Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A little bit of New Year's Day left....

...and a post!

Well, it's over for another year, the celebration of our Saviour's birth and into 2014!

Our Wyoming Christmas was wonderful, children, gifts, delicious food, cross country skiing (three times!) and some downhill skiing for the WT who completely wiped out at one stage, which gave the Wyoming Cowboy pause for thought - how was he going to tell his mother he'd killed his father?  All was well, however, the WT comes from a long line of stiff upper lipped British stock!

Sled Dogs anxious to get going on Casper Mountain

Attaching them to the sled

Look what was under OUR tree!

Off cross country skiing!
We were VERY grateful for the warmth!

Winter on Casper Mountain

We got back home at 2am on Sunday morning, relieved that the falling snow as we left Casper didn't delay us.  We had the quickest layover we've ever had - off one plane, walk to the neighbouring  gate and onto the next plane!  And our luggage came too - thank you, United Airlines!

We had a party today, the first here at the lake house and cause for slight nervousness as yet again, snow was falling!  Would anyone come?  Whew, this is Michigan, we *do* snow otherwise we'd never get out and see people!  We love to entertain, nothing too fancy, but have rather got out of the habit these last few years with all the moving but our church family here has been so warm and friendly we wanted to give something back.  We served mimosas which were a great hit!

Which brings me to the first resolution for the year - invite people over more frequently! 

Very tiring entertaining!

These signs amused our guests!

The second resolution, don't laugh, is never throw out a chicken carcass without making stock - soup tastes so much better!

I would love to have done a year in review for my stitching and knitting  but quite frankly, if you had blinked, you would have missed it!  Third resolution, finish more than you start!

Although Friendly Stitchers still my favourite group and always will be, I've joined a few other groups to learn some new stitching, I'll let you know how it goes!  One irritating thing about Yahoo's mucking about with the not broken wheel is that I had great problems joining one of the groups - the box where you put your little blurb saying why you want to join had a *faded* font as did the submit button (sorry, I am sure there is a more technical term but it escapes me!) finally did it by scrolling down and hitting the subscribe email and getting in that way!  Another problem is that I can't leave a particular group - a lovely one, just not for me - irritatingly it tells me *an error occurred* each time I try!

I was reading Kate's blog where she mentions a new, slightly scary proposition, grin,  - Stitching from Stash 2014 - the brainchild of Mel up in equally snowy Canada.  If you hurry, you might squeak in, it's open until tomorrow, the 2nd!  I am too tired to go through all my WiPs and charts right now but will get them organized this week.  It's not quite as bad as it sounds, lol, you are allowed $25.00 a month to play with, any projects to which you have already committed are allowed and gift certificates received throughout the year are in too!

So enough of the chatter, it's getting late, need to load the dishwasher one more time and make a cuppa, anyone want one?  Lots of sweet treats too, oh dear, come and help yourselves! Save me from myself!

Thank you to all of you, all the friendly emails, and lovely blogs that inspire me.  I hope 2014 is a good year for us all, lots of whatever makes you happy, don't forget to hug your children, call a friend and keep smiling!

And the fourth resolution?   blog more........ of course!  Some stitching next time, I promise!



  1. Wow. Lots of Oz is enduring record breaking heat, and you show me wonderful, beautiful snow. Jealous thoughts.
    And happy new year to you and yours.

  2. still giggling at the gracefulness of the fall (sorry WT ) ... love the wee parcel under the tree ... and wow there is some snow there ....
    good luck with your stitchy goals :) wishing you a wonderful Stitchy New Year :) love mouse xxxxx

  3. Wonderful! Most especially the "gift" under the tree!

  4. Loved your Wyoming photos, Gillie--especially the baby under the tree!! So sweet :) I hope I'll find one of those, someday...not holding my breath, though!

    Wishing you all the best in this new year :)

  5. Loved all the photos. Have a really good new year

  6. Happy New Year! Love the photo of the new package with her "bear bottom". I didn't make any resolutions this year, but do have lots of plans.

  7. Now that's the type of present under the tree I would love to have! As you know I have boys - would have loved a pink fluffy one. My resolution is to do something stitchy each day - this may be actual stitching, sorting stash, kitting new projects - obviously this will be from stash as of today as I am doing Stitch from Stash 2014, blogging etc. This shouldn't be too difficult to keep to!

  8. Lovely photos of Wyoming. Great resolutions!

  9. I'm seeing snow on so many of the blogs I visit now, I'm beginning to feel a little chilly.
    I quite like that under the tree gift!

  10. We couldn't of had more different weather for Christmas Day! It was so nice and hot we were swimming not skiing! Sounds like you have a busy year ahead with your resolutions, good luck.

  11. I'm kicking myself because I didn't read this before Jan 2. I would have loved to join Stitching from Stash! However, I delayed..

    Anyway, Happy New Year to you! I do enjoy your blog, and seeing what you do.

  12. Awww your baby under the tree is an adorable pic. Sounds like you have been having some fun times.
    Happy New Year to you Gillie. xx

  13. Must have been great times spent in Wyoming, full of fun and sports and entertainment. And a baby under the tree, lol. Such a sweet picture.
    Good luck with all your goals. Wishing you a happy and healthy and stitchy New Year!

  14. Ahhh Gillie....I absolutely *love* your snowy pics!!! I do wish we had snow in winter :( Resolutions? What are those ? Lol

  15. Oh love the snow scene. Very christmassy...


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