Christmas meal in solitary splendour!

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and peaceful New Year from me and the World Traveller!