Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Making one ornament do the work of three SALs!

I am scurrying around here, trying to make sure that I have completed ALL requirements....for what, I hear you say?

Well, I joined Charlene's new blog Stitched: Now to Finish, what an excellent idea, to show off our completely finished treasures.  This is my offering for January and I am pretty sure this is an Illinois-begun ornament which makes it at least three plus years ago that I started it!  I added the birds a couple of weeks ago and drat it, think one got lost on the way!  According to the chart there should be five!  All I needed to do after that was stitch it up into a pincushion, beats me why it took me so long!

The Trilogy

Making one ornament do the work of two (and I may not be finished, lol!) I am also joining in the fun  at Silver Lotus' ornament SAL - this SAL seemed like an excellent choice as there are NO themes, lovely! 
And.....told you I wasn't finished with this poor little ornament, I want to take part in Heather's Themalicious 2013 and the first month is Jardin January - gardens, flowers etc so I am bending the rules slightly, well, it's a Christmas tree and was in a garden at some stage!
But just to show that I can obey the Jardin rules here is a beautiful little piece, alas, not mine and on its way back to its owner, Sally in the beautiful Pacific North West.  A Round Robin that I know Sally worried was stuck first in the UK and then slightly nearer, in the Midwest.  I eventually got round to stitching it and it's coming home, Sally, via Lynda!  It's a Just Nan piece and that is all I can remember!
 Well, my dears, it is late and I am making silly mistakes and muttering very unladylike words under my breath so will love you and leave you.  Heavens, is that the time?