Saturday, March 16, 2013

Half way with March Madness - have I kept up?

Madness indeed!  The Halfway Point of Themealicious for March and my goodness, Heather, you are pushing us!

March Madness
Work on something different every's madness...of the funnest possible kind.
Well, did I keep up?  Fingers crossed, you know I might have done!  I am sure you are on tenterhooks to know which of my many WiPs were shoved gently moved along the road to a PHD (potential happy dance)! So, without more ado.........

Jane Greenoff
Acorn Folded Pincushion
I made this a couple of years ago as a
needlebook for Maureen but this time I will make
it as Jane wrote the pattern!

A freebie from Alexandrina's blog
(sadly, I think she has removed the blog)

Any Shore
The Sampler Girl
Two steps forward etc with this one - I discovered I was a thread
out with the lettering and also had forgotten the shade of blue
I had used (I chose differently to the pattern)

Nancy Pederson
The Gift of Stitching
Issue 59 December 2010
I restarted this one, on a Hardanger fabric, so much easier
to count and used one strand of blue and one of silver so it is
REALLY sparkly - many thanks to Liz for finding it!

Blessed Are the Needleworkers
Lody Stewart
The Gift of Stitching
Issue 38 March 2009
I am loving this one and might finish it
by the end of March!

Miniature Sampler
ABCD 11817
The Scarlet Letter
This one has been sadly neglected and I definitely
need to post progress on Nicola's SLY blog!

Earth Sampler
The Primitive Needle
A very small amount of progress on this one -
p, w and x - well, it's something!
A Simple Tree
Frances and Me
JCS Ornaments 2002
If it is that simple why did it take me
at least  three years to stitch it? 
Still it's a finish!
EGA Nametag that
according to my friend, Chris,
is too small!
Little by Little
Inventory Pillow
I think I am becoming bored with the numbers
also I dislike patterns that don't give you an alphabet
and numbers to personalise your sampler!
Eileen Bennett
Shirtfront Sampler
La D Da
Polly Wolly Doodle
I bought this in 2011
when we became US citizens!
Birds of a Feather
Pray for Peace
published in 2001
Blackbird Designs
Spring Blessings
If I stitch it, it will come (Spring that is!)

CCN Ladybugs and Bumblebees
I had to change the colour of the lettering to
show up and will use English spelling too!

Well, go on, tell me you are impressed, aren't you?  And just think, at the end of the month I'll be back with fifteen more progress reports to bore with which to amaze you!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Baltimore, the No-Storm, Friends and Family!

The WT had to go to Baltimore for the USCAP meeting - mm, I don't know what it stands for either except the P is for Pathologists!  Baltimore...... near to DC where Second Treasure and Big Cousin live and in Maryland where DJ lives so obviously I needed to go as well!  Thank you, Amex air miles!

The DC kids kindly came up to visit on both Saturday and Sunday which was lovely.  Big Cousin has grown more each time we see him and this time had overtaken the WT - he passed me in height when he was about ten!

Monday dawned gorgeously bright and sunny, just the day for visiting with friends old and new!  So after a good luck text to the Second Treasure who was beginning a new job that morning, I set off on the MARC to meet DJ and have coffee with her before meeting up with Astrid at The Stitching Post.  It was lovely to put a face to the name, DJ and Astrid met via Friendly Stitchers the yahoo group we all belong to and discovered they lived not far from each other!

The Stitching Post is a delightful shop and has certainly increased its inventory since the last time I was there (about two + years ago).  Lots more specialty threads, but annoyingly I had left my small list of two or three AVAS threads behind in the hotel :(  Didn't succumb to any more charts but Inspirations magazine caught my eye as soon as I walked in....... along with the latest Just Cross Stitch.  Those together with some needles and three threads was IT, very restrained, wasn't I?
Can you blame me for picking
this up - doesn't it look wonderful?
Lunch was delicious, about a block away from The Stitching Post is Peace A Pizza and oh my, a return to the colours of the 60s and 70s as soon as you enter!  A very varied pizza menu (not every one is available every day) and exceedingly tasty salads to accompany your pizza, making you feel very virtuous!
Our Lunches!
So sad, I think the franchise is only in Maryland and Delaware!  Please come to the Midwest!

After lunch we said goodbye to Astrid and made our way to DJ's former place of employment to pick up some stitched pieces that were on display there.  DJ - remember Matthew 10:14!  After a cuppa at DJ's house the day ended with DJ driving me back to Baltimore - apparently with my trusty (!) phone GPS I took her to parts of Baltimore that she had never visited...... hmm, is that so?  We had dinner with the WT then put my dear friend back on the homeward path.  And yes, she did dump us by the side of the road, sob, and yes, we had to find our way back to the hotel!  Just joking, thanks for a LOVELY day!

Wednesday, oh yes, that was the day that Storm Saturn was supposed to bring the East Coast to a halt, ha, well, not where I was!  All the schools and government offices were closed and trains ran on a limited schedule and not a flake to be seen, at least in Baltimore.  Took me an age to get into and back from DC with a very short visit sandwiched in the middle with the DC Treasure at *her* new restaurant, James Hobans.  And who might he be, I hear you ask?  Well, an Irish architect who designed the White House, that's who!

We're back home now and were cheered to see these in the garden......

despite all the snow we've had, these little daffs are nearly in bud!  The ugly grey pole is the D**r**T TV dish that we want to remove as we don't have cable or satellite TV!  Now we will have to wait until the flowers are finished.

Hope all is well with everyone, spring IS on its way, honestly and I'll be back soon with a mid month update on March Madness from Themalicious - with which, fingers crossed, I am keeping up!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Late Again, Themalicious, Fell Off the No Stash Wagon, Oh dear!

Well, that was February, that was!  Please ignore the date at the top because this is my "end of month" post for February for a whole host of SALs, as usual!  I really meant to get busy last night but spent the evening creating a blog for our EGA chapter, instead!

First up is a little freebie from Primitive Betty called Crow and as usual, stitched a long time ago and only needed a small seam finish!

Last Saturday I found myself at a meeting of the Great Lakes Modern Quilt Guild.  I had read about the guild on a blog and googled it and to my pleasure found there was a meeting that coming weekend in Plainwell, the second one ever for this chapter.  Lots of discussion as to when to meet, what to do and of course, Show and Tell!  Oh my word, some beautiful pieces!  I will show you them next time, too tired to puzzle out how to move them from my phone!

I couldn't leave Plainwell without a quick trip to Stitching Bits and Bobs now could I?  Would have been rude not to go!  The high minded intention was to get some AVAS silks for the Scottish Sampler and I did.  See?

But, sadly I fell off  the no stash acquisition wagon travelling into 2013! It really was strange, these charts appeared on the counter too..... entirely Bobbie's fault, lol, I asked her what was still available in The Primitive Needle charts as I really, really, REALLY want Cape Cod Girls to be a companion piece to the Boys.  So a small plea.....if anyone has the chart and would like to sell, trade or exchange I would LOVE to hear from you! 

Still, I love Lisa's designs, small motifs, perfect!
So...... onto   

Figural February Wrap Up in March!
Who are the people in your neighborhood...your WIP neighborhood, that is? Give your people-populated projects some face time this month.

Well, no more stitched on Any Shore so no picture but Blessed Are the Needleworkers actually got a figure put in it, look......

a lovely stitch, bright colours, clear chart symbols...I think I found a cure or at least a boost for Seasonal Affective Disorder!

For the ornament I got permission from Miss (Heather, that is, her very self) to stitch a snowflake instead of a snowman, all that white, yikes!  Liz, who enables me nicely all the way from Canberra, no blog but I live in hopes, found this, a berlingot or a humbug to you and me!  Stitched on white with blue floss!  Lovely!

 Naturally, being the work of a long time procrastinator, you sort of have to imagine it finished and made up into Nancy's beautiful ornament.  This was from Issue 59 of The Gift of Stitching, thanks, Liz!

Next month is. . . . . .

March MadnessWork on something different every's madness...of the funnest possible kind.
I'll let you know how THAT goes!
Think I'd better stop, it's late and I am off to visit the Second Treasure and Big Cousin tomorrow and a couple of stitching chums, what a treat!  I might be rolling off the no stash train again, so sad!
Thank you to my new followers, it's ,lovely to see you here!  Comments  make me smile!